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Friday, 28 January 2011

Terry McMillan apologises

Why the apology naw? If you don't mean something and can't stand by it, then don't say it...or in this case, don't tweet it!


Abike said...

I don't think she has changed her mind about how she feels, she's just sorry for using those words

CC said...

She's apologizing for her choice of words, not the sentiment behind them.
In fact I agree with her, those Smith kids na wa, see how Willow is opening her mouth saying she doesn't know her times table and still shining her teeth. These kids should be getting basic knowledge not making club appearances

Anonymous said...

She is a divorcee. Has she got any kid at all? I don't think so, so why say horrible things about other people's kids when you have no experience in the parental terrain. She is a stupid author and an old fool, carving for attention. She needs a baby?

If the Smiths want to turn their kids into money making machines with no brains that is their business.

It means the American authorities are weak. You cannot do that in the UK with your kids and get away with it. The Jackson 5 also worked like that.

Big Daddy Dickum' Down... said...

Folks go raise your own kids, leave the Smith kids alone. Thanks.

Naija galaxy said...

I think what she did was just a publicity stunt. She dey find attention.

Anonymous said...

LOL Will Smith happens to be one of the most powerful people in Hollywood. I'm sure there was power of attorney pressure used here.

If you are black and want to work in Hollywood you need to be in the good books of some people.

Anonymous said...

Linda, I said something very horrible about you on twitter. I'm not sorry for calling ......, ........, and .........., and I'm not taking them back. We won't speak to each other any more. That it. Goodbye, former friend.

I'm joking Ooo.

Anonymous said...

The apology pisses me off more than her initial comments

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