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Monday, 14 March 2011

Quote of the day!

"When I began this journey seeking your votes I committed myself to promising less and delivering more. I promised to reduce pressure on roads by expanding on aviation and rail infrastructure and to this end I commissioned 25 new rail coaches following which my entourage and I journeyed by rail from Lagos to Abeokuta. When I promise I will deliver." GEJ

25 new rail coaches, only for us? Wow, that's fantastic! Now can you join the debate so we can ask you questions about it? Thank you sir!


Anonymous said...

Cluelesssssssssssssss man, father Lord I pray deliver nigeria....Amin

WTH, WTF, railroad???? What happen to stable electricity, good roads, water, education etccccc


steezz.com said...

Our presido get healthy fantasies no be small, another good reason 2 vote him. lol

Ade_Cool said...

This man has been a BIG let down..all hot air..I beg carry go with your campaign(offering bribes to all and sundry)..abi come and tell all at the debate.olo do

Anonymous said...

Nigeria is yet again about to make a big mistake my voting this clueless man..Out of all the candidates, Buhari is the only one that can do our nation good..let's go out and vote and make a difference

Adebola said...

He needs to fix electricity first, before railroad, dont we need constant power supply for a modern rail road, or maybe I just dont understand the difference btw railroad and railcoach. If he wants to be taken seriously and if he wants people to trust him then he should go and debate.
Stop all this election campaign have done this, or will do this and that, go for the debate, then I will respect you. PDP is not any special than any other party.

sexy said...

lol at d goodluck biscuits. hope he gets to eat it and not any other. smh!

Anonymous said...

If it is true that there is any bribing going on then those he is bribing (if they are smart), will give him a dose of his own medicine by collecting the money and not voting for him come April. That will send the ultimate message that Nigerians can no longer be fooled!

Alicia says.. said...

to release the strain on roads? there wouldn't be such a strain on roads if there were MORE and BETTER roads. not only that, but more bridges and possibly interstate highways. i think that will make transportation so much better. even without railroads etc....just doing that will make driving on Nigerian roads less of a headache!
i agree with Adebola!

naso said...

what u guys need to do is learn to appreciate and stop bashing the poor man...kai...someone does something good and ur still yabbing the guy...ull are some ungrateful idiots i swear...someone said buhari is the best candidate...if u want to vote a man that scores low points when it comes to human rights then that one nah ur business..go and check his track record and see all the bullshit he did during his regime before u mention buhari...abeg...make una go sleep

chubaz said...

Dear Naso,

Apperently u seem not to realise criticism..
Are going to sit down there and tell us PDP or GEJ has been effective as a leader... come on the basic principle of law and order doesn't seem bother these cockroaches in power.
Please give it a rest mehnnn....

These Cocroaches are all getting pesticides the deserve nuff said

Anonymous said...

What non-sense! I stay at Itoshin, Abeokuta. The rail road project was just hurriedly rushed up, with many parts of it unfinished and undone. Just a tiny portion of it which would serve this loser's campaign as usual.
This guy is a fraudsters. Why is he campaigning using failed projects, that has been abandoned since god knows when. Ebele is a disgrace to Nigerian Niger Delta!

Anonymous said...

mtcccwwwwwww!!!!...he shld list the railroads now???
he is sure his UMBLERA wife & PDP fathers will get him back to ASO rock.
vote /no vote....he sure know it wont count cos he has a return ticket to ASo -rock already.

as myself said...

Pls dis is a brief history of Buhari's reign:
The Buhari government investigated and detained the top political leaders of the Second Republic, holding them responsible for economic excesses of the previous regime.
Buhari's controls also extended to his efforts to deal with the problems of "indiscipline" in the areas of environmental sanitation, public decorum, corruption, smuggling, and disloyalty to national symbols such as the flag and the anthem. He declared a War Against Indiscipline.
Despite the increased efficiency with which Buhari and his associates tackled the multifaceted national crisis, the regime's inflexibility caused discontent. The latter was the main justification given for the overthrow of Buhari by General Babangida in a palace coup on August 27, 1985, although the personal ambition of Babangida was an important contributing factor.
So my dear nasa, what did you say buhari did or didnt do. he has been tested and he lived up to what he professed.
Jonathan on the other hand has made promises only,in the last one and a half year of his reign what noticeable difference has he brought to Nigeria, may be you should do you research on what his expenses on feeding , furniture and renovating in Aso villa in a day, its almost its ridiculously alarming.
none one is claiming buhari is holy at thou but his records to SCREAM for its self, please don't be moved by GEJ rise to fame story its a plot to win your emotions.

Chilling said...

Liar, liar!
Dumber dumber!
Naso is just a GEJ lackey. This isn’t the first or last post that he’ll speak for his paymaster.

1960chick said...

Is this man talking bout rail?
What happened to electricity? And corruption our number one problem?
It's sad but Nigerian Leaders are oblivious to what's going on in the country...if it doesn't affect their personal bank balances it doesn't concern them.
God help us!

Anonymous said...

some people complaining about electricity...na wa ooo! i've read other interviews/quotes from him to where he said he is working on electricity. he is probably doing that AND looking for ways to fix the roads and/or make transportation better. its just one step at a time, guys.

Anonymous said...

hes just an olodo big time. he would just pee in hs pants if he agrees for the debate cus hes just a block head. God would give us the right man to handle n purge naija of this madness

Anonymous said...

Y'all commenting and yapping about debate this and that r jst dumbasses. Or u'd hv noticed in today's papers that he has agreed to do a debate. On the condition that it is organised by the Broadcasting Organisation of Nigeria. So that it can be aired on local stations. How many rural dwellers have televisions let alone DSTV to watch NN24?
Every Tom, Dick and Nkechi cannot organise a debate and expect the president to be there. Like it or not, he is still d sitting president abi?
Give d guy a break. Buhari is no better, he's just a hypocrite. Sometimes i wish buhari will win dis election so that i can gladly say 'i told you so' to BB supporters. Lol. It cant take a day to fix 9ja, too much damage has already been done. Buhari cannot perform a miracle in 4 yrs.

Frm an ardent GEJ supporter!

doll (retired blogger) said...

i think this is a welcome development

and he has also agreed to the debate. Yipee!!!!

naso said...

someone was telling about buhari's regime...let me tell u something about buhari's regime dat u prolly dont know...this his war on indiscipline that everybody keeps shouting about was very harsh...discipline is good but when it is carried out with extreme measures it can lead to wickedness...do u know that buhari said the press should not talk bad about his regime...some journalists were sent to jail for life during his regime due for publishing facts about his government.
Secondly this man back dated laws on drug enforcement making drug offenders to suffer corporal punishments...a lot of drug offenders were killed for crimes that did not carry the death sentence when they committed them.
Thirdly the guy favored northerners...a clear example of this is the fact that he put Shehu Shagari who was the president of the previous govt on house arrest for a short time and gave his vice president alex ekwueme long term jail sentence in kirikiri prison...

all of u should go and do ur research before u start shouting buhari all over the place...plus...this guy is like 20 years older than our nation...Gosh..we need fresh blood and not some old guy..

Anonymous said...

I Totally agree with Naso.d president has piloted d affairs of this country creditably well in d last 10ths.D non availability of basic infrastructures like electricity etc didn't start during his regime.it's been on for years even during Gen Buhari's regime and i ask what did buhari achieve during his regime other than imprisonment of opposition &ruling by decrees!his running mate in an interview earlier granted described him as belonging to the old and decaying past!obviously he never envisaged entering into the murky waters of politiics. having said that i think we should desist from this culture of perpertual criticism & appreciate individuals with good intentions.

Anonymous said...

I agree with naso.the president has piloted the affairs of this creditably well in d past 10mths.d non availabilty of basic infrastructures like electricity etc didn't start with his regime.it's been on for God knows even during Buhari's regime and i ask what did he achieve during his regime other imprisonment of opposition & ruling by decrees!his running mate in an earlier interview granted described him as belonging to the old and decaying past!it's obvious that he never envisaged getting himself involved in the murky waters of politics.we should jettison this culture of perpertual critism & appreciate people with obvious genuine intentions.

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