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Monday, 14 March 2011

Our cattle are registered PDP members - Fulani Nomads

Registered PDP members...lol. Naija for life!
Fulani nomads in Farin Ruwa development area of Nasarawa state have said that their cattle are registered Peoples Democratic Party, PDP members.

Speaking during the campaign rally of the PDP candidates in the area, Mohammed Maude, who assured the PDP of bulk vote said all their belongings, including their cows are registered members of the party.

Maude, who ignored the crowd as they burst into  laughter as he continued with his address, said  that their cows have felt the impact of PDP government in the area as they have been enjoying free grazing without disturbances.
He said Farin Ruwa is among the few areas in the north where Fulani Nomads enjoy grazing travelling far south for greener pasture during dry season.

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Anonymous said...

my mother wasn't lying when she said Northerners count animals as people! looooooooool

Chilling said...

Rigging galore. More numbers for GEJ especially as a lot of people may not vote for him there.

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