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Monday, 14 March 2011

Mike Adenuga is worth far more than $2billion, says his associates

Mike Adenuga and Aliko Dangote
Forbes recently released it's list of 'World's Richest Men' and placed Otunba Mike Adenuga the 595 richest man in the world with a net worth of $2billion. Well, his associates say Forbes didn't do their investigations properly. They say Mike Adenuga is worth far more than $2billion. According to them, his investment in Conoil alone is worth more than $10 billion. Globacom West Africa operations is worth more than $5billion. He also has another $3billion investment in real estate plus his billions of investment in Equitorial Trust Bank. Adenuga is as rich as Dangote they claim.


Anonymous said...

all these stupid people sef
ok so what is their point?
so what if hes as rich as Dangote?
na in we go chop
I am sure its Adenuga himself that is quoting this crap
Vain eediots

Shakara said...

I don’t know, maybe because Forbes insiders know he’s laundering money for IBB. Who does Aliko launder money for? Either way, who cares?

as myself said...

yeah so bloody wat,how many foundations do they own that helps the less privileged,look at Oprah and bill gates.dangotes trucks are causing traffic and nuisance at old ojo road,tell me something else.

Anonymous said...

And how much are the associates worth? Wetin concern us???????

abi's muse said...

So what? Ain't that so vain? These my 9ja piple sef.
BTW, Linda, u ignored my Invitaion abi? No probs.

Anonymous said...

Yes that piece of info just enhanced my life massively I guess the life of a blogger is passing of useless info ...2 minutes of my life I'll never get back kmt sorry jare Linda but do try to filter what is worth blogging about and what isn't

Anonymous said...

and how does his net worth affect the Crisis in Japan? ugh...

Anonymous said...


Please someone should correct the numbers o, these overgrown babies will start disturbing us with their I am richer than him nonsense. How does this do anything for him even. Attention seekers, we know you are rich...heck we know the Forbes estimates are just that...estimates. What is it again? Abeg, they should let us hear word.

Anonymous said...

@ as myself

The Dangote Foundation gave out about 1000 full scholarships last year. It also builds health clinics and boreholes, and only in the last week the foundation has made a N5bn grant to the BOI for SME businesses in Nigeria. Furthermore, those Dangote trucks actually belong to the drivers themselves. Dangote dissolved its transport division and ceded ownership of the trucks to the individual drivers, who pay installmentally from the payments they receive from transporting Dangote products.

That Dangote does not go around bragging about his philantropy (he has also been the biggest benefactor to the Kano State University) should not blind us to its existence. And of course this is a dude that has created thousands jobs and distributed income (and wealth for suppliers) all over Nigeria.

skankmypeaceofmind said...

i guess his hands are dirty as regards to his other businesses i.e conoil and globacom because on Forbes list it was clearly stated........BANKING/BANKER (pick one...can't remember which)
they made no mention about telecoms and oil........which equates to ETB being the only credible thing he has got going.

by the way............so if he is a trillion dollar rich?

Anonymous said...

I blame Forbes for the Japan quake.
If only they got Adenuga's worth correctly, God would have spared Japan of that disaster.

Anonymous said...

Do you know why Dangote is a rich man? He is rich because he gives so generously to his society- that for me is the definition of wealth- a cheerful giver. Wealth is not about having money in your bank account but also giving freely to your society- that gift comes not only in money but in taking the time to do something for your community and this is where a lot of Muslims excel. So rather than Adenuga's associates boasting about his worth in money, they should encourage him to set up charitable endeavors (or even better, keep quiet so as not to attract the attention of thieves- here in London, I see wealthy people drive battered car or use public transport or clean their houses them). Being wealthy is about being grounded in yourself.

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