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Saturday, 3 June 2017

Bird Flu returns to 7 states in Nigeria - Federal Government warns 

The Federal Government through the Director of Veterinary and Pest Control Services of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, has alerted the general public on the recent outbreak of bird flu in Nigeria. The director Mr Gideon Mshelbwala in a statement listed the states affected by the outbreak to include Bauchi, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Nasarawa, Plateau, FCT and lastly Kaduna, which reported a case on May 30.
He said that the disease had spread across 26 states of the federation and the FCT since it started in 2008 affecting 800 farms in no fewer than 123 local government areas. Mshelbwala said that the way forward to the containment of the disease was to ban importation of poultry and products, quarantine and bio-security measures, among others.

He, however, warned poultry farmers against illegal vaccination of birds, saying that it was a deadly alternative to the control of the disease.


uche thecla said...

Glad at least for once Delta state is not among the state affected by the outbreak, unlike ebola, lasar fever. But well. The WHO should try and curtel this on time biko #myOneWishIsToMeetWithLinda

Joe said...

Honestly those states is where all these diseases always start, ZOO

Unknown said...

E B like say den want to tell me another story againi oooooo

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