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Saturday, 18 December 2010

The story surrounding the blindness of the Ikejis..

No, not my own Ikeji...:-)
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Anonymous said...

I am not sure that I agree with the Ikejis' mother's assertion that she was cursed to give birth to blind children- there are several causes of blindness including childhood diseases such as measles, congenital glaucoma or even possible that there is a family history of blindness on either side of the family. Like most Nigerians, mama ikeji is superstitous and finds it easier to blame her enemies. My deafness is the result of damage to the nerve as a result of childhood meningitis but over the years i have had Nigerians coming up to me saying that I am cursed by the devil, etc- these days, I just smile or simply cut them off and tell them to mind their business- as long as you can cope with your disability, hold your head high and live your life to full

skillz said...

I know dis family i graduated from ijanikin and Amaka was my senior aldou neva heard dis story all thru my knowing her..buh dis is a really sad and unbelievable story...I know their ability dey should be given a chance to live

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