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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Users of Get Discounts on Berger Products

Nigeria’s number 1 property website,, has partnered with leading paint brand, Berger Paints, to put a smile on the faces of property buyers, sellers and tenants in Nigeria. If you buy, sell or rent a property on their website, you automatically qualify for a 10% discount off Berger products. Continue... is revolutionising Property Search in Nigeria.  Looking for a house, office space or land to build a property is not an easy task anywhere in the world; first you put together the funds needed and there still is the additional task of whom you can trust to help with your property search. Estate agents are not everyone’s best friends and most people have horror stories about their property search; “my agent keeps showing me the wrong type of property” and a common comment out there is “I just don't trust agents”.

At, they really do enjoy running around to meet with agents in order to present you the lovely properties you can find on their website.

"How do they do it?" you ask. Well, it's a simple task for them because they love property and most importantly, they love working with estate agents and have over the years learnt how to identify agents that are trustworthy. Putting all these together with theirflair for technology, they are revolutionising property search in Nigeria with over 30,000 properties available on their website for sale and to rent in Nigeria. That’s a first in Nigeria!

Here's how it works..
From their homepage, simply select the state in Nigeria you need a property:

Browse through property listings of various reputable Nigerian real estate firms and agencies:

Select a property of your choice to see more details of the property including a property description, photographs andvideos:

You can also take a 3D tour of properties on the website. That's right; you can inspect various rooms and features of properties in Nigeria using

And when you’ve found the right property, simply place a call to the real estate firm or agent to make further enquiries on the property by obtaining the contact details on their website.

Now, you really do not have any excuse or reason to deal with quacks and 'road side' agents when looking for property in Nigeria. Simply visit to buy, sell or rent a house, office space, land and for all your property needs. Also, you get 10% off Berger products! is very easy to use but if you need some help, do give them a call on 01-3421935 or send an email to and they’ll gladly put you through.


dbanj's soulmate said...

Okay!!! Heard

Anonymous said...

ok. Heard.

CoolDiva speaks!

Anonymous said...

Ok nice #bright bravo#

STERN said...

Pissed. (Over the previous news)

DOBY DOBY said...

Nice. . Bt im seein only properties in lag.. wat of ph..

Unknown said...



All na wash!

Steveosky 4 Real. said...

It's a welcomed development..

Olubukola Ozone said...


Unknown said...

Nice one

Anonymous said...

If the investors in south africa know whats good for them they will pull out or replace the management because with that type of management they have now they will never see profit, i have studied their process and its a losing one, Lamudi is doing a better Job.

Anonymous said...

Ray Taiwo is still and will forever remain a FOOL! All ye defenders get at me. Stupid bastards

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