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Friday, 2 June 2017

Kathy Griffin claims she is a victim of bullying at the hands of the Trump family, prepares to hold a press conference to explain her reason for the gory Trump photo

Since sharing that photo of a bloody severed head resembling Trump, Kathy Griffin has received criticism from all angles and now, she intends to hold a press conference today to explain the motivation behind the image. Asides that, she will also talk about the bullying she claims to have endured from the Trump family.

Griffin's lawyer, Lisa Bloom, who was hired by the comedian in the wake of the photo controversy, announced on Twitter on Thursday that Griffin would be holding a press conference at 9 a.m. in her Los Angeles office. Griffin was criticized by everyone, including former first daughter, Chelsea Clinton, and even Griffin's goof friend and co-host, Anderson Cooper who referred to the photo as "appalling" and "disgusting."

President Trump and his family also condemned Griffin after seeing the photo, stating that there were children in their family who were traumatized by it. Trump's son, Don Jr., his daughter-in-law, Lara, and the first Lady, Melania, all condemned Griffin. Their public condemnation of her is probably what Griffin meant when she said she was bullied by the Trump family.

Before CNN banned Griffin, Don Jr., tweeted: "Dear @CNN, I must have missed your statement banning your commentator #KathyGriffin from future shows. Please resend. Thx."

Don Jr. also brought up his two oldest children in one tweet, writing: "And I'm counting down having to explain it to my 8 and 10 year olds who I'm sure will see/hear about it at school."

President Trump also wrote something along the same line. He tweeted: "Kathy Griffin should be ashamed of herself. My children, especially my 11 year old son, Barron, are having a hard time with this. Sick!"

Melania Trump was the next in the family to condemn Griffin. Hours after a report emerged claiming that 11-year-old Barron Trump saw the photo on TV and thought his dad had truly been decapitated, Melania said:
"As a mother, a wife, and a human being, that photo is very disturbing. When you consider some of the atrocities happening in the world today, a photo opportunity like this is simply wrong and makes you wonder about the mental health of the person who did it."
Lara made a Fox News appearance where she also spoke about the photo and said that Barron was still traumatized.She reserved her condemnation for the photographer and Griffin's publicist and said they should have informed the comedian that she would be crossing a line with that photo.
"I’d love to say that it gets easier. It doesn’t get easier, but we can handle it' explained Lara. We’ve taken it for almost two years and we understand that this is the world we live in and we’ve accepted it, in a way. It tells you the society that we live in today and what some people deem acceptable."
Later in the interview, she said:
"Had this happened to President Obama, I can only imagine what people would be saying right now."


Unknown said...

Unrepentant fuck.
I even heard 4rom a loose-lip expert that she a sick person 4rom Birth with a Combo of two Neurosis (Bipolarism n Schizophrenia). She needs urgent prayers from her equally Demented fans.

Unknown said...

she shd jus kukuma keep mum!
-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

Curtis said...

victim of bullying? not really. she was trying to ridicule donald trump in a gory manner

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and she got served so why is she complaining. be careful of who you make jokes of.

benito said...

I hope someone decapitates this BITCH

TheRealAkon said...

I am happy she killed her own career.NTOOOUURRRR!

Truthurts said...

The lady is sooo Dumb. Asshole!

maksbebe said...

She's playing the victim. What a covfefe

Anonymous said...

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Agbomen said...


Unknown said...

Law of karma at work... Don't always do because others are doing... Oke solu ngwere maa mmiri... U know the rest

Anonymous said...

Enter your comment...No be you find trouble?

uche thecla said...

She's even lucky it's not Nigeria. We trust our sai baba.. only to name a dog after Buhari the guy heard nwiiii ..


Anonymous said...

Actually they are taking it too far, all the insult Obama got in his first term nko??? Barron wo??? He is stupid? Kathy Griffin did very wrong I accept but it's ok to call Obama's wife a chimpanzee and no uproar to this level

Anonymous said...

Don't mind the stupid hypocrites.
Although She was too extreme with it but TRUMP is worse in all ways that count and he is a living proof that we live in a hate filled world.

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