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Friday, 23 December 2016

“How to make 50,000 naira every week from online football betting – with Guarantee! “

 This is a sponsored post...
Out of job, broke and in debt I discovered a betting secret that changed my entire life! Hi, my name is Rotimi Alabi from wikendbet.com ...And the secrets I’m about to drop on your laps are so effective that owners of online football betting sites would kill to make sure you never ever discover them in your Whole life.
Not just that, this absolutely effective HIDDEN system has made me over 3.6 million naira in the last 5 months alone and if you give me a few minutes of your time I am going to show you exactly how you too can be able to get the exact same results I got from online football betting.

This information is not available anywhere else……….So I urge you to read every word of this article because the secret that can single-handedly turn your desires into reality is hidden in this web page – and I don’t want you to miss it.

Here now, I'll expose the truth on how you can really make money with football betting that this guys have been hiding from you.

You see, online football betting is costing you more money than you are making from it. Every week you place bets and keep losing money like a basket with water in it. While Bet9ja and Nairabet on the other hand, keep making millions from your losses.

You just go out and place bets blindly based on gut-feelings and guess work, sometimes you bet because you feel like betting. So you keep losing because you neither have the required knowledge nor some basic skills SUCCESSFUL bettors who make a nice living out of football betting have.

And that’s why…
….owners of this betting companies get richer, fly first class with your money, buy new cars for their wives and send their kids to big schools from your hard earned money which you keep losing to them. Heck, they know you will keep losing because they have designed EVERYTHING to ensure that you keep losing. Trust me, they have.

… and you’ll continue losing because of two primary reasons:

• A get-rich-quick mentality which feeds on greed.

• A degree of ignorance when it comes to a deep understanding of how sports betting really works.

In fact, I used to lose lots of money betting online.

Let me tell you my story….

You see, I first started betting in Port-Harcourt 7 years ago purely out of fun.

At first I started with petty amounts….I would place a bet with 1000 naira and then go ahead to accumulate over 15 games hoping to win 1 million naira.

Every time I kept losing this money when I bet online.

As in, I lost every single penny. I even went up as high as betting with ten thousand, and I kept losing. At a point online betting turned from being fun to becoming some form of obsession. I believed I was going to win big someday so I didn’t care much about those losses.

The more I lost the more I kept placing the bets because I had hope. But that big win I was hoping for never came. Three games would cut the whole thing. Sometimes two, sometimes one – and the few ones that finally enters comes like once in many losses.

At a point, I realized I just had to pause and figure out a way to start making money from this thing.

Because my losses were far too much.

One day, out of the blues, just out of dumb luck….I placed a bet with 1000 naira and won 50,000 naira.
My hope came back again. And all of a sudden I forgot the over 600,000 naira in losses that have hit me over the months – just because I won a mere 50k.

But deep down, I started asking myself what I can do to constantly and consistently make this 50,000 naira every single week –  from investing in football betting. Could there be a way? How can i make a respectable side income out of football betting? I kept asking.

I prayed for luck. But it was so silly that I laugh at myself now thinking back on how I had actually believed I would make 50,000 naira weekly out of sheer luck.

I knew I needed something more realistic.

 I needed a reliable bet plan that always works.

 I realized that the reason I was losing so much money betting online was because I was depending so much on LUCK when I should see online football betting purely as the business it is.

Because, trust me – it is a business.

There is no much difference between online football betting, forex trading and the stock market. All of them deal with uncertainties. But then, in the stock and forex market anybody with the “RIGHT KNOWLEGDE” and the will to act promptly on good information would make far more money than another investor who just invests blindly.

Exact same principle works well with football betting.

Having access to ‘useful information”, the ability to analyze it better and ACT TIMELY on it is crucial to your success in football betting.

I'll tell you something you might not have realized yet.

“If what you're doing now isn't giving you the kind of money you need out of betting, it surely won't do any better in the future because you are not doing something right”.

I realized that unless I learnt how to treat football bets as the business it is, I will always lose money – big time. This was when I began thinking about focusing on progressive success rather than one killer big win that may never happen.


I started studying the art of making money from football betting. I tried to get books on the subject, but there were no quality ones. The few ones I managed to read were either a bunch of crap or not really easy to understand. So i ended up taking 5 online courses worth over a hundred thousand naira on how to make money from online betting.

Then I sat down and started applying all I have learnt, trying to link them together so I can come up with a fool proof system that would cut out all the hard work and make me the kind of money I had always wished for from football betting.

I must say, this was initially difficult…but I was determined that Nairabet must pay me back all I had lost.

I tried and researched but every single time I kept failing to come up with this perfect system.

Till one fateful day, almost out of mistake, I discovered a powerful and effective set of techniques that I use on online bet websites to make money betting on football in a completely different way from what everyone else was doing.

These tricks were so damn effective that it made me 1.7 million naira in just a few months of using it. And here is the best part –if this can work for my wife Kehinde who doesn’t even know anything about football then it would work for YOU because these stuffs are so easy to learn that ANYONE can do it.

Why am I telling you all this?

I’m not telling you this to brag about my personal successes – there are far too many people already blinding their readers with such information. I’m telling you all these because I want you to realize where I’m coming from.  I know exactly how sad and frustrating it could be when games cut and you lose bets day after day. I’ve personally been there too. But if I could make over 3.6 million naira easily and effortlessly in the last four months from football betting, then you can make as much too. Trust me, I’m not smarter than you, you really can.

Now come with me I need to show you something….

What if I show you….
  •   How to take a 50,000 naira and effortlessly turn it into 500,000 naira in less than 60 days without stress and without losing the capital.

    What to do to start making 50,000 or more from online football betting, starting from tomorrow.

  •  How to spot mistakes in odds and make LOTS of money INSTANTLY out of errors of bookmakers like Nairabet and bet9ja – many bettors don’t know about this and ones you learn it you’ll start making winning more than lose.

  • Two powerful strategies of winning accumulator bets which most people don’t know that you can use to start making serious money from TOMORROW.

  • How to still get paid when only one game cuts your accumulator bet slip

  •  How to increase your chances of predicting a game CORRECTLY like an octopus………this particular one is so effective it will leave you totally shocked.

  •  10 super powerful rules to follow that can make you more money betting in the next 31 days than you’ve made in the past 365 days.

  •  Exactly why you keep losing money betting online. HINT: I can bet every single penny in my account that you are even blind to why you lose bets.
    Every single hidden trick bet websites have been using to make you lose money and how to avoid those bet traps.

  •  Exclusive insider secret exposed by the owner of one of the biggest online betting companies in South Africa that would give you a big mental leap from your past betting life where you lose money like crazy to a money making mentality that would make you mad money from football bets that you never thought was possible.

Plus lots lots more……

What would you do to learn all these, not tomorrow or next, but TODAY.

 I’ve spent the last few months pouring this secrets and more on paper. Then packaged all this killer step-by-step techniques, systems and tricks that can take you from zero to THOUSANDS of naira every week into an e-book titled….”How To Make One Million From Online Football Betting”.

You’ll have at your fingertips a simple to follow, do this-do that plan …..all written in easy-to understand language…….so you can actually use the same ideas I've used over and over and over again with incredible results for your own profit. You can't get it anywhere else. And you'll also receive access to everything else I just described above.

You can click here to order for the e-book now

Others like you can’t be wrong!

A number of persons recently got their hands on the e-book. Here are some of their remarkable stories. By the way I didn’t ask for these. As soon as people started using my techniques these testimonials started to pour in from the depth of their hearts.

Here is another

Why am I doing this, you’re probably wondering?

Since it is making me so much money why am I not hiding this secrets and using it just myself. I know that’s what you are thinking. Well, here is the honest answer –I don’t really know how to explain to you the kind of compassion I feel when driving through the streets of port-harcourt and seeing young men just like me in bet shops struggling and fighting to place bets that they eventually lose.

Most of these guys bet blindly and keep losing money every-day because they don’t have knowledge of how the betting system really works. I want to change that. And trust me, this isn’t “wash”.

I sometimes smile at myself when I remember I was once like them. I can take this e-book and give out just for free, but then; you won’t value it if I do that. In fact, I have tried it once and people ended up not valuing it. So the next best option is to give it out at a price anyone determined to make money betting online can afford.

And that’s why It wouldn’t just end when you buy my e-book…….

I will take you by the hand and give you the games I will personally trade with on boxing day (26th December) and 31st december  so you can go out and make money for yourself with it.  This advice alone is worth thousands of naira but you would get it from me totally FREE.

Not just that….

….. I’m so sure this e-book would make you money that I’m willing to make you a crazy offer. If you buy the e-book, read it and you feel it was a waste of time just call me up (click the link below to get the number) and ask for a refund. You’d get a 100 percent money back plus an apology from me for wasting your valuable time.  That’s how absolutely sure I am that you will find incredible value in the e-book so am taking all the risk for you.

People thought I was crazy when I put up my personal phone number on an Ad I ran on Linda Ikeji's blog some few months back that was viewed by thousands of people.  A lady even called me just to express her fears that I'd be taken advantage of by dishonest people.

The truth is I don't worry much about that because I'm sure the e-book is good and will help lots of people out there. That is why I want you to try it risk free and let me know what you think after you've had a chance to check my ideas all out.


You have nothing to lose. Give it a try!

It’s a win-win for you. You don’t have to be like me and suffer through the bad experience and frustration of losing. You have the opportunity to copy my strategies of how I make money betting on football week after week.

In fact that’s exactly what those who got the e-book did and they began making so much money INSTANTLY from the business that they may even think it’s illegal to make. Trust me, it’s not and their comments confirm everything am telling you. Here is just one of the feedbacks from a happy winner with a screenshot of his winning bet ticket.

Just last week another sent in a N69500 won ticket too

I show you this to prove that you can easily make this kind of profits yourself. In fact you can do a lot better!
All you need to do is take the massive first step to get your hands on this e-book now. Let me help you change your past betting life. I really would love to but I can’t do that if you don’t take this first important step.

TO ORDER FOR THE EBOOK NOW, click this link: http//How to order for the e-book
…and if you are amongst the first 50 to order in the next 24 hours I will also hand over to you two books worth N8000 naira for absolutely FREE. This surprise gift alone will generate for you 12k to 50k weekly.

Now let us wrap this up….

How To Order My Ebook: “How To Make One Million From Online Football Betting”

…. to order for this exclusive insider secrets filled e-book and start making 50,000 naira or more every week with what you will find out inside, here is what you need to do….

Step #1: Click this colored link here http//how to order for the e-book
Step #2: The link will take you to a page. Put your name and BEST email address in the little box on that page.
Step #3: Details on how to order for the e-book plus the numbers to call will be sent to you.

Listen, before you wait and don’t get this today, I have to be sincere here……..I’m not certain how much of these information I really want to allow out to the general public.By the time you decide it may already be too late.

Click here  it’s easy
Link expires in the next 72 hours….

PS #1: I will have to repeat: I like working with small groups of people at a time. That way we can really build a one on one relationship and get the best out of you. That's why I’d need take the first 50 persons that I can really relate with on a personal level to guide step by step on the details of what I really do. I’ll give them access to the games I will personally play on boxing day (26th December) and 31st december. At the end of which they’ll go out there and make money for themselves too.

PS #2: I am so sure you will really love this e-book that I’m willing to make you a crazy offer….if after reading the e-book and you feel that what you’ve learnt from the e-book will not make you money just call and every kobo you paid for the e-book will be sent back to you – 100 percent, no questions asked.

PS #3: if you feel this e-book will not help you win far more than you currently do presently, I understand your fears and doubts; just visit www.wikendbet.com read up some articles, get some education  and then make your decision.

Cheers to your football betting success in 2017!!


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