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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Oluchi Onweagba expecting baby number 2?

That's according to people who saw her at the just concluded Arise African Fashion Week in Lagos. They say her bump was noticeable. Great news and congrats.


Chilling said...

Your BFF! Serious Lol!! Congrats to Oluchi.

ULTRABEemBoBItchieOne said...

@chilling - right....Linda's bff..

Linda - u no dey hear word sef....wont u leave her alone....or u want her to LASH out at u again.....lol

ULTRABEemBoBItchieOne said...

@chilling - right....Linda's bff..

Linda - u no dey hear word sef....wont u leave her alone....or u want her to LASH out at u again.....lol

ChiChiLuv said...

I wish her well!

Anonymous said...

that's how it should be.....with all d glitz, nothing like family....congrats dear for being an inspiration to me..

Anonymous said...

when trouble sleep yanga go wake am, wetin you dey find, must you be her friend.
ps: l dare you to publish this

Dazzle said...

lmfao! I can smell sarcasm from the way you wrote the story! linda! linda! take softly find trouble oh! before dem give u international ass whooping

ChiChiluv said...

9.59pm - how is Linda asking to be her friend by posting her good news here? Is she asking to be Basketmouth's friend by posting that he and his wife are expecting their second child? Was she asking Bella Adenuga to be her friend too?

Linda posting about Oluchi actually shows me that she letting that whole "jump of the nearest lagoon" crap roll of her back like a water off a duck's. She no let am interfere with her job which is blogging about the famous and the infamous!

Linda Ikeji said...

@dazzle, sarcasm? Absolutely not. I've always admired Oluchi and always will. Besides we've settled. I've never mentioned this but sometime last year after the whole misunderstanding, we met by chance at the palms lekki and she hugged me and apologised. No beef at all. Never has been.. at least on my side.

Linda Ikeji said...

@chilling and ultra bee darlings...no mind us...lol

Chilling said...

Ok now, Linda please go on. Good of her then. Did she finally admit that she knew you? Who made the first move at the Palms? Or was there a peace broker? I’m seriously laughing here! It's Friday after all & i'm going home to sleep after a long and hard week. Oluchi and Linda = BFF!! Your attitude is so commendable.

hater said...

chichiluv, some being an ass licker!

it belittles you!

see, when they had the misunderstanding, she cried for all to hear, when they settled she kept it quiet until now!

so chichiluv, you see the reason why is not good to be an ass licker? you would be left holding the r--a--gggg!

will you publish this Linda luv, so that chichiluv can lash out her caustic tongue on me?

ChiChiLuv said...

@ hater: I agreed with anonymous that I am exactly what she called me and I agree with you too but I am sad though that you couldn't come up with your own disparaging remarks about me - please, think up something else to call me that would really hurt, I am over the pain of ass licker, okay?

I'm waiting...

LOL! You people tink sey I go vex? Wait for me, I dey come Mtcceehhhhewwww LMAO!

AMEBO said...

Hey hey.. what is happening oo. what happened between Oluchi and Linda?.. wetin cause their fight before?
pls some1 should gist me .. i beg

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