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Saturday, 19 February 2011

Jonathan In Secret Talks To Bring Ibori Back To Nigeria

By SaharaReporters.

SaharaReporters has learnt from several authoritative sources that Nigeria's ruler, Goodluck Jonathan, is seeking a deal with the UK and United Arab Empire (UAE) to allow former Governor James Ibori of Delta State to return to Nigeria.

A source within the Jonathan administration familiar with the details of the deal said that Mr. Jonathan is “trying to persuade Britain and Dubai that to let Chief Ibori come back to Nigeria for a trial that would be a soft landing.”

Mr. Ibori, who is currently being held in Dubai, has lost his legal battles to avoid extradition to the UK where prosecutors have prepared a case file detailing his extensive money laundering activities during the eight years he ran Delta State. Several of Mr. Ibori’s associates, including his wife, Theresa Nkoyo Ibori, mistress Udoamaka Okoronkwo (nee Onuigbo), sister, Christine Ibori-Ebie, and his London-based lawyer, XXY, have been convicted by a Southwark Crown Court on money laundering charges. Most of them are serving five-year jail terms.

A high level diplomatic source told Saharareporters that the delay in repatriating Mr. Ibori to London was as a result of the highly secretive negotiations that Mr. Jonathan initiated with the government of Britain to facilitate the embattled former governor’s return to Nigeria.

“President Jonathan is assuring Britain that James Ibori will be tried by a Nigerian court, but the deal is to offer Chief Ibori the same kind of trial given to Mrs. Cecilia Ibru,” said a source, a member of Mr. Jonathan’s inner circles.

SaharaReporters sources said Jonathan not only bought the plan to have Ibori face trial in Nigeria but is also using all kinds of inducements to secure British cooperation. “He’s offering more concessions to UK oil interests in Nigeria to ensure that his proposal on Ibori is endorsed,” said a source.

Once the UK gives its assent, the proposal would then be sent to the monarchy in the UAE who will send Ibori back to Nigeria – to face another kangaroo trial.

Source: Sahara Reporters


bimbo said...

and its Jonathan people want 2 rule naija!!!

Warra mess!!!

Let Ibori b tried in d UK and receive d same punishment as his wife!!!!

Abegii!!! dis foolishness must stop!!!

Surprise said...

It seems GEJ is so desperate to win this April election that he is seeking the support of people who have no credibility. Like I said before, I have shifted mu support to Buari/Bakare ticket.

Goodluck to Goodluck.

Anonymous said...

if dis is true, then i stand firm dat gej is not the messiah we seek n its a damn shame!!

Moses said...

I don't believe the story because you cannot easily persuade the British authorities to release a person just like that.

Even the Queen cannot persuade the government on such matters. Sahara Reporters are full of some untrained journalists. Anybody can write for them?

How could they judge the comment of one insider on such an issue? Shouldn't they get in touch with the British Government for more information?

Anonymous said...

Britain is NOT going to release Ibori to Nigeria. Why? B/c Britain knows that Nigeria will not do anything to Ibori. Nigeria lacks credibility with the world when it comes to prosecuting public officials that have clearly abused their position. I pray that Britain prosecutes Ibori to the fullest extent possible.

Anonymous said...

you don't need Sahara reporters to tell you that Jonny has such plans.
He is no different from the crooks that ruled in tha past, hence his actions and thots can't be any different.
I am voting for B/B.
I know they will not win as Jonny will win but i want to sleep at night with a clear conscience. I CAN'T WASTE MY VOTE.

Anonymous said...

Moses you said it all !!! those Sahara reports are so unprofessional & inauthentic !
Linda don't associate yourself with them by spreading their faux & shallow news !!!

Anonymous said...

Moses you said it all !!! those Sahara reports are so unprofessional & inauthentic !
Linda don't associate yourself with them by spreading their faux & shallow news !!!

Anonymous said...

If Jonathan tries that then he is a hopeless person.

Chika said...

Moses....I think you dont understand how d British govt works, they are very corrupt and can do ANYTHING for oil. Go and review the Ali Meghrabi of Libya case.
A convicted terrorist who bombed a plane and killed so many people. They connived with the Irish to release him just bcos of oil contracts from Libya.

Anonymous said...

Well said Chika.... Some people are still thinking that both USA & UK are Godly fearing countries when it comes to credibility, they can do anything to acquire wealth.

Just take a look at Thaksin(Ex- President) from thailand that looted money from Government tressury and invested the money in UK to buy MAN CITY b4 the Abu Dhabi group took over.

Anonymous said...

It saddens my heart when I hear bull crap like this. They say silence is consent. If GEJ is not guilty of these allegations, let him speak out. But if he is, then may they all burn in hell. The question I always ask is: where are the men of integrity, especially the so called great men of God, in this country? Why can't they boldly come out and speak against the evil being perpetrated in this nation? People in power do evil and always get away with it in Nigeria. We know that God's judgment is certain, but it is hight time we see this God-forsaken, scums of the earth pay for their crimes.

Shakara said...

The British government doesn’t care. Give them oil and they’ll give GEJ Ibori. It’s all double standards. When people say is a fake website, my question is can you prove it’s fake? I’d rather go to them for news than to go elsewhere. The people who don’t like it are those who work in the government or for the government.
GEJ will do anything to retain his seat. But how can Uduaghan dictate to GEJ the terms for supporting him? I’m sure GEJ now believes he should not have supported him when he was sacked.

Nigerian said...

British is corrupt and very selfish quite alright but we Nigerians should know what is best for us. Ibori should be tried in Nigeria and sentenced accourding to his misdeeds.

Anonymous said...

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