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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Stephanie Okereke denies rift with fiance's family

Stephanie and Linus
"There is no iota of truth in that report. I saw it and my future parents in law live in Lagos and they read it too and my mum in law is in shock. She doesnt understand why anyone would write such lies concerning them. I told her 'welcome to the entertainment world'.   My in-laws and I are really close and they are really happy about my relationship with their son. My relationship with Linus is solid and these cheap lies will not affect us. It was even faith my sister in law who alerted me that such a story was written. The Idahosas are like my second family and they love me like their daughter. God will expose whoever is behind this that's all I know. (Our wedding) isn't being delayed. We are putting things in place and it will happen very soon by Gods Grace. Faith my darling sister
in law will be my maid of honour." Stephanie Okereke to Stella Dimoko Korkus of Encomium


Anonymous said...

Who cares.

effectivespeech said...

May I ask why your soon to be sister-in- law your maid of honor? you don't have a best friend or a sister or cousin to stand up for you on your second special day? aren't we going a tad over board trying to endear ourselves to the fiance's family? it will come back and bite you in your behind but let's hope not.

Anonymous said...

lol i know i was about to say the same thing. dont know much about stephanie though but linus is an ass. he impregnated a lady i worked with and bounced on his child i heard. this was 2 yrs a go or so. i used to work with this lady at the bank. i wonder where the woman is now. idiot doesnt know that a child is a blessing.

Nigerian Film and TV Addict said...

stephanie doesn't seem smart in her decisions..first that foolish footballer husband and now this guy? i dunno what she looks for in a man but when it hits the fan...she'll be alone.

Anonymous said...

@ Nigeria fims,u dont have to call him stupid,that he left Steph cos of her foolishness doesnt make him stupid but rather many of these women can someone live with?Its just by the grace of God that they are managed.They carry their home acting to their matrimonial homes forgeting their professions should be left outside thei homes.And who is stepanie to start with?She should be happy all these people take her seriously with her fake accent and fake lifestlye.You will be shocked to know that the story is 100% true,they tell all sorts of lies to the media,lets see if truely her so called inlaw will even attend the wedding

Anonymous said...

@NFATA. You sound intelligent yet each time i glance at your comments,i just PUKE. U sound so immature and silly. How does good phonetics translate to one not being intelligent. AND ANONY 2:47. Stop sounding like you have a score to settle with him.

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