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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Busted: Sisters facing jail after buying £8,000 boob jobs with stolen credit cards

 Ramona and Rishona

Two sisters are facing jail after using stolen credit cards to pay for breast enlargement surgery. Rishona Downes, 25, and her older sibling Ramona, 27, each splashed out more than £4,000 for the Harley Street treatments within weeks of each other. They paid the bulk of the balance using card details provided by a friend working for a credit firm. But it wasn’t until six months afterwards that they were rumbled when a technology firm noticed they had unwittingly paid £8,090 for the sisters’ surgery.

Today, the sisters were convicted of five counts of fraud at Southwark Crown Court following a week-long trial.
The Downes sisters stood impassive in the dock as the jury returned unanimous guilty verdicts against them after deliberating for more than five hours.

During the case it emerged that both women were desperate for surgery because they felt self-conscious about their bodies.
Ramona’s partner has complained that 'other girls had bigger t***', while Rishona had felt her breasts were sagging after the birth of her son.

Ramona, a former shop assistant at JD Sports, and Rishona, who works at Heathrow Terminal Five, had tried to claim they had no idea the cards were stolen.

Judge Christopher Hardy granted them bail ahead of sentencing on April 4, and ordered pre-sentence reports to be carried out by the probation service.

The friend, who cannot be named for legal reasons, also faces prison after she admitted paying for her own breast enlargement surgery using stolen card details.

Prosecutor Karen Robinson told the court that the two sisters both had breast enlargement with the Harley Medical Group in London within a month of each other in September and October 2008.
Rishona was the first to undergo the procedure, making a £500 deposit on September 22 that year using stolen card details.
The payment was later rejected, and she had to pay the deposit again using her own credit card, but by that point she had already had the operation, paying the £3,795 balance using a different stolen card belonging to a large technology firm.

Ramona underwent the surgery on October 13, paying the £4,295 using the same stolen card as her sister.
It was not until the following year that suspicion fell on the Downes sisters and their friend, and they were arrested on March 20, 2009.

Both sisters claimed they had thought that the card details their friend had given her were her own.
They said she had told them they would be able to pay her back when they could.
Rishona Downes, of Willesden, northwest London, admitted two counts of fraud between September 22 and 20, 2008.

Ramona Downes, of nearby Kilburn, admitted a single count of fraud on October 13, 2008

Source: Daily Mail


Missme said...

lol and the post is so aptly titled: Busted

Tobi said...

How does that saying go again?...
Everyday for the thief, one day for the owner of the house!


Grace Sabians said...

Stealing is not good period but at least if they were stealing to pay rent, pay for school fees, pay for their children's day care or a sick parent's medical bills etc I could understand BUT stealing to enhance boobies? I can't just get with that idea at all. Not smart, ladies, not smart at all! The girl on the left is really showing hers off Buuaaahahahahahahahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

Ha, what is happening to this world? People no long want to look like themselves. Almost the same fate if not a worse fate happened to Claudia-a wana be artiste who wanted an ass enlargement surgery but died in the course as reported by www.naija2geda.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

last time it was ass enlargement, today it is boobs enlargement.When will women ever learn?

Abike said...

Anonymous 10:56 pm it was reported here too :)

Anonymous said...

hey i know those girls. there cute and fun. the whole thing was probably a scheme hatched up by the " friend" who got the credit card details.

Myne said...

Na wa o, to steal 8000 quid for breast? And people are dying! Can they take back the breastices from them? Hahaha...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

oh dear, I can't even see the boob job they did (perhaps they should sue the cosmetic surgeon and recover the cost of their ops!)- anyway, at least they are not Naija women who disgraced their country by stealing and getting caught!

skankmypeaceofmind said...

Of all things to steal for, they stole for silicones. The girl with the boyfriend who wants bigger breasts needs to go for counseling because its clear she has no self esteem

Anonymous said...

As punishment, they need to suck out those silicon implants in their boobs as well! #justsaying

Surprise said...

Na wa o. Some ladies and their insatiable desire.

The judge should have asked them to expose those boobs so that we can commend them for having firm boobs or enlarged boobs.

That God they did not die.

Anonymous said...

Women. Women. Women. Boob job, nose job, thigh job, butt job.,,,,, still, it does not stop their mood swings. What the he'll do women want. Smh. Lol

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous 3:35am

I guess you alway look for a way to bash your country people.

So, according to you, these ladies DID NOT get caught like naija ladies . . how dumb can you be??

Ade_Cool said...

Should have used it on their face!!

hater said...

all in the name of fashion!


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