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Friday, 12 August 2016

3 questions you need to ask before taking slimming teas

Before you join the band wagon, sipping on teas and green stuff, we know you really want to know what these slimming teas are about or if these testimonies from people are simply photo-shopped by genius graphic artists.

Wait o! When people talk about slim teas the next thing some other people do is to look at their chubby friend or relative! Tah! Do you realise that slim people have their own struggle to keep their mid-section flat? Everyone needs a slimming tea to keep them in shape because of its amazing health benefits gotten from green tea!

Well, it is not exactly a genie in the lamp situation. Adding weight happens over a period of time so shedding the accumulated fat will also take some time, depending on the effectiveness of the tea.

Drink tea and actually lose weight? Yes, 100 percent possible! Now, it depends on the tea you have decided to choose but with the new rave about slimming teas, how do you get to know what works and what doesn’t right? 

Slimming teas work only if you have the right ingredients like green tea, lotus leaf, mulberry leaves, hemp kernel and cassia seeds! These exact ingredients are in each tea bag in a pack of Slimtea!!! Achieving your weight loss goals is one call away! 

Slimtea is affordable and available for purchase! Nationwide payment on delivery options available too! Visit our website www.slimtea.com.ng or contact the following to make enquiries and place your orders; 
CALL/WHATSAPP: 09083337537, 09080441897, 09098138709, 09080441904, 08181433296, 09084564395.


Housed-On-Water said...

These people should work on their marketing very poor, slow and unprofessional. Instead they shold apply pay before delivery people will still buy.


NaijaDeltaBabe said...


...merited happiness

Unknown said...



Unknown said...

Am relieved now...thanks Lili

Unknown said...


Genny's Blog said...

Issohk seen!

says, Genevieve.

Unknown said...

Issokay seen! Linda take note!

Anonymous said...

This tea is absolute nonsense. The before and after pictures of customers are even somehow. The before will be the front view, the after will be the side view. My friend took two packs!! Two whole packs and the result was poor coupled with the fact that she was on a diet too and she quit late night eating. Rubbish.

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

The tea na scam. I took 2 packs n added weight. It doesn't work at all

Unknown said...


Kunzle said...

I am writing this comment in my capacity as a practising gastroenterologist currently working in what is probably Africa's top unit for gastrointestinal disorders at the University of Cape Town.

While it is understandable that businesses must advertise their products as the owners have "many mouths to feed", all available evidence points to the fact that green tea and so many extracts and food supplements are no better at effecting weight loss than doing nothing. In fact, the exaggerated claims of marketers only serve to destabilize obese people psychologically and make many of them who need professional medical help to be non-compliant with proven scientific methods with less exaggerated but significant benefit. Many are left drained of funds and become destitute.

There is NO substitute for reduced caloric intake and exercise for weight loss. This requires a personal resolve and commitment to a change in lifestyle. Inner conflicts (which may trigger excessive eating) have to be identified and resolved, also. Enablers (friends, family, media (Linda, take note!) etc) have to be identified and eliminated/ modified. Weight loss surgery and other measures only help with reducing caloric intake in an individual with the right mind and motivation.

the lady said...

does it really work. i want to slimtea down oooo

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