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Friday, 28 January 2011

Naeto C unveils album cover

Naeto C's new album, Super C Season, will be officially released February 7, 2011.


Surprise said...

I salute you back. More songs in your mouth.

Anonymous said...

love it

Igwe said...

looking forward to it. However, the reason why every nigerian artiste has to wear sunglasses on their album cover is truly beyond me.

ULTRABEEMboBItchie said...

uhmmmmm PUHLease!!!

such a COPY CAT....damn!!! CIARA already has the "Super C" theme goin on....uggghhhh...ORIGINALITY????

well, thats what happens when u date "Nicole C".......mschewww

Anonymous said...

lol @ comparing naeto c with ciara... naeto is a local celebrity, an international non-entity. He can even carry Ciara's album name complete with artwork, nobody would give a darn hoot...

Anonymous said...

The guy and the pics looks okay, but I feel the hand on his face ruined the photo.

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