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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Top Ten Sexiest African Women 2010

Halimata Graille - Niger - Model/Actress 

Compiled by Shirlene Alusa Brown and Anta Sane of

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Gugulethu Mbatha-Raw - South Africa - Actress

Nicola Sackey - Ghana - Miss Ghana -UK 2008

Nayma Mingas - Angola - Model

Tysha Ayele - Ivory Coast - Model/Singer

Fifi Soumah - Guinea - Miss Africa USA

Bruna N’Diaye - Senegal - Model

Sein Saoli - Kenya - Model

Mariatu Cole - Sierra Leone - Miss Sierra Leone USA 2011

Kami Munderu - Kenya


prettygal said...

wait!!r u kidding me?This is it?Abi u hide some Linda?Which kin sexy gals be this?Apart from the Kenyan gal with the skin cut..Where Mercy Johnson for thsi list?dem dey kolo?

Anonymous said...

[relief]thank God some people in africa can now differencite btw sexy and fineness.@1;54pm mercy johnson is not sexy is a combination of fine face,good skin well shaped trim figure not unhealthy big bottom,like mercy ,ini edo ,omotola ekeinde and co.or bleached skin like rita dominic,tonto,rukky and co and its not about faking american accent as if ur ancestors originated from there.perfect list if u asked me.yvonne nelson the ghanan actress shld have being listed and genevieve if not 4 her flat chest and bottom.

Tajo said...

@Anonymous (January 23, 2011 2:56 PM)

Gbam! You have said it all.

Nigerian Film and TV Addict said...

i concur with tajo..gbam @ anon. but being flat chested should not be a criteria

Anonymous said...

They are soo likey!


Anonymous said...

very eurocentric (for the most part)
but the list is absolute rubbish, just like the one for the males

Cherie said...

GBAM!!! I always knew WE (Niger Republic Women) didn't get enough recognition for our beauty. AT LAST!!!
Hali keep representing us mehn!
Btw, she's a recently retired international super model who has worked for almost all the big big designers ...

skankmypeaceofmind said...

me too this seems very eurocentric. lists like these are the reasons why tonto and co are bleaching their skin and considering rhinoplasty

tayo said...

the list is partial thats all...

No single Nigerian model... come on... r we tht ugly? chei!

anyways... no bi international list sha

Anonymous said...

am I the only one that noticed the very obvious adam's apple in Tysha?

Anonymous said...

Ok. Why is Omowunmi akinfesi,nike oshinowo,munachi or stephanie oforka not there. And pls no one should mention genevieve here. The ladies are fit,trim and hott but where are there bosoms eh kwa?

Anonymous said...

Mercy johnson should have made that list. Broad nose and full lips are african features. If we must promote dark skinned as beautiful,then we should promote even the features. Its not just dark skin with white man's features like genny and agbani.

Anonymous said...

Alicia says...

@ anonymous 11:23 am.
having a wide nose and full lips are not really "african" features, because many Africans don't possess those features.
I'm 100% Igbo, but i have a thing pointed nose and my lips aren't BIG. many Africans have "white man" features, so they're not exactly "white man" features.
but are those the features MORE ACCEPTABLE to the eurocentric white man? YES.
I agree with anonymous 11:17 am. Stephanie Oforka, Ify Jones, Anette Begg, Munachi, Funke Fowler, etc...

Anonymous said...

@Alicia 2.06pm. Average africans have full lips and a broader nose. Why accept what white people terms of beauty as beauty. That is why most black hollywood celebs are doing both nose and lip job e.g jessica white,amerie,kelly rowland e.t.c

Anonymous said...

Alicia says...

@anonymous 9:09 am
what is average Africa to you? it also depends on what REGION of Africa you're talking about.
its simple, not all Africans have what are deemed as "African features" and not even all white people have "white features"
so we shouldnt see them as being "african" or being "white"
but we can agree that Europeans have set the standard of beauty that everyone is trying to live up to, and those "white" features are more accepting to them.
but they're not necessarily "white" or "african"

Shirlene Alusa-Brown said...

Thank you all for your comments and observations. Some of the ladies that you are asking about are on previous lists on We try not to list them more than once.

One of the challenges we face is finding decent high resolution pictures of the women we would love to feature. If you can point us to these pictures, we will happily post.

Africa is teeming with gorgeous ladies and we want to showcase them to the world.


Shirlene Alusa-Brown
Editor-in-Chief, Jamati Online

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