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Sunday, 27 February 2011

The ever youthful Ms Sabina Umeh

 Left, Sabina, back in the 90's. Right, Sabina in 2011
She was Most beautiful Girl in Nigeria, 1989. Still looking stunning in her 40's. She's also a mother of four and married to designer, Kese Jabari.


Anonymous said...

wow after 22years not looking bad.

meeee said...

those eye brows are not working

Anonymous said...

she luks gud 4 her age... datz y i lk moi blk sistaz no need of buttocks 2 luk younger d skin itself is an anti agin skin

Genny said...

lol @ Anon 9:27, No be only buttock, na pussy or na otu, u go see now... lol.

It's called Botox and not yansh!

Ifeoma said...

Sabina please can let go of the ponytail and add curls to her hair. 1990 is like 21 years ago. It is gone by and past. Not hating on her, just a suggestion. So that the she can have a fuller face to her bosoms, and she would look beautiful, not looking tired...

SOLA said...

oh really?! She used to be a rave back in the days mehnnnn.... Vintage People mag et al.... Omo emi gan ti old o! lol

not bad but not all that

Chilling said...

The hair and the eye brows are not classy at all. She looks good in person though.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why kesse jabari her husband isnt back in Nigeria
he used to make gaga fashion back then
esp now as we have designers and faux-designers springing from every part of Nigeria now
should be a breathe of fresh air

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