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Saturday, 19 February 2011

Student killed in Unilag shooting identified as Tunde Atewogbade

Late Tunde
One of the students killed at the Akoka Campus of the University of Lagos has been identified as Tunde Atewogbade aka eleyele. He was an extra year student studying Physics. He was killed in a shooting that took place on the Campus on Valentine's day Feb 14th 2011.

May his soul rest in peace...amen


Anonymous said...

May his soul rest in peace,God protect us all!


Surprise said...

May his soul RIP. May The Almighty God give his family the fortitude to bear the loss.

@adebsrk said...

Linda you know what, I'm an alumni of UNILAG and one thing I learnt about the institution was that they hate bad press. If they had their way, this story would have been buried. I checked the school's website the day after it happened and saw, "two students reportedly injured in a fracas". Two people died, why make it sound inconsequential.

Anonymous said...

may Tunde Atewogbade soul rest in peace, and I pray God will comfort his family.

Anonymous said...

so sad, may his soul rest in perfect peace.

greenback said...

So sad.We send our kids to school and they return in a body bag.What's the police doing to catch those responsible.Cultism was,is and will always be trash.
Being tough isn't going about carrying guns.Getting up everyday,going to work,getting married,providing for a family and seeing your kids grow up.Now that's being a man.Students carrying guns on campus are simply cowards afraid of the real world outside.They should join the Nigerian Police if they want to be tough and get shot by armed robbers.Better still,enrol in the US Marine Corp and get sent to Afghanistan.After a year there seeing your friends get blown to bits,you'll know what it is to be a real man.Now that's being tough,not roaming campuses acting up in classrooms or showing off to the birds.

Anonymous said...

So sad! Wasted life

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