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Thursday, 22 July 2010

Hottie of the day...

 76 year old Italian billionaire designer, Giorgio Armani, seen in a pair of the new Emporio Armani Speedos at a beach in Spain.

Did I say hottie? No, no I'm not crazy in the just think he looks great for a man his age. Confess, how many of our grandpas look like this? :-)


ChiChiLuv said...

I cosign with you, Linda. The man looks GREAT for his age and especially a white dude because we all know white folks don't age quite as well as black folks hence the saying good black don't crack. Money na good ting o LOL

DaChick! said...

At his age:shock: gotta give it to him :thumbs up:

Joohls said...

ewwwwwww who cares what his age is? d picture is wronggggg i need therapy to get over the image whyyyyyyyyy
why wont he look good...with all that money

ChiChi said...

He looks awesome for his age!!!i'd luv fr my husband to b dis fit wen he's in his 70's bikonu, naija men and their pot bellies :&

Mena UkodoisReady said...

*wipes sweat of my brow*

I actually thought it was Bruce Willis oh! I was like, 'dang this man has been aging faster since Demi left him for Ashton, while Demi is getting younger and youngr'

But its not, so am fine now. The 'pant' is wrong for a guy his age sha.

Anonymous said...

sexy....d man is damn too hot

Free Talk blog said...

linda?? wetin carry your eye go there? lolz

Anonymous said...

nice. our fathers and grandfathers should take note.

Anonymous said...

i think he looks great for his age..dont like the pants though, he should have worn something more conservative.. all d same he's a hottie for his age!!

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