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Saturday, 3 June 2017

Pregnant woman beaten to death in Adamawa on suspicion of being a witch

First of all, how do you even have the heart to beat a pregnant woman to the point of death? That’s exactly what happened in the village of Falu in Guyuk LGA.

The 32-year-old woman was beaten with sticks until she died, all because they suspected her of being responsible of some sinister occurrences in the town.
This sad incident was confirmed to newsmen by the Commissioner of Police in Adamawa, Mr. Moses Jitoboh.

Jitoboh said:
 “She was attacked with sticks, rope and killed by five suspects on the allegation that the deceased was a witch, who was responsible for the deaths and sickness of persons in the town of Falu.
Five suspects have been arrested in connection with the crime. They are; Abraham Adamu, 18, Malachi Yilafane, 35, Thomas Aji, 54, Zakariya Chorum, 56 and Miss Newana Ilihal, 20.


Anonymous said...

Some people are wicked

Manuel Kunmi said...

It's like a lot of people haven't learnt from the ghana situation

Anonymous said...

It's not appropriate to attach Commissioner of Police in Adamawa, Mr. Moses Jitoboh's picture. We need to do better.

Unknown said...

What stupid religion has caused.... Nothing like witchcraft foolish swines....

Unknown said...

They are very wicked!

Anonymous said...

What stupid religion are you talking about?foolish idiot , be there bringing religious sentiment into everything. Local champion.

Anonymous said...

So if the "sinister occurrences" keep occurring will they kill everybody, until it stops? Why is only women people attack? Is it because the man who got her pregnant, didn't want to take responsibility for the pregnancy? Or because another man was jealous that he couldn't have her?

Anonymous said...

Apc the government of lies claims it is fighting corruption but lawlessness has overtaken the land. Under Buhari and Osinbajo's watch, extra-judicial killings in Nigeria are at an all time high. Instead of impeaching false leaders, Nigerians are beating themselves to death with cudgels and stones. Apc end times.

Anonymous said...

Environments shapen intelligence... obviously that society is filled with fools of magnificent proportions... the children there have no future

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