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Saturday, 18 December 2010

How to wear Stockings...

I don't wear stockings mostly because I don't know the best ways to combine it with an outfit. I feel like most people get it I just avoid it completely.
If you know, please share tips on how to wear stockings right. 


Ade_Cool said...

Why wear stockings in a hot climate??..non starter to be many girls even in the hotter climes of europe wear them??

N.I.L (Naijamum in London) said...

Stockings should be avoided in a hot climate
If you do have to, wear dark colours (black, skin tone)as lighter colours make legs look fatter - like a sausage!

Chilling said...

I live in London and i'm really rocking them now. No way should anyone wear tights in the tropics!

Anonymous said...

Got this pretty much summarizes the answer.

1.Skirts that fall at the knee or an inch above the knee look best in sheer stockings. Do not wear opaque stockings with this length skirt; it will make you look frumpy. Be careful of wearing short skirts (4 inches above the knee) with nude stockings unless you are still in your 20’s or have great legs,

2.Thick, patterned, plaid, floral stockings are best used for artistic, funky looks. If you would like to bring a patterned stocking into your classic wardrobe the best way to do this is to wear them under pants, choosing a small print

3. When wearing short-sleeved and sleeveless tops or light sheer fabrics choose a nude/skin tone hose. Match the color of the hose as closely to the color of your skin as possible. Anything different than that will have an unnatural appearance.

4. Opaque stockings look best worn with long and short skirts during fall and winter. Off-white or bone stockings will make your legs appear larger and are not usually a good choice.

5. Sandals or open shoes do not look great with opaque stockings.

I pretty much go for my skin tone and opaque.

Anonymous said...

This is a non issue. Stockings in Naija is a No No

Anonymous said...

The thing with us Naija women is we do not have a fashion trend filter. Something catches on somewhere, we jump on it. If Peacoats become a trend, we will jump on that too. If they were at job interviews ehen but that mess in the first picture...maka why eh. The second lady looks a little better.

Anonymous said...

ABEG--all this so called fashionistas dropping their 2kobos and saying one cannot wear tights in Naija--ABEG WHO MADE THE RULES??

It's just like saying one HAS to wear winter boots and thick tights when its snowing--IT IS NOT COMPULSORY.

I live in london,and go up north where its freezing and see girls wearing skimpy outfits as if they are in barbados or something.

When i am in naija i LOVE to wear patterned and sexy tights with some outfits as it just looks better and gives me a better silhouette(sp??)-My legs look longer and firmer-and NO,i am not some fatso fashion victim.I also like to wear transparent maxi dresses with thigh high slits in the HOT naija weather,and of course i cannot wear just my thong underneath,hence i jazz it up with lacy tights etc.
I just DO NOT believe in following anybodys rules about what i can or cannot wear.


Anything else goes so long as you are wearing with the right outfit--be it a skirt,dress or whatever.

Some women over here in london in the hot summer wear boots,and in other countries i have been to.NOBODY suggests they cannot wear knee high boots in the blazing sun.

Abeg--wear what makes you feel happy.

Gabriel Ugoala said...

Well am not much of a fan of stockings on Nigerian women because only very few have seen that pulled it off,but I know you can,from what I have observed,I think nude stockings doesn't suit dark complexion as much as fair,and they are better looking on teenagers,there are various colours and patterns to have fun with and am a believer of contrast,opaque are chicer if they aren't too plain,avoid net stockings(only good strippers can work it),wear them appropriately especially night out,and when the weather is cold.You can also opt for socks(if you want something different),knee socks and ankle socks are big trend in abroad,worn with heels and boot,but nobody here has actually experimented with it,so you can set that trend.

Anonymous said...

people wear stockings cos it keeps their legs warm in d cold weather..nigerians please tell me wha is d need of a stockings

avari said...

ermmm naija is too hot for stockings, but if you decide to wear stockings or pantyhose, make sure they r light so u get breeze... black is always best....white is a no no....a nude color can go but it depends on the complexion of the wearer... ermmm pattern stockings go with plain unpatterned outfits...not like what the sisters up in the pictures are wearing...

anything above the waist can fly with stockings, even a romper.

do not wear stockings under any three quarters..

do not wear oprn toed shoes with full cover stockings...not attractive...

pattern on pattern is very hard to pull unless u r rocking the hardcore rock chic pop singer look...dont mess with patterns too much...

i loveeee my tights...and i love pattern ones too.... i usually wear them under plain solid colors... and if the tights are solid colors then u can patternize it up...

good luck with the heat sha...

Ade_Cool said...

@Anon 6.31
Yeah!!..the whole point of fashion is daring to do something different!!.
Did u actually read back what you live in London..well hasn't transpired that it applies to your logic..
You mention girls up North barely wearing anything in extreme cold..aren't they being silly and putting their health at risk??

Anonymous said...

Linda seriously, where are all these people from? who says u cant wear panty hose and leggings because of the weather? as far as i know jeans are thicker and we still wear them...and what about blazers and suits u nigerians always wear...even to climb okada sef. please theres nothing wrong with it...the people in the pics u put up OBVIOUSLY have no dress sense thats y it looks odd, besides panty hose makes short clothes decent. are they saying cause we're in the tropics we should be walking about in bum shorts and cropped tops?

Olufunmi said...

No one in their right mind would wear stockings in Nigeria. What's next? Leg warmers? Ear muffs?

Anonymous said...

this post with those pics should be titled HOW NOT TO WEAR TIGHTS

Anonymous said...

Are jeans not a lot thicker than stockings. You guys are funny. Linda dear,wear what you want to wear jare

Ade_Cool said...

Here we go again..we wear Jeans(Denim)'cos it's cheap convenient..look at the Mexicans..Yankees in the's a physical working man's accesory before it became fashionable..
Now let's go you know how many infections women pick up from them Jeans..esp in 9ja where nuff women never wear panties with them Jeans!!
And the men..where should I start..wearing Velvet Blazers..and Cardigans in that heat..complete with bow-tie..
'cos it's right don't mean it's okay..
And yes if it wasn't for the high moral ground..people should be wearing more loose clothing 'cos of the heat..
That's why in the summer all over Europe and US people dress almost half naked..not about showing's just the sensible thing to do..considering the conditions

Ade_Cool said...

Didn't know where to place this.
Saw ur article in the SUN online..good interview..straight to to the point no bullsh.t..came across very well moreover did well not to get trapped in the same old tricky questions them 9ja obviously male"Journalist" throw at the female Celebs..

doll (retired blogger) said...

pls anything can be worn...if i am wearing leggings, tights or socks under this hot weather how does it concern anybody

Anonymous said...

I used an example of me living in london and going up north sometimes and seeing girls in the COLD weather(since some on here are making it a weather issue) wear skimpy things.

YET,i went further to say that WHEN I AM IN NAIJA..blahblah...

People in naija,wear suits that are faaaar from hot weather friendly--HOW DOES IT AFFECT THE NEXT PERSONS LIFE??

Or are they meant to wear light and breezy linen suits because thats what suits our weather in naija?

We wear jeans in varying degrees of denim thickness--YET its okay abi?
Afterall,no be jeans??

Look at peoples feet,how many "weather innapropriate" shoes do we wear in naija?

im sure left to some people on here,we should all be wearing flip-flops and such afterallll,e go let breeze enter our toes ba?

What has morality got to do with anything?
I have seen enough long and SLUTTY looking dresses in Lagos to last me a lifetime.



Ade_Cool said...

@anon 17.48
First u need to learn how to read through before flying off the handles..
I made my assumptions based on ur trips to 9ja..
Why is the answer to everything is it's no one's business it's some sort of closure.. if it wasn't we might as well walk about naked..getting all flustered 'cos I picked holes with your comparisms..
Listen to wearing suits in 9ja is that a good thing?? that searing heat just to conform to western standards..did u ever see pics of the way Europeans were dressed when they lived in Africa..have u noticed how Indian and Arab men dress..
Jeans!!.. did I say that was a good thing??..
it's like saying 'cos you can afford what's on the menu you should gobble up the way u carry on you probably would!!
As per the gals with no panties..Next time you in 9ja observe the girls whenever they sit down or on the okada..then ur eyes go see well well!!
And why should we wear flip flops there are enough comfortable leather shoes..for both sexes..
You exasperate me..that wasn't directed at u..and yes again if it wasn't for the moral high ground and the uncontrollable nature of the 9ja man to half nakedness girls should be in attires that make them comfortable..

Anonymous said...

"did you ever see pics of the way europeans....."


Go to india and see orishirishi suit and tie wearing MEN AND WOMEN in the HOT weather.
its not ALL tunics and shalwar karmeez or whats it called you know..


If wearing shorts and danshiki suit you--FINE.
If wearing linen safari suits with gold buttons suit you .FINE.



Femiluv said...

Hmmmm....didn't know tights were called stockings. Anyways, for those with a good sense of style, you know how to wear them. If you're not sure how to wear them, please stay away or you'll end up looking like a clown.

Anonymous said...

ade_cool and anonymous, you two should waka pass with ur argument. in fact get a room and settle it underneath the sheets. we want to hear word. haba?

CC said...

I don't get opaque tights in Nigeria, they generally tend to be thicker and are usually designed to keep you warm... in Nigeria the need to be warmer doesn't really exist. As far as sheer stockings, I personally wouldn't wear them in Nigeria but if you like it I love it.

9jaLife said...

Too funny... All comes down to personal style. There are NO rules when it comes to style, hence fashion forward individuals create and set trends, just ask 'ye or any other entertainer. Heck in NYC, two hot spots for emerging fashion trends, locals rock stuff that eventually gets picked up by celebs who then pass it on to plebs.

Bottom line, if u want, wear stockings with agbada and a baseball hat, if it makes u happy and u can pull iy off, more power to u... Afterall, if Jigga or Ri-ri does that tomorrow, the next day a ton of people are bound to follow, no?

Don't be afraid to experiment, go ahead and implement, your ideas, put them in motion, who knows u might cause a new style explosion :)

Anonymous said...

Stockings in naija is a "no-no" and if you have to wear them.....pls wear black ones. Stocking in hot climate just don't go well...besides, don't they feel the heat? wearing then here in the winter time is already a headache, how much more when it is blazing hot. Naija folks just like to take fashion a whole opposite level.

Ade_Cool said...

@Anon(u know the one)
Na wa..those suits might look good but they sure not convenient..seen them sweat patches..not a good sight and ruins a good Fela said "suffering and smiling"..u think u look good but dying inside for fashion!!
I bet you one of those females in the UK who would never be seen dead in a 9ja attire..u seem to have this high opinion of Western Fashion..If only we had the same attention to detail and quality standards..but we getting seen on the red carpet..
Regarding the outfits we long as you promise to put up pics of u in those stockings(tights)..colour of choice is urs to make!!..
Not just Oyinbos Nigeria quite a few are reasonable and dress weather appropriate..
Dirty girls??..was going to say something but would be a gentleman..don't want WW111 to break on Linda's one said they were dirty just said nuff gals in 9ja in Jeans hardly wear panties..and there's the likelihood of infection..
Hope the snow in UK wouldn't prevent you showing them ur sexy stockings abi na tights in Lagos..


Mbabazi said...

here is a tip .buy yourself 2 pairs of black stockings. the thick purely black and the translucent ones. where them any way you like .when you have mastered that then try the brighter colored ones with more demure colored clothing .

Anonymous said...

they are called tights not stockings

Anonymous said...

You mean tights?
Nigerians and their copy cat nature. The answer is Neither in Nigeria!

Wearing tights, i've seen boots, winter coats is a fashion disaster. it shows that you don't have a fashion sense and you're just keeping up the the Bellos, or Adebayos. Real fashion is practical.

Even in America if you wore boots, winter coats, or tights in the summer time people will laugh in your face. We need a joan Rivers in Naija.

Anonymous said...

at least the tights are covering their knickers showing. It is better to have them covered for the cameras, than showning them, hence the tights. I am talking about the first picture. LMBO

ChiChiLuv said...

what in the hell do you want to wear stocking in NIGERIA for? it's like i saw a girl wearing knee high suede boots OVER jeans the other days, WTF? people in the states wear these things out of NECESSITY!!!! Because it is freaking COLD! Nigerians and their copy catarrh wey no get sense are IRRITATING!!! Stop it, please!

Anonymous said...

ahahaaahaaahhaaaa!....laff don wold me oo!....shiooo...the 2nd pix was more annoying!

Our climate is too hot for stockings!

If it must be wore, it should be silk/satin & not net/lace! Should be dark & not bright colours!

The gowns or skirts should be few inches above the knees so as to save people from getting an 'eye-sore' just like the 2nd pix!

Unknown said...

I haven't read every comment on here but I get that the general consensus is that Nigerian women shouldn't wear PH. I beg to differ. Women look great in PH, but Naija Women in PH look amazing!! Maybe b/c Naija women have beautifully shaped legs and (nice chocolaty and thick) even if the girl is not very thick. Of course I get that PH are not suitable for warm climates. However, Naija Women in PH is about as sexy as it gets. So to all the Naija women who live in cooler climates please consider wearing PH, you'll have everyone staring at your legs, which shouldn't be so hard b/c women from Nigeria are so unbelievably beautiful! Imagine someone like Mercy Johnson in PH!! Yummy!

cubanartdiva said...

For those dark thick Nigerian ladies,wear ultra sheer coffee or French Coffee. This way it looks as though you have nothing on your legs but it gives your legs that edge.

Anonymous said...

even though am a straight male there isn't a day goes by that I don't wear either pantyhose or tights for I wear as fashion just not openly. There are many benefits in wearing like warmth , support etc

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