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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

"Why most veteran actors are poor" - Enebeli Elebuwa

"It is because when we started acting, what we wanted to do was to learn the job and be good at it. But now, the financial aspect of it has come into focus and we saw that most of us got impoverished because we were working to be good. And again, we are living in a nation where the people who are involved in film production do not consider how good you are. Rather, they pay the young people, especially ladies more and pay us less just because we've been in the industry for a long time." - Veteran actor Enebeli Elebuwa.



Surprise said...

I think he is talking sense. Linda you berra consider change of profession.

UlTraBEEmBoBitCHiE said...

hahahaha......Enebeli is a great actor sha....but be like ur hollywood colleagues - VISIT THA GYM!!!

Jeff Bridges, Mickey Rourke, Bruce Willis, etc all have to stay fit and in shape to be able to get those roles.

its a sign of the times.....visual consumption and no more talent

Nigerian Film and TV Addict said...

that is the TRUTH! GBAM! haha. today everyone wants to be on tv, back in the day, ppl acted with the peanuts they were getting because they loved acting and they were professionals..that's why the music and film industry around the world seems to be getting worse..not just in Nollywood...Hollywood and their remakes, and obviously music today...that's another story. i will still watch old nigerian movies over the crap that's being produced today.Just watch a 2009 movie and compare it with a 1998 movie...Nollywood lacks class and talent..and of course beauty...the beauties we had back in the day were REAL beauties with poise and talent.Nollywood is now the quickest way to sell urself to whoever u want..with the useless dressing and hairstyles and of course...the FAKE accents..no wonder men are not interested in acting, as there's a huge shortage of male actors but everyday u see new and upcoming actresses...SMH..but all hope is not lost...the industry needs rebranding ASAP

Anonymous said...

Acting in Nigeria is not the path to wealth or the good life except you are female and willing to fcuk your brains out around the world and Nigeria for money, cars, clothes, houses, designer clothes, foreign holidays, Brazilian hair, Mongolian hair, dead peoples' handbag, etc.... With sex change and good plastic surgery, Enebeli Elebuwa can easily overthrown a few Nollywood "actresses".

ChichiLuv said...

I cosign with Uncle Enebeli!

Anonymous said...

He's speaking the truth. I like that.

Queen Erics said...

Uncle Enebeli, u make sense die. me wey even leave law go read theatre arts just for the love of the profession... where i dey now? just bcos i no fyn, na so so waka pass i land sotey i vex leave them. shaa i dey corner dey watch them producers, with all the arse exposing,boobs spilling and cum s**king girls... tym go tell, fullstop... (coughs)Guys, hope i'm not hating? LOL!

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