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Sunday, 23 January 2011

I Dress Like a Lady to Deceive Men, Says Arrested Teenager

A look at this lady will never give her away for a man. From her breast and well shaped figure, to her steps , she looks every inch like a lady. But the bubble burst after she was discovered to be a man. 19-year-old Ogunleye Idris, is one of the numerous young men who pose as ladies out there , in order to get money from their men folk.

Idris who just finished his secondary school education at Kings college Lagos, last year, was apprehended in a bar in Surulere area of Lagos, Sunday, where he had as usual, dressed like a man, waiting for a prey. By sheer stroke of luck, a man(names withheld) reportedly walked into the bar in the company of two other ladies. But he was said to have been attracted to Idris who gave him an inviting look.

But Idris attitude was said to have raised the man’s suspicion, when he attempted to fondle with his breast. Out of curiosity, the man reportedly managed to touch Idris’ breast, where to his surprise, a sachet water fell off from the brazier. This caused an uproar, following which Idris was subsequently arrested.

In this interview with crime Alert, the Ogun state born disclosed that he began the illicit business this month, with a view of raising money to further his education. Hear him, “ I went into it in order to raise money for my education. After my secondary school education, my father told me he could not afford money for me to buy JAMB form. Again there was nobody to help me because I am a man. I realized that men do not help their fellow men but women. Then, I decided to start dressing like a lady to deceive men and get money from them but I do not sleep with them. Whenever it gets to that stage, I stylishly excuse myself”

Asked how he usually collected money from men, he revealed that he would dial any number and if the owner happened t o be a man, he would invite him over, posing as a club girl. His preys according to him, sometimes fell into his trap while others disregarded him.

Continuing, Idris said, “so far, I have realised N20,000, out of which I used to buy part time form in University of Lagos and a JAMB form” Asked if his parents are aware of what he was into, he shook his head, explaining that he never paraded himself like a lady around his vicinity in Isolo. On how he usually got himself dressed, he explained, “ first , I would get a female dress and place two sachets of water on my breast, to make me look like a female and then, I will wear female shoes. I cat-walk like women because I always watch them walk and have been practicing the way they walk until I started this year. I had contemplated quitting at the end of next month,”, he said.

The Lagos State Police Deputy Public Relations Officer, Mr Adesanya Jinadu, who cautioned men to be and wary of the likes of Idris out there, said he would be charged to court for attempt to defraud and attempt to breach public peace.

By Evelyn Usman - Vanguard Newspaper


Nigerian Film and TV Addict said...

hahaha this dude got me laughing sooo much!!!hahaha!i had to have it on my blog...hahaha!

Anonymous said...

hahaha..i cant stop laughing oooo..i like this dude..he is the bomb if u cant beat them join them jare my guy at least its not stealing but a way of making a better life and better than juju making,,,lol carry go!the men in nigeria only assist the women cos of what they will get in return

Surprise said...

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But (s)he fine small sha.

SMH said...


Anonymous said...

Haha how can one NOT know this is a dude. Smh

Anonymous said...

ahahahahhahaaaaa...MAN MUST WHACK NAH!

Anonymous said...

Even after his arrest, he still fooled the public, police, the news media, and bloggers. This guy is a rent boy. He's a male prostitute selling his backside to gay men. There are a few of them where people who are into that are. This has nothing to do with hardship, his "education" or fooling men. He sold sex for money. His sexual preference started from KC. So you don't know about Kings College. My secondary school was in Lagos Nigeria. I had friends who went there. I was told about a few KC boys. I blame the boy's father. Single sex school was a big no in our family. The boy wasnt born "gay". Kings College made him gay.
Sex b/w man m man is a bigger offence in 9ja than deception, etc. Hence he admitted the lesser offence. Smh.

Unknown said...

There is usually a high chance of people's sexual orientation changing when they are in same sex schools,i do believe the boy is gay,perhaps he picked it up in the all boys school he attended.

Anonymous said...

Dude(ette), u r smoking expired crack cocaine. What has King's College got to do with anything?


Anonymous said...

Sexual orientation is exactly that 'orientation'.

Being next to people of the same sex does not make one gay, just like being next to people of the opposite gender make one straight.

skankmypeaceofmind said...

he is one ug-lay bitch but for a dude, he's alright and for christ's sakes he should just come clean already....he's a whore for GAYMEN

Anonymous said...

A KCOB? Wow. Gone are the days the school was for privileged kids. But why choose cross-dressing as a means to raise money? Aren't there other means? Am truly sad sha.

Anonymous said...

this boy did nothing wrong, he didnt force d man to fondle with his breast...and what could be said about the men who answer random fone calls from call girlz.

Anonymous said...

mind you, i am not surprised by this article as homosexuality is becoming more open in Nigeria these days and this boy would not have done what he did if he was not aware of the market for rent boys. as for that police PR 'who cautioned men to be and wary of the likes of Idris out there', surely he should be urging police to arrest the likes of Idris's admirer rather than just Idris himself;

PS- does anyone know whether cross dressing is a crime under Nigerian law? If not, it means Idris has not committed an offence then!

Anonymous said...

Don't know about KC being for priviledged kids, but it was for semi sensible kids (at the very least). Kids who wanted to do things with their lives, not folks who aspired to street walking ...

Anonymous said...

i hope they also arrested the man who was trying to fondle his breast. this is a man who fell on hard times and went down the wrong path but there is no need to release pictures of him like this like he is some kind of animal or make fun of the situation.

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