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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Fela! The Tony Award Winning Broadway Musical Comes To Lagos From New York In April

FELA! the multi TONY award winning broadway musical finally comes to Lagos between April 20th -29th 2011.

Find out more on their website here


ChiChiluv said...

Very Very Cool! Big up KEVIN MAMBO!!!

Anonymous said...

This is one Show every Nigerian needs to see.

Saw this in London and it was simply breathtaking.

Even though the guy who played Fela has a south African accent,he nailed it.So much enery and the choreography was outta this word.

Anonymous said...

He is Senegalese not South African and the other lead that plays Fela as well is American.

Anonymous said...

Saw the show in London. The first half was really lovely. lots of energy and the choreography were awesome..
The 2nd half was long and boring and left me dissatisfied...
The only way I think it would be a hit in Nigeria is if they use proper Nigerians to sings the songs. The accents of the actors and actresses left a lot to be desired.

ChiChiSpeaksInLove said...

10.46pm - the latter half is slower because it delves into the lose of his mother and his trying to reconcile that fact so of course it is not going to be high energy. You expect them to be jumping and dancing when they are talking about what was a huge lose for their family? Haba! There is a story to the play o, it is not just about dancing and singing, this show portrays the life of the man and so like in life, there are fun parts of people's lives and there are the sad parts as well.

When I saw the show in NY, none of the actresses spoke so I don't know why you are saying that the actresses accent left a lot to be desired. The actors on the other hand tried their best as far as I was concerned, yes of course the pidgen was poor and the accent was not as strong as it could be but you can't let that throw you. It is a GREAT show!:)

That show will be a hit in Nigeria regardless of the fact that there are no Nigerians in it because people LOVE Baba Fela, they will go to see it. Also, Nigerians like to show off so to say they went to see FELA that was produced by Will, Jada, Beyonce and Jayz, dat na bragging rights o LOL. IF all else fails, trust me when I tell you they don't need for it to be a hit in Nigeria, they have made all the money they need to make just from the New York run on Broadway.

Abeg, Naija people just enjoy the show and leave the complaining, abeg? This is a broadway show with broadway trained actors, dancers, musicians and an icon like Ms. Pattie LaBelle, just enjoy it and stop with the hair splitting:):):)

Anonymous said...

Now this is something every one needs to see. I saw this show in NY and I was amazed at how much work they put into it. I was biased on my judgement initially before going to see it, because i didn't think it was going to be well portrayed, but it was perfecta....They did their home work rightly...Worth every cent of my money. I would see it again if its still on when i come to naija in the summer.

Miss F

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