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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Jos Records Bloody Muslim Festival As 12 Die In Violence

It was indeed another bloody day for residents of Jos, Plateau State, at the eid-el maulud celebration Tuesday as 12 persons, including a riot policeman around whom the killings revolved, lost their lives in cruel and untoward circumstances in the Terminus area of the city.

Panic, tension and stampede, all enveloped the city centre, as cars collided headlong, smashing windshields and rending bumpers asunder in desperate moves by motorists to escape from being caught in the madness that began at the Abuja Market in the area.

It all began when the policeman, who was on duty but went to purchase meat from an Hausa butcher in the market, was allegedly slaughtered by the butcher.
The meat seller reportedly turned his knife and killed the unsuspecting policeman, who was simply identified as Mr. John, by tearing open his abdomen.

As if well planned, another butcher beside them, also an Hausa, went after his own customer, a young lady, standing before him, and also killed her with his knife. And before long, the entire market turned into a pandemonium as the people used knives freely on each other.

And before the arrival of soldiers, five people were already dead, while several others were seriously injured.
This provoked angry Christian youths to pounce on a commercial motorcycle operator, believed to be an Hausa, in the terminus area, who was also killed before he could escape.

While Muslim youths, who were reciting the Quaran at the Central Mosque that had earlier been restrained from their usual yearly procession, got  wind of the crisis, they immediately made to launch further offensive on the Christians, who were equally battle ready.
But for the prompt arrival of the Commander of the Military Special Task Force, Brig. Gen. Hassan Umaru, who was also observing prayers at the mosque, more casualties would have been recorded. He quickly deployed troops in the area to contain the youths.

The crisis quickly escalated to Gada-Biu area of the city where four other persons were burnt beyond recognition. Three corpses were also found lying near Bingham University Teaching Hospital.
Confirming the incident, the state Police Commissioner, Alhaji Abdulrahman Akano, said four people had been arrested in connection with the pandemonium. He however denied that any other person was killed apart from the policeman, whom he said is of the Bomb Disposal unit.


Anonymous said...

Linda if you dont want us to comment on these jos crises either dont post them or disable comments
why would you not post my comments
i saw 2 comments before I posted now 0 ?
how so?

we need to dialogue on these issues since our useless leaders are to pre-occupied with their selfishness to care about us

I asked for youths protesting enmasse like they did in Egypt and you chose not to post it


Anonymous said...

WTF! Things are kinda getting out of hand in Jos for real. How can u slaughter a human being like Nama 4 suya. A customer for that matter. I think there's more 2 this Jos crisis that meets d eye. May d souls of d dead rest in d bosom of the almighty.

Anonymous said...

Ive said it before ill say it again.

These Illiterate Northern Muslims are animals
that deserves to be killed themselves
why will any right thinking individual just tear open another human being's stomach just like that ?except if the person is possessed with some devils.

GEJ I dont've words I don tire
we Nigerians are even worse to just carry face away like that when our fellow humans are being butchered like animals,
instead of us to protest the removal of the people that are not protecting the people of Jos

Look what happened in Egypt ,why cant we copy things that make sense,we are all in out houses with the illusion that we are safe and don't care as long as its not happening to anyone we know or love thats sad!!!!!!!

I ask now that we the youth should stand up our stupid,lazy,materialistic behinds and fight for our future and the future of the youths in Jos cause we are setting a precedence that what is happening in Jos is O.K and mark my words it will start spreading
till it becomes a headache to all of us.

we need a revolution and if we cant get that then they should split this sham of a country called Nigeria like they did to Sudan
nuff said
nuff ranting


Surprise said...

My comment was the first on this post. Linda, why did you delete my comment?

Linda Ikeji said...

oh i'm so sorry, i didn't delete ur comments deliberately. i deleted the whole post and posted on a fresh page so apparently the comments went with the old post. i am so sorry, i totally forgot about the comments when i was re-posting. sorry guys

Anonymous said...

kai...this animalistic and it is painful...abeg make all these hausa people carry deir load commot from naija...we no need dem...they re animals

skankmypeaceofmind said...

i'm starting to get the feeling that these people enjoy this barbaric act they perpetrate. maybe they feel they are warriors or something

Chilling said...

We need to unite as one before we can even think of going the Egyptian way. Sectarianism has to die first before we can take to the streets. Will you go out and lead the protests? May their souls rest in peace and may peace reign in Jos.

hater said...

what is happening to jos?

when would these killings stop?

it's about time a curfew is placed & a state of emergency called!

what a pity. the souls of the departed rest in peace.amen

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