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Saturday, 18 December 2010

Wendy asks 46yr old Vivica if she still has periods...

After Vivica A. Fox told Wendy Williams on her show that she was ready to settle down and have some babies, Wendy asked Vivica if she was still having periods.


Ade_Cool said...

Going with 50cent was the worst career choice she made...just couldn't get it right after that fling..or rather refused to get it right..

Anonymous said...

So what she asked her. What is your point. Get a grip Linda

Dith said...

Vivica talks 2 damn much mannn! Geezz!
Is she really serious with this man of hers that can be her son?
Thought it was a play thing?
K well goodluck Viv but please do urself a favor and shut up for once.

Uche said...

Nice question! Hahahaha

Mena UkodoisReady said...

Is Wendy really that thick?

Of course she had to answer positively na.

Oh Vivica, if you do want to settle down, I wish you the best, and of cus whenever one wakes is the persons 'morning' but with a 26yr old that goes by the name 'Slim', I cant tell if you are still playing a character or some tacky publicity stunt

Wish you the best though, you have brought a lot of laughter over the years to so many people including me!

ChiChiluv said...

Me I no send if she wan sleep wit dat pickin (who has other women according to the rumor mill) BUT if de shagging don craze am enough wey she forget to put pen to paper with reference to her money den she deserves what she gets! Vivica is very very smart, I know she ain't that dumb so here's to hoping that though she's make some so-so relationship choices, this one is a charm for her. Who doesn't want to have a good man at home? Who doesn't want that comfort and security that comes with a good relationship even if it's an odd one?

She had better consider adopting because at 46, I doubt that even invitro can help her. And Wendy Williams is NOT thick, she is very known for being extremely forward and asking celebrities "tongue-in-cheek" type questions, putting them on the spot etc. This is Wendy's schtick, her style.

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