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Saturday, 5 March 2011

Julius Agwu, Adaora Ukoh, Alex Mouth honoured at the US embassy house Abuja as 'My Vote Counts' officially launches

'My Vote Counts', is a 15minutes Voters Education Video starring popular entertainers and nollywood actors like Julius Agwu, Adaora Ukoh and 2shot. The video, directed by Alex Mouth, is a citizenship led non-partisan initiative of Youngstars Foundation.  The premier/launching officially took place at the rockview hotel Abuja with lots of music and movie stars in attendance.

Afterwards the cast and crew headed to the US embassy house where the ambassador, the US secretary of state and other american delegates hosted them to a 6hr dinner/ previewing of the shot feature film.

They all were overwhelmed by the effect of  the film  and the positive drive to improving in the NIGERIA of tommorrow welcomed the cast and crew of the movie with so much warmth and pictures were taken instantly as the US ambassador made it clear he was glad to have the actors and cast and crew in his home. He particularly congratulated Julius Agwu and Adaora Ukoh for their acting efforts and gave lots of kudos to Alex Mouth the director for a great job.


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