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Friday, 6 January 2012

Subsidy removal: UN commends Jonathan, as EU passes vote of confidence

Special Adviser to the UNs' Sec Gen. Prof. Jeffrey Sachs and Jonathan
United Nations, UN has commended President Jonathan for withdrawing the subsidy on petroleum products, describing it as “a bold and correct policy”.

Speaking during a visit to President Jonathan at the State House, Abuja, the Special Adviser to the United Nations’ Secretary General, Prof. Jeffrey Sachs, said the funds from the removal of subsidy would go a long way to rapid infrastructural development and the health sector.

Shut up jor!. Continue reading...

Sachs also commended Nigeria’s president for his conditional grants to local governments for the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals, describing it as “one of the most innovative schemes of using national resources for local government development”.

United Nations, UN has commended President Jonathan for withdrawing the subsidy on petroleum products, describing it as “a bold and correct policy”.

Speaking during a visit to President Jonathan at the State House, Abuja, the Special Adviser to the United Nations’ Secretary General, Prof. Jeffrey Sachs, said the funds from the removal of subsidy would go a long way to rapid infrastructural development and the health sector.
Sachs also commended Nigeria’s president for his conditional grants to local governments for the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals, describing it as “one of the most innovative schemes of using national resources for local government development”.

Culled from Vanguard


Bee said...

Infrastructure and Health koh, personal pocket nee

Kemikal said...

I was right. Happy days :)

Anonymous said...

If no good roads ,electricity for the masses,and minimum wage of 80k,then no subsidy removal.If na to pay workers well,yeye govt go take months and meetings but fuel subsidy na one day decision.Repair the roads and hospitals,provide security for the masses first.This cursed govt that does not see anything good in providing for the masses but for their cult and greedy members.

Your children children will never know peace ohh as long as you dont see nigerians as human beings to do things for abi them no dey see wetin dey happen for overseas when them come here

Anonymous said...

what they are saying is true. gov't has to hands off for private to get in the market but the issue is without provision for the poor thing will be hard for people. there has to be an immediate assistant to the poor if it will happen by April.{even they hear me on that immediate assistant thing,can we trust the gov't?}

Anonymous said...

These people are ignorant noni.. i don't think they really know the type of corruption that goes on in Nigeria or maybe they have chosen to ignore it. They are probably thinking Nigerian leaders are like the ones in UK or US and they will do the right thing instead of stealing it. I understand the need for subsidy removal and I support it to an extent..but never in this country. Let us see what these idiots will say in the next year or so when Nigeria is still in the same condition if not worse

Anonymous said...

lol!!! Linda you no go kill me with laughter, which one come be your father? Make the UN guy no see this one o.

Anonymous said...

Of course they would say that. I can't help but think that these UN people are just looking for a way to grab hold of Nigeria's oil, like they did to the countries in the Middle East. These people love to cause confusion and commotion in oil rich countries so everyone will be distracted when they want to take oil cheaper then they already do. Secretly, that's why they got rid of people like Saddam Hussein,Ghaddafi etc. Think about it, why should they leave the problems of their own country to fight the problems in another man's land. These countries have valuable things there. Nigeria looks like it is next, only that GEJ has played along with them openly.

blunt said...

yeye Badluck.i knew he was dancing to d tune of the foreign drum with Okonjo-Iweala as the DJ.May all the curses of the Nigerian masses be on his children.Spineless puppet

Phillip Emmanuel said...

Jonathan should not be deceived. Same UN watched Darfur Genocide burn to the ground before making their impact.
This is beyond UN. For the first time im offended by them bcos their history shows they sit back and let issues get deep before stepping in.
This is our own oil... WE ARE ENTITLED TO SUBSIDY.

Anonymous said...

I hope nigerians will crucify the UN guy just like they did Genevieve.

Anonymous said...

loool from "your father" to "shut up jor" lool

Anonymous said...

May God punish all of them that want to kill us, idiots. Go and manage your own failing economies and leave us alone jor

Abubakar Idris said...

the only organisation that can hand him confidence or criticism is African Union! This just shows that his motives are motivated by the western people!

Anonymous said...

Woh all of you white devils mind ya selves oh!

Dami said...

linda, u are d daftest blogger ever. if UN, sanusi and ngozi okonjo, all reputable nigerians cud concur on subsidy rekmoval, then u shd know better than following uneducated nigerians say rubbish.

Omare said...

Prof. Jeffrey Sachs may God punish you

Anonymous said...

Keep on the great job Linda, may God bless u.
See, have u asked urself why all the hoodlums in Lagos haven't been fighting/stealing etc on the main road? Atleast, we all know how it goes down in some part of lagos eg Fadeyi when things like this happens.
They were settled by the FG tru the State govt, Local govt down to CDA's. With this in mind, who really wants to fight for us? Linda, can you come out and start protesting with all the police wahala/shooting? No Linda, u won't risk ur life for that atleast, you still wanna marry.
Hmm, if I start a blackmailing biz today, I go quick make am cuz I know things. Na only God fit help us.

skipo87 said...

These PPL are all FOOLS

Y.Tee said...

I no blame this oyinbo man. Im think say na Yankee he dey.

Anonymous said...

Ara gbachishi less ha nti....hissssss.


Anoda trick 2 legalize same sex marriage,UN n EU leave us alone

UgoBabeeeee said...

I commend you Linda for keeping abreast with the real life events going on and not just the light aired entertainment pieces. Being based in the diaspora, you are keeping me informed with the news not hitting mainstream and I thank you for that.

I am soooo saddened to read the last bunch of reports- police shooting civilians, Boko bombing, retalitory killing....What is becoming of Nigeria? And so fast? Am weeping quietly inside...

And now, seeing this picture of Nigeria's president grinning with Jeffrey Sachs infuriates me- GEJ looks so happy there- looks like he feels as if he belongs- he's in the inner circle- he's gotten the approval from this figure that is an extension of the West.

Sachs is not a genuine character. In his position doesn't he know what the situation is on ground and how the implemenation of this subsidy without preparation will effect the every-day Nigerian? Its sad watching this charade from the outside...because i just feel quite helpless/hopeless..with all our talent and wealth our country shouldnt be making such big bold fast backward steps.....jumping into action without thinking....

methinks said...

Good for him, sebi that's what he craves, recognition by the international community even if it's to our detriment #Isorai. when d time comes he will know which is better; our say-so or theirs.

PS:I can't wrap my mind around d fact that our so called leaders really think that the US, UK and their financial institutions would honestly and sincerely have our best interests at heart when their sole purpose in life is being Number one World power with the strongest economy et al.

UgoBabeee said...

Anonymous 7:11, what do you mean about the area boys being settled? Makes sense about the police shooting anything that moves....but Is there other behind the scenes moviement going on?

Y.Tee said...

@Dami. Will you sharrap there or go and scrub that pit you call mouth with bleach and antiseptic!!! Pele oo "educated nigerian".
If you feel you are so educated, were you not taught the meaning of "freedom of speech"?
Abi e ma wo omo yi kee??. Write your comment/opinion make you waka pass, no be say you go dey insult person anyhow.If Linda is daft, what the heck are you doing on her blog anyway??? loser osi.#hissss

Anonymous said...

Ara gbachishi kwa ha nti....hissssss.

Oyibo de halla bc he doesnt know how much this cursed govt has suffered the innocent citizens. I feel so angered toward this shameless govt. But hey what can one do but pray? You are not considering the plight the pple you have rendered to abject poverty for the past yrs. 90% of Nigerians are poor. NO MATTER THE GOOD INTENTIONS BEHIND THE REMOVAL OF FUEL SUBSIDY, GOVT SHLD HV MADE SURE THAT CONSTANT ELECTRICITY, GOOD ROAD, EMERGENCY HEALTH CARE, CHEAPER TRANSPORTATION AND PROPER SECURITY ARE PUT IN PLACE BEFORE WITHDRAWAL OF THE FUEL SUBSIDY. HOW CAN YOU DO THIS GOODLUCK AND IWEALA? I see the majorproblem in Nigeria is ILLETERACY. Where most pple bribe their way 1st class and 2nd class honors.

Platform of entertainment said...

Lik i always says, Removing of fuel subsidy is the right move, lets embrace jonathan, lets support Him. Niger don better..... Hehehehehehe

Anonymous said...

@dami: Ode lasan lasan ni e..O de baje gan! Aω dare u call Linda daft..Who α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ u åπϑ what do u mean..П̲̣̣ø make I vent all M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ anger on u o..S̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡,cause one onyinbo man come congratulate ur president now,u think say d Man get ur best interest i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ mind abi? Pele o,"educated Nigerian"..U know say na only u go first dey educated..Mannerless Thing!..Linda,biko,abeg П̲̣̣ø mind d mumu Jare..Great Job u re doing,I really appreciate u.

Anonymous said...

Leave dami alone, she is d same lady pastor oyedepo slapped

Anonymous said...

Thunder fire them. extended kmt. foolish people

Anonymous said...

If an outsider can reason like this, wot else do we really need from those people thinking our Govt was right.

Alvidor I am from Norway. Nigeria has wealth like my country andwe are stable here. The Nigerian government says removal of the fuel subsidywill be justified by wise investments that will benefit its people. WhatNigerians are asking?1. How willa wasteful government suddenly realize the genius of pru... more
I am from Norway. Nigeria has wealth like my country and
we are stable here. The Nigerian government says removal of the fuel subsidy
will be justified by wise investments that will benefit its people. What
Nigerians are asking?

1. How will
a wasteful government suddenly realize the genius of prudence and making the
right investment decisions simply because there is more money available from
oil subsidy removal? Will there be less graft & bribes involved in process
of issuing the road contracts or power contracts?

2. Has the
government sought to honestly find every way it can plug wastage in the
country’s leaking economy before asking a feeble populace to carry the burden
of corruption and gross ineptitude of a gluttonous few?

3. Have the
Presidency, the State & Local Governments and the Legislature discovered
how to travel without a convoy of 20 cars to the airport?

4. Can the
occupiers of these lofty positions act in honour as Barack Obama did in 2010
when he got every member of his cabinet to take a pay cut, starting with

5. Nigeria
is a friend of Europe but its leaders refuse to learn from the real meaning of
democracy and decency in government spending on politicians. Within first few
days as British Prime Minister, David Cameron led the austerity cuts (upon his
assumption) by cutting down his convoy to 2 cars and one outrider. The Members
of Parliament in Britain are now only allowed 3rd class train tickets on
official travel (as opposed to their traditional first class train ticket
allowances). The Mayor of London now rides a bicycle to work. This is as the
same in Europe. Though Europe is plagued with crisis today, some common sense
show leadership at least by example.

6. How come
Nigerian 'leaders' in government earn so much and still spend so much
furnishing the same houses and offices they furnished with public money last
year? Do you furnish your office every year? Why should the President, Governor
or Senate President do this? Nigerian politicians earn more pay than every
other ‘leaders’ elsewhere and these burden should be spread to those who have
been milking that country’s national treasury in over-bloated government

Wasteful leadership cannot make prudent investments. The
change Nigeria needs is not just policy. It is in the quality of mind and
persons at policy making positions, by killing corruption and greed.

7. Religious
leaders (Christian Pastors, Priests, Muslim Imams, Emirs) are proud to host the
President, Governors and politicians for monetary benefits rather than confront
the system. Can you imagine a rally where those religious leaders lead in the
front and the people behind them leading a real revolution at the problems in
Nigeria? The religious leaders care about their benefits so they can continue
to brainwash the people, milk them as well as milk the government. Was it not
by action that Martin Luther King won freedom for his people elsewhere? Did he
had to sit down and pray to God every day? Nigerians wake up.

Anonymous said...

Jeffrey Sachs ati Godman Sachs , ko ni da fun gbo gbo yin

Anonymous said...

@dami wonders shall never end abi are you the devils first wife? you are a biggg fooool for opening that your rotten tomatoe and fish you call a mouth if you have nothing to say then shut up may be you don't realise that naija is shuting down on monday which is good.

i wonder how the yeye oyinbo would travel back abeg boko haram come and finish him off and lets see how he would travel back to where he came from stupid ignorant man and you dami maybe you are his wife foolish teen

Anonymous said...

it is obvious Jonathan cannot tell when the UN and Eu are making a Mockery of him.

UgoBabeeeee said...

Buhahahahhahahhahahahahaaaa, that was a good one Anonymous 7:59pm

The Manny Enajeroh Blog said...

I think some1 should show this UN (United Nincompoops) and EU (European U.......ah I've got nothing) the list of oil-producing companies and their minimum wages that linda posted b4 they start talking out of their aristocratic arse-holes!! What do they know about us, or is this supposed to make us feel better, f**k no! Visit my blog @

Anonymous said...

it's good, i agree but bad impact on my pple. you can't be living outside with good infrastructures and tell me that pple should not protest! There are no good measures put in place. alot of pple are suffering! give us good roads, electricity,Good public hosiptals with enough medications,good school buildings with good equipments, dedicated lecturers,teachers,clean water,proper transportation,fix railways,security. Then you can remove this subsidy and pple won't complain. If pple have food on their table, security,jobs and evidence of good living, Nobody will talk but NOT this time that things are just toooooo bad!

Dami said...

@y-tee and the rest of u guys insulting me, when u have a harvard degree, come back and talk to me. shallow nigerians.

obiesama said...

I still wonder how GEJ nd his cohorts are telling Nigerians to make sacrifices with their 18,000 naira minimum wage,when our president allocates the sum of one billion naira for his protruding they say begins at home.

Anonymous said...

linda, i dont like being insultive o, but na u go shut up jor! if u know who jeffery sachs is in the world of economics, theories that he has propounded in the US and how successful they have been, u wont say he should shut up. However, what the guy probably will not understand is the level of corruption in nigeria. i think thats the main issue with the whole subsidy wahala.

Anonymous said...

Occupy Nigeria: Federal Ministry Of Transport Website Hacked! Linda abeg post this one sharp

Canal said...

I think Jonathan has gone mad. He is been force to remove the subsidy by the united nations, even the so-called BOKOHARAM is not reality it's just a plot US set their agent to be killing people to generate crisis in nigeria in the name of muslim bokoharam. US doing so, because they want to us to called for peace keeping and if that happens then its their chance to fetch our crude oil. To God we seek for help.

Anonymous said...

You people only like to think in the short term. That's why Nigeria can NEVER progress. Subsidising consumption can not be sustained in the long term. Think about the benefits and drawbacks of the removal of subsidy before make noise like uneducated folks.

If you can't afford the price of petrol. Don't drive car.

Shakara Natural Tips said...

You need to understand that fuel is much more than driving cars or powering generators. Of course they will commend him..why did the US invade Iraq or Libya...because of oil. We live in a world where oil is highly valued. They are all in cohorts and instead of Jonathan (Bad luck Jonathan) looking out for his people because no one else will...he is shaking hands with devils.Did you know plastic is made from oil? Did you know oil is in a lot of products? the list goes on...if you are on google do your own research and come to an informed conclusion. With the fuel subsidy removal everything will go up...home invasions will increase, security is already at a low. Speak while the iron is still HOT!

Anonymous said...

Of course they will! This is exactly what they want, they will push the badluck into s***, not that he is already a puppet. After, they will ask the citizens if they need help to get rid of the president, they will plan to kill him, look like heroes, then secretly take over our oil, and put someone who they think will "help" the country, but really is a puppet for them.

However what they do not understand Nigeria is not like Libya, there are a jugful of politicians in Nigeria that they would have to get through before they get their grubby hands on our oil. :-b

Anonymous said...

We ought to know by now that the EU, USA, IMF and world bank are all working to destabilize Nigeria. I don't know why we Nigerians will sit there and think that western imperialist powers have our best interest at hand.

All they are doing is trying to get to a point where Nigeria will be at war so that they can bring in American troops who will now go to the Niger delta because of our oil. This is not about christian versus muslim or boko haram or north versus south. There are outside forces trying hard to destabilize Nigeria. You watch and see.

Anonymous said...

@UgoBabeee. Yes, the thugs were settled by the FG because they know those guys are the ones that could scatter things. Linda, myself, you and more others could only 'shout' on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Blogs etc but those guys will surely deliver more.
With the money given to local govt, shared by the state govt, some roads in lagos have started seeing some changes. - Govt. Is trying to fool us that they have good intentions with the subsidy saving fund.

Shakara Natural Tips said...

The Truth about Oil, Part 1
By Mike Schaefer
Tuesday, January 9th, 2007
JACKSON, WY-Over 1.5 TRILLION barrels of oil equivalent have been produced since Edwin Drake drilled the world's first oil well in 1859. The world will need that same amount to meet demand in the next 25 years alone. And if you're thinking that it's all for your gas tank, you're only half right.
You see, petroleum isn't just at your local Gas n' Go station. It's found in virtually every product that you buy, own and use. Be it your shoes, your Starbucks coffee cup, or the computer on which you are reading these very words.
And I'm not just talking about transportation from the factory to the stores where goods like these are purchased and consumed. I'm talking about the petroleum used in making the product itself and, more importantly, the petroleum needed for the technological breakthroughs that made these products a possibility.
Chew on these facts:
To construct the average car, approximately 27 to 42 barrels of oil, or 1,100 to 1,700 gallons, will be consumed.
Making average desktop computer requires more than 10 times its weight in fossil fuels.
Every calorie of food eaten in the U.S. requires roughly 10 calories of fossil fuels.
You see, we simply can't have computers, silicone, wire coverings, outlets, artificial limbs and electron microscopes without oil. Fact is, whether you want to believe it or not, oil makes the world go ‘round.
Now, if you're curious and want to see how advanced a civilization can be without the use of petroleum, all you have to do is head to what gawking Long Island tourists call "Amish Country." To the locals, it's Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
These people, whose everyday lives have sadly become a tourist attraction, are living in suspended animation at the peak of their own society, before petroleum came into the mix.
No electricity, no flashlights, no plastic, no cars, no telephones, no Starbucks, no sneakers, no health clubs, no computers, no supermarkets (except to sell the wooden products they've made), no cell phones, and no Tasty Kakes. To which the modern world as a whole says: no thanks!
Today, murmurs of "peak oil" are being dismissed by big oil companies as purely hocus pocus - a rumor perpetuated by those who would take us back to the Dark Ages. But things couldn't be further from the truth.
Far from being a rumor, this problem has even the King Kong of oil companies in a thinly disguised frenzy to find its next couple of million barrels. As you'll see, this problem has been piling up, ignored, for more than 30 years. Now the dominoes are all lined up and the first one is about to tip...

Anonymous said...

the western just is laughing at nigerians,i live abroad when it comes to nigeria issue all over the world,they prentend to be friends,when the really problem comes they will be the first to kill jonathan, after allthe money Ghaddafi gave them are they not the one that killed Ghaddafi,they never trade market that they will not it is clear nigeria is the next because they always go to oil prouducing countries, where there is no oil they do not go there,they will all die in hell.

Anonymous said...

Don't be deceived, don't be distracted. They r using all means to break our wills and resolve. They are using court injunctions, Boko Haram, to divide & oppress us! Let's #occupynigeria to free ourselves now. Watch out for other forms of blackmail and intimidation. We have an opportunity to change Nigeria now!

Anonymous said...

FOREIN AGENDA to make Nigeria a failed state. When they said it some years back we did not take it seriously. Now they are systematically executing it with relative ease.
Boko Haram, so-called reprisals, now fuel subsidy.
We must resist this. Support #OccupyNigeria to secure our collective future now.

Anonymous said...

Dami @7.07pm just shut up there.carry your medicine go drink abeg. When they talk good about you then u know ur dancing to their tune.if you believe that nonsense from UN then ur finished.UN is a body that US has so much control in,they dont want any black nation to advance why do u think they killed Gaddafi just because he stood up to the tyrants and used libyas oil to better the lives of his people and didnt allow them control their resources as they are controlling ours and our puppet Jona.IMF sent that she devil Iweala Because they know nigerians trusted her after resigning to protect her reputation to make sure their agenda is carried reason is justifiable why fuel should be 141,none whatsoever its our resources we should benefit from it.US has no crude oil and yet fuel is cheap talk more of people that have oil to pay 141.nigerians we dont have a leader unless we take actions into our own hand our children wont have a future in this country that those colonist are hell bent on destroying with spineless Jonas consent.come out on monday to protect ur resources its not enough to sit at home and lament it wont change if we dont force them too.if they want more money.they should take a pay cut like obama did not forcing us the masses to fund their lifestyle after jonathan has incured more debt in just under two years reduced our foreign reserve.let ur voice be heard on monday they cant defeat peoples power.linda abeg post my comment o

Anonymous said...

Dont mind dis yeye white man... they want cheap oil!! Same thing they did in North Africa and Mid East!! De stabalise the government cause katakata then dive in for the oil! Useless oyinbo devil! And useless mugu Jonathan!

mafeelynz said... are the biggest fool that ever live in NIgeria history,why do you have to crucify Linda? and wot dos UN knw about the problems facing Nigeria,the grass root stuffs,so Jonathan, sanusi and ngozi okonjo are the best in Nigeria? Reputable Nigerians my foot,dos Jonathan look lik a reputable nigerian to you after tellin you to live with the burden of bombings/boko haram in d country,you shud av bn wiped out by boko haram bombers,fool,Do yu knw wot Ghana put in place b4 oil subsidy was removed?so you can even insult your parents cos jona/ngoai/sanusi are reputable...sori repuchair, Linda please you shud knw we need fools lik DAMI around,atleast i wudnt av done dis if is a wise person.

Anonymous said...

Now I am getting scared. The West(Which runs the UN)never backs any African government's decision unless it favors their selfish agenda. They don't care whether we fry or roast! Maybe this time its mutually beneficial. But that is a verrrrrrrrry rare.

Anonymous said...

@Damy: dere is a big difference between being intelligent åπϑ being brilliant,d fact .. U probably not based i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ Nija,A̶̲̥̅♏ sure u re somewhere behind ur computer reading dis headline on Linda's blog åπϑ wondering what Nigerians α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ talking about..Mayb u should know D̶̲̥̅̊ąτ̲̅ dey dnt d type of corruption dat go on i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ Nigeria i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ Havard,åπϑ u dnt need Τ̲̅ȍ go Τ̲̅ȍ havard Τ̲̅ȍ know dat all what Nigerian govt α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ saying is J̲̥̅̊u̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̥̅̊t̲̥̅̊ empty promises.. Why dnt u sit down åπϑ think åπϑ wonder why most Nigerians α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ against d govt,do u think Nigerians dnt want a good change? If their intentions α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ good,why α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ dey bribing people Τ̲̅ȍ do d pro subsidy rally,U re J̲̥̅̊u̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̥̅̊t̲̥̅̊ being gulible if u still believe what d govt,Un etc are saying by now åπϑ honestly,I dnt blame u,an average Nigerian is gullible w̶̲̥̅̊h̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥n̶̲̥̅̊ it comes Τ̲̅ȍ politics åπϑ П̲̣̣ø be ur fault,if Τ̲̅ȍ say u go OSU or OAU åπϑ u use 8yrs Τ̲̅ȍ study a course dat should normally take 4yrs,u won't be here typing rubbish åπϑ talking trash.Pls damy,shut up..U re making absolutely П̲̣̣ø sense! .

Anonymous said...

The wester world have messed up therir various countries and these fools particularly Ngozi Okonjo saw if fit to go mortgage Nigeria to their financial cartel.
They probably traded Naija on wall street.

Now you all; know why she lobbied to came back to govt so she could help implement this mess.

Jonathan is a dolt. the country has sunk, mallam is creating chaos and killing people. he knows the perps, and all he is interested is mortgaging the souls of nigerians and nigeria.

May God have mercy in us all

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