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Friday, 2 June 2017

"She started three families with three different people and f*****everyone over!" Kim Kardashian slams Caitlyn Jenner's book for 'scapegoating' Kris

Kim Kardashian is still not over the memoir written by her former stepdad and on Sunday's episode of KUWTK, the 36-year-old expressed her anger again while discussing the memoir with her mum, Kris Jenner.

Kim mentioned that she read Caitlyn's book and when her mother asked for her opinion on it, she said Caitlyn blamed everyone but herself.

"She has her thoughts and you have your thoughts and that's fine. But I do feel like there's a way to tell your side of the story without being so negative. Like everything is always your fault," Kim said and Kris agreed with her.

'Absolutely,' agreed Kris.
Kim then referred a part of the memoir that discussed Kris and Caitlyn's finances where the former Olympian insinuated that Kris took control of all their finances and she (Caitlyn) never saw any of their money. This angered Kris so much and she reacted.
"She never paid a bill from 1972!" Kris exclaimed. "She didn't know how much a gardener was, and in the book writes, 'Well, Kris didn't need me anymore. All the checks for Keeping Up With the Kardashian, they all went to Kris'. Went to Kris? How about it went to the mortgage and the insurance and education? You start talking about how I was hoarding money when we didn't even have it?"
The mother and daughter also talked about another topic in the book, that of Caitlyn's alleged fabrication of the divorce from former wife Linda Thompson. Kris was furious that Caitlyn didn't tell her the real reason she divorced from her former wife, that way, she can make an informed decision as to whether she wanted to be married to a man who wanted to be a woman.

Kris said:
 "She weaves this elaborate story about how she and Linda broke up. Cait could've told me the story that she writes about in the book, which is; 'Linda got so angry and nasty that Cait had to tell her about her gender dysphoria. Why wouldn't you have just told me what happened with Linda so at least I could make my own decision if I wanted to get married to someone who really wanted to be a woman?'"
 Kim responded:
"She just literally started three families with three different people and f*****everyone over."
"100 percent," agreed Kris. "But (Caitlyn) can't handle that negative publicity, so I'm going to be the scapegoat. She's going to throw me under the bus.'"

See the video below.


Unknown said...

Confused people... Who cares

James said...

seriously, so Bruce Jenner has married three times? it is obvious the man should have never married.

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he is a confused human being that doesn't know where he belongs. he is looking for pity.

Michael Ginks said...

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NaijaDeltaBabe said...

Dramatic family

... Merited happiness

Unknown said...

Oga oo

Dan said...

No judge Kim u fucked up 2 families too

Mo said...

But this man suffered in the hands of Krisk sha. He hardly had a say. Once she (Kris) made a decision that was it! He couldnt change it. I felt sorry for him a bit back then.

Unknown said...

well d kain caithlyn is depressed, hope he/she doesn't get suicidal!
-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

Segun Adegoke said...

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Anonymous said...

The most painful part of reading this is where they keep referring to Bruce Jenner as SHE!

Unknown said...

Based on the show...they were time I thought Kris was controlling Bruce...like in that house sometimes...the kids don't really listen to the man...ooh well may be the guy has some built up anger so that Was his only way to put it out there....

uniquechic said...

d anger must have been built up ova d years though...its just petty of him to pour it all in d book..ds book is a revenge book nutg more..
but not surprising he has female attributes now and behaving like one..foolish she-man...

uche thecla said...

Na Cait confuse pass. Next biko.


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