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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Cult activities return to Unilag as two students are killed inside school premises

On Monday Feb 14th, Valentine's Day, two students of the University of Lagos were reportedly killed near New Hall. The incident occurred around 10:30 pm at night as students gathered to enjoy the Valentine's Day in front of new hall, at the school's Akoka Campus.

From what students in the school are saying, apparently there was a clash between two rival cult groups, names withheld, over a female student allegedly snatched by the Capone of one the cult groups, which did not go down well with the other group leading to the clash. (No one truly knows if this was the real cause of the killings, but that's the gist flying around in unilag).

A student who witnessed the shooting said besides the two cult members who were shot dead, about four others were also gravely injured.

RIP to the ones who lost their lives...
The school authority has since issued a statement on the after the cut...

“The attention of the University authorities has been drawn to the incident which occurred in one of the Halls of Resident in the late hours of Monday, February 14, 2011, where two persons were reportedly injured in a fracas.
The University Management has commenced investigation into the unusual incident, in particular at a time when preparations for the First Semester Examinations which will commence on February 21, 2011, are in top gear.
Security has been intensified to ensure safety of life and properties on campus. Law Enforcement agents have been involved to assist the University in this respect.

Staff and students are hereby advised to go about their programmes without any fear of molestation. Management urges members of the University Community to be vigilant and those with useful information to make them available on the helpline


Anonymous said...

hmm na wa o
i don old tire
i been think say dem don stop cult runs for school

Anonymous said...

I think that so-called Valentine celebration should even be stopped in our society. Coz the harm it causes is more than good.
Moreover another incident happen in my school also that same day, but not in the school premises. It would be good if this devilish celebration can be halted. People should also search online for this devilish feast, they'll see its of the devil.

Myne said...

I thought we've gone beyond this stage? May they RIP..

Anonymous said...

Na lie.. unilag no get cult.. na lie..

skankmypeaceofmind said...

what has valentine's day celebration got to do with the devil and evil? these fanatics are beginning to sound like broken records.

Chilling said...

Anon February 16, 2011 7:32 PM; UNILAG doesn’t have cults? All Nigerian higher institutions have cults. I went to UNILAG and cultism was and is still very prevalent there.

Zainab said...

@Chilling, abeg when did you graduate from UniLag? I left just last year after spending exactly 5 years in Lag for a 5 year course (Law). I'm in Law School now and I never witnessed any cult activities. I used to walk around from 10pm without any fear. So please don't bring your bad mouth/belle here. We don't know what caused the incident and I hope the university authorities would put a clamp on any cult-related activities
To the person saying that Valentine is evil, don't say what you have no clue about. It celebrates St. Valentine. A man who encouraged love. Read up before spouting false beliefs.

Chilling said...

Zainab; i left in 1993. No need to type "bad mouth and bad belle" that’s low and uncouth. Walking around safely at 10pm doesn’t mean there are no cults. Is that what you’ll use to justify a cult-free Unilag. You sure sound like an educated illiterate! LOL!! Secret cults are as covert as they can be. When you are sleeping, they are meeting.......

Zainab said...

@Chilling You left Lag over 17 years ago, how can yoiu now judge a school you haven't been in almost two decades? So because I used local slangs, I'm uncouth? I'm laughing out loud in your office. Obviously you are way older than me and I should respect you as it.
Now tell me, aren't the hallmarks of cultism senseless killings, danger at anytime most esp @ night and a lot of terrorism? I did not experience any of that. Times I went to read at night in school or get back from clubs I never thought about any covert activities because I knew I was safe.
There's no need to attempt to insuld some that was 4 years old when you left Uni. Please act your age.

Surprise said...

Very scary, I need to start protecting my kids from these kinda of situations.

Anonymous said...

Cultism is still prevalent in our Universities, if you walk around the campus freely unharassed by 12am or any other time of the day dosent mean it has been eradicated or even its activites have dwindled.
Our Universities is a very good replication of the Society we live in, its greatly affected by the power tussle that characterizes our leadership structure that will go to any length in harming their fellow Nigerians to ascend the throne of leadership.
please my dear not being harassed dosent mean it has been eradicated.
Greatest Akokites

hater said...

Hey! zainab, keep your GUTTER & DIARRHEA mouth shut!!!!! do you know!!!

it's really a pity.

~Sirius~ said...

Cults very well existed in my time, and I left four years ago. I strongly doubt if cultism will ever leave that institution.

Granted they were very low key, they tried not to cause any havoc.

I never really understood the part of posh, intelligent kids being a part of them.....I knew a few of them.
I think it was a protective measure for them- as long as they belonged to one cult other cult members wouldnt be able to harass them.



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