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Monday, 14 March 2011

MEND Says It Plans To Attack Oil Installations in Lagos And Abuja.

The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) issued a statement this evening claiming that the movement plans elaborate attacks against oil installations in the Niger Delta region as well as the federal capital territory and Nigeria's commercial nerve center, Lagos." Sahara Reporters


Anonymous said...

it wont sucecced in Jesus come to lagos or wherever, it wont succed.the holy ghost fire would burn them up with they get there in Jesus name amen

Chilling said...

The point of doing this is? It was signed by Jomo Gbomo right? Anytime i try to call this faceless name, i get tongue twisted and say “Gbomo Gbomo!” One day, may the faceless lot of them be kidnapped and thrown into gaol!!

Anonymous said...

< Whatever their plans are,no wahala>

as myself said...

let them attack,when they are done the can tell us what the achieved for them selves,senseless fools.

bunmifx said...

I thought they have send them abroad for study.This people are not fighting for they people,it is just selfish interest.God will not allow them bomb Lagos o!

Anonymous said...

Linda please be careful with Sahara Reporters- they are not the most reliable journalists and some of their reports are tantamount to libel. I wish we had Gaddafi as president of Nigeria- he would have dealt ruthlessly with these MEND militants!

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