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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Nigerian Youths ask: 'What About Us?

Banky W and actress, Nse Etim, speak during a press conference for the youth-oriented group - What About Us? in Abuja, yesterday Wednesday, March 16, 2011. The youths of Nigeria are calling for the first ever youth-focused Presidential Debate. Hopefully it will happen.

Pics thanks to Sunday Alamba.


Anonymous said...

this banky w no dey hear word
na only from him mouth we go hear all these things

I too know
na me talk pass

Anonymous said...

hahaha. God forgive me but my thoughts exactly. so dry to see him on these things. overexposed!!!!

Anonymous said...

well, Nse Etim is hardly a youth, is she? she looks far too old!

Anonymous said...

Anonimous 2;31pm...i concour!!!

tayo said...

where the the "real youths"? well... the not-so popular ones I dey ask for....

What about us??????!!!!

Anonymous said...

@Anon 2:31Pm

What is your definition of a youth? Here in America, 30 years and under and considered youths. Where you expecting teenagers to run this things? Its not a bad idea if young adults are engaged.

sally said...

What Banky n the rest are doing is a thing of honor. There's nothing like doing too much, if so, people like Martin Luther king jnr would have stopped at just i have a dream. Think of all that needs to be done in Naija, Banky is playing his own part, instead of talking about whose a youth and what not, go n do something productive that may profit someone else. Go ahead Banky!

Anonymous said...

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