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Saturday, 19 February 2011

Genevieve Nnaji is having some serious thoughts

“Just leaving Heritage Homes Orphanage and I saw the most beautiful baby in the world! Hmm… *seriously having some thoughts*". – Genevieve wrote on twitter a few days ago.

Thinking of adopting Genny? I'm thinking the same. Adopting will be a dream come true for me. I just need my own home first.


Anonymous said...

Linda, please don't shock me jo! How would you cope with your job? You are too young to adopt I begeeeeeee ooo.

Who says you cannot have your own baby? Won to be o!

Don't forget that Genevieve already has a son. Please, do not wish such things for our Linda o.

Think positive at all times. Never give up!

Linda Ikeji said...

ha ha..of course I am going to have my own question about that, but I'd love to adopt one more to add to my family. angelina has 3 biological and three adopted...that's the way i hope to do mine...not the number

skankmypeaceofmind said...

me too. i'd love to adopt. i've always wanted to do that since i was sixteen/seventeen.

some nigerians just have this ideology that if you adopt it means you are sterile.

Surprise said...

So she wants to adopt because she saw a beautiful baby?

So Linda you hope to also adopt because Angelina adopted?

Surprise said...

Linda, talking seriously, why are you not in your home? Is it that guys are not coming? or you have not seen what you want in your guy in any of them? Or you are not ready?

If it is a perfect guy that you are waiting for, they are not yet born o. Just pray to God to make the bone of your bone and the flesh of your flesh to locate you. And the wonder working God will bring it to pass. I will also put you in my prayers.

A word is enough for the wise.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:08PM, pls reread ur gibberish and tell me how ignorant and backward you sound.,'s ignorant folks like you that makes adoption almost percieved as a taboo in places like are the reason why many african women who can't have their own kids, feel miserable and compelled to sleep in churches 24-7, bath in rivers, give all their wealth to spirirtualist until an ogbanje child is given to them for the sake of having a child. Adoption is about giving love to a child that would otherwise not have been loved. it has nothing to do with having your own child. if you truly have a big heart and you love children,you'd even adopt before /after bringing your own child into this world. there is more grace in adopting than procreating, cos it;s the uttmost act of selflessness. procreation is a selfish goal for some (not all)....i don't get the obsession with "this is my own child" vs. "this is an adopted child". A child is a child and a child, whether adopted or biological needs to love catered for and loved. that's why you see those who have their own children, reach out and adopt less fortunate children. we need to stop viewing adoption as something people who can't have kids do rather as a selfless gesture. Genny has her own biological child,(a daughter, not a son btw, another clue that you are just an empty vessel) yet she is considering adoption...learn from that. It's a gesture of kindness and generosity. Take a cue and stop viewing inability to conceive as a plague or misfortune. No wonder naija women suffer so badly when they can't concieve. it's ignorant folks like you. God forbid anyone that has you as an in-law and she has problem getting pregnant...i just don;t wish that on my enemy. I am appalled that folks like you still exist and are bold enough to share your daft thots on people's blogs. Geez...i can't believe you uttered that garbage "Please, do not wish such things for our Linda o"...what an idiot! Wow...i just hate that you said that. it's very very very insensitive to those who for some reason can't conceive. Adoption is more selfless and more postivie than spreading your legs to concieve just to show off that you can get preggers. Silly backward thinking africans..some of y'all make me sick to my guts! I bet you are a a graduate too...thinking like someone who has never seen flash light, let alone electricity. May God forgive you.

tayo said...

Adopting babies is a wonderful. You have to be hopeful and prayerful of course... however, Nigerians generally frown at the idea of adoption. It is not a crime to do so if you have the means and you are able to do it!

Anonymous said...

I hope potential adpotion by 'anyone' is out of a genuine compassion and willingness to give up a part of you for another human being and not because its so 'Hollywood' Angelina Jolie and Madonna comes to mind:)

...I'm just saying....

Tudbee said...

@ Anonymous 1:08, really? Who says adopting is only for people who are barren? There is nothing wrong in adopting whether she has her biological child or's a beautiful thing to do. Think positive at all times? Wow so its negative to give a needy-child a loving home. Abeg go enlighten yourself and get over the naija mentality. Pschewwww.

Linda pls if God gives you the opportunity, go ahead. I would love to adopt one too by God's grace.

omo jeje said...

@ anonymous 1:08pm. How does Linda saying she wants to adopt a baby equate to her saying she cannot have her own baby? News flash for you - when you adopt a baby, the baby is "your own baby". Honestly, the way some people think just baffles me.

And i can bet my life you are a christian. And this is what i don't understand the most. With all the fanatical Christians we have in Nigeria it is a crying shame that we have so many orphanages. (Before you start "persecuting" me, i freely confess that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior).

We who are christian believe that we are adopted into God's family. God calls us His children. We have so many privileges because of that adoptive relationship. Yet we cannot follow His example and adopt. How can you justify saying that Linda is thinking negatively and wishing for bad things (or as you wrote -"such things") when adoption is one of the most meaningful ways to change a human being's destiny for the better? How does it matter if she adopts before or after she as her biological kids?

Let us think about eternal consequences and stop patting ourselves on the back because we donate food to our neighborhood orphanage twice a year.

This is an issue VERY close to my heart. I have always had a heart for orphans and since i was 8yrs old i have known i would adopt a child one day. For the record, i am 37 and both my wonderful parents are still alive. I have 3 brothers but my youngest brother is adopted. He is no different from the rest of us and when my parents pass on (hopefully not soon o!) their estate will be divided into 4 EQUAL parts. We adopted him when he was 6yrs old and I shudder to think what my brother's life would be like if he had not been adopted because that boy has suffered.

PLEASE! We need to change the way we think about adoption.

omo jeje said...

And Linda, i know you already know but i will just say it anyway....adoption is not for everybody o. That Angelina Jolie adopted is not a reason to adopt!

I hope this doesn't sound like lecturing but it is serious business involving precious lives and the motive behind it should be pure. Just as not everyone can or should be a biological parent, not everyone can or should be an adoptive parent.

However if you (or anyone else) have carefully considered adoption and know that it is what you want to do, then i have a real problem with anyone trying to dissuade you.

Dindu's Mummy said...

@Anonymous 1:08pm, is it a son or a daughter that Genevieve has?

Linda Ikeji said...

Did someone say I want to adopt bcos of angelina? Lol. I used her as example to explain to the lady who thinks u only want to adopt bcos u are barren...

# 1 fan said...

I don't know why Linda answers some of you sef.

*side eyes surprise*

Rev Sr Mary Paracleta said...

Adoption : Giving hope, love, warmth, shelter to a human being who did not 'choose' their situation, but who hs been lucky to be sheltered and waiting for someone who has more than enough love to share, who has an excellent spirit in them to love, who does not judge them for being orphaned, abandoned, rejected.

Who is not too self-righteous to worry what the 'society' thinks.

Who has a deep desire to care

Who will not let anyone or anything stop them from that special call.

You can love them in so many ways, giving, adopting, fostering,praying, etc

'Whosoever you to the least of my brethren, that you do unto me'

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 5:19pm. You are a nincompoop! I have helped people to bring up their kids and also have mine. In those days, people laughed at me because they thought I could not have kids.

Adoption is not as easy as it looks. If you don't have to adopt, don't do it just because a rich American actress did it. Angelina Jolie is a millionaire. Jolie has never lacked in her life.

It is better in later years but not in earlier years. How many kids have you trained, you senseless dimwit. It is not having kids that matter but what they eventually become.

Has Linda got the time for such kids? Do you want house girls to train your kids? Kids need a lot of time with their parents because the early years are the most important years in their lives.

Jude said...

Some Nigerians are backward. Madonna and Angelina adopted kids just for publicity. Those kids are like toys. Do they really have time for them? LMAO!

Drajke said...

Adopt because you want to give a child a chance, not for any other reason...

As for whomever said angelina and madonna adopted for publicity, really? Who made you their confessor?

Anonymous said...

You might wanna cover your stupid ass now that people have proven how stupid and outdated your opinion is.

We need to change the Nigerian negative mentality on adoption.I bet you refer to yourself as a good christain or moslem and yet believe its abominable to extend love to a motherless child who needs it.
How do people like you sleep at night?

Anonymous said...

a family friend has an adopted kid. evrytime i c how happy the child is, my heart jst melts. there are a lot of other kids who will never xperience d love of a parent. wen u think abt it.. its really sad. so yes by all means if u have d means, adopt a child. (n if u cant try 2 support at least 1) remember we dont choose d kind of family or circumstances we r born into. those thinkin negatively abt adoption. this is 2011. wise up

Anonymous said...

Linda, I wanna adopt u.

No. im joking.

Joking aside. I've a better idea.

I've penciled you in as wife # 1, but just like my neighbours, the Dlamini, I'd have 12 wives and 12 London homes. Pashu is wife # two.

If it's okay with both of you, we will have a double wedding. It's never been done b4 by my Nigerian ancestors or by my (future) Swazi in-laws. We'd be history. What say you to my unique idea? Say yes.

When are you moving in?

••• BD •••

How To Get Pregnant Fast said...

Here in Africa, we kinda associate Adopting a child with bareness.

But for me, I think getting a child who have little or no opportunities and giving him or her a Home , a family , love and Joy is one of the
greatest thing one can ever do in this life!

I love the idea....

Anonymous said...

Jesus was adopted by his father, Joseph. Adoption should be vigorously encouraged but approached with caution because of spiritual curses, medical histories and inherited behavioural traits. But rememebr God is an adopter as He adopted the Gentiles into His family since we are not the original children-Jews.

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