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Saturday, 5 March 2011

Same photo, different magazines, many years later

This is Beyonce on the cover of 2011 April edition of British Cosmopolitan Magazine

Same picture on the cover of the 2005 September edition of Vanity Fair magazine.
The only difference is that Beyonce's complexion is a little lighter in the Vanity Fair cover.


Anonymous said...

why use the same photo for different magazine covers? i had no idea that things like that happened. i thought everyone did a cover shoot for a specific magazine.
so they just take a random photo of hers and slap it on there to sell to people?

Anonymous said...

are you sure about this?

Abike said...

I saw that cosmo mag just yesterday and was contemplating buying it. msschheew. So this is how these people use our heads. I also thot there were different photoshoots for diffent mags. Utter rubbish. #disgusted.

p.s- Linda I've missed you

Chilling said...

Déjà vu! I'm sure they intentionally photoshopped it to make her look darker because of all the rage about her complexion recently.
Abike, thanks for saying it. Missed your posts. Linda, i did so much work at work this week because you were MIA. I'm sure my company must have loved me this week. Lol!

ToksVisions said...

I don't get it, why r ppl complaining. Isn't the content of the magazine what's important, and not the picture on the cover of it.

kiki morena said...

thank u very much @ToksVisions.....was just abt to say the same......i dont even understand why the color of her skin should still be up for discussion...d babe don pocket im money for bank....lets move on

skankmypeaceofmind said...

If you go through the history of Rolling Stone magazine you'd realise that its very few times a new photoshoot is done. Most times they just take from the photographer's or their own collection and slap it on the cover of the mag.

Anonymous said...

linda i really dnt know y beyonce's complexion bothers u alot, dnt get it at all! whether or not she turns lighter or darker, its her freaking business! pls can u move on to some more important and interesting news?

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