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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Lil Wayne goes to Jail

Rapper Lil Wayne was yesterday sent to Rikers Prison in New York on his weapons charges.
He’s been sentenced to a year but will likely only serve about 8 months. Wayne will reportedly remain in private custody the entire time:

“He is going to be in protective custody, because of who he is,” his lawyer Stacy Richman said. "He did not want to, but the department of correction said it’s mandatory. He cannot be with other detainees.”

His last personal Tweet till his comeback:
“Law is mind without reason. …………I’ll return.”


Anonymous said...

Linda, can you not blog about this lizard looking person. I hope he stays in jail for a while, at least there will be no baby making.

doll (retired blogger) said...

Well....all the best...he will be TI is

Anonymous said...

He had always wanted to go to jail, so its just a publicity stunt or why else will he be in protective custody in jail again..somebody has being paid to make that deal happen..he could have gotten community service for what he did..he just wants jail...I hope he gets assed by some rough neck Aryan brotherhood boss...young and foolish..

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