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Saturday, 5 March 2011

Federal Government Approves Four New Private Universities

The Federal Government has approved the establishment of four new private universities across the country.
The four universities are: Landmark University, Omu-Aran, Kwara State; Samuel Adegboyega University, Ogwa, Edo State; Adeleke University, Ede, Osun State and Baze University, Abuja, FCT.


Unknown said...

Like with secondary schools, the private universities are gonna take over soon


naso said...

very good...now nobody will come and hail goodluck for his goodwork but if he makes one small mistake...they will crucify the guy...its sad...nigerians are hard to please

mytwocents said...

This is probably the last we'll hear of this. Someone will pocket the money. End of story.

Chilling said...

Naso, congratulate him for what? Instead, he should strengthen Federal Universities, try to avoid ASUU from strikes etc. If you check well, these Universities are probably owned by his cronies!

Surprise said...

This govt. is not getting its priorities right. Upon all the problems facing this country, the major concern of this govt, is approving new private universities without corresponding establishment of place of work to absorb the graduates of such universities. This govt. is confused. Infact, it lack focus.

meroh said...

naso are you being intentionally dense????? We should hail goodluck for private universities that only a small fraction of the country's population can afford? Chilling has said it all so I won't bother saying it again.

the bad leaders we have are one thing but delusional nigerians like you are an even bigger problem.

Alicia says... said...

WELL...while they are working on that, he should be simultaneously fixing the federal or "public" universities. many are in dire need of an upgrade. i couldn't believe it when i saw some university in Anambra, and i believe it wasn't private! i couldn't believe it was even a school sef.

VJ said...

Private + Rich= Good; Jobs of course!
Public +Poor =Bad; No Vacancy!

Please help us look into our federal universities. Screen all them lecturers. So we can produce good grads. pls pls pls

naso said...

@ meroh....relax mehn...u dont have to be so harsh...i actually did not see "private"....i thot it was a federal government project...its my bad

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