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Saturday, 3 June 2017

Keyshia Cole shares sad update about her mother

Keyshia Cole's mum, Frankie's struggle with drugs was introduced on Keyshia's BET reality show 'The Way It Is' back in 2014. Apparently Frankie is still doing drugs and Keyshia shared the sad news with her fans yesterday on Twitter.


Manuel Kunmi said...

eyaaaaah.. These Americans and drugs be like 5&6. .. It is well with her newyaz

Rexy Anthony said...

That's sad indeed

uche thecla said...

Gangster mum.. this what am talking about.. lol.. but eeya I dig ya keyshia


Agbomen said...

That's so SAD. How can you hv such a lovely daughter nd not want to fight to remain in her life?? These Americans nd drug issues though. Smh.

NaijaDeltaBabe said...

I can just imagine

... Merited happiness

prince samuel said...

Eeyah, sorry.

Unknown said...

Her Ma don't wanna be saved.

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