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Friday, 12 August 2016

13 year old Schoolgirl who was 'abused by 137 paedophiles over 2years reveals only three have been jailed

A  schoolgirl Paula Smith (not her real name) who was abducted from her school, taken to a house and raped for over two years at the age of 13 by 137 paedophiles has revealed that only three were ever jailed by the Police.

According to her she was groomed by a man on Facebook who for two years repeatedly abused her and also pimped her out to other child molesters online after sharing her profile on swinger sites without her knowledge.

Different paedophiles will travel from across the country to abuse Paula, meeting her in city centre hotels or houses and in one occasion she was allegedly tasered.

According to reports from Birmingham mail, Paula claims social services, her school, and police failed to swiftly end her nightmare ordeal, despite obvious signs she was being sexually exploited as a child and when her mum reported to police after growing suspicious, she provided names, addresses and even car registrations of those who had abused her but only three have been jailed so far.

Her schoolteacher William Hanna, 66, his girlfriend Dianne Whitehouse, 61, and Ian McGlasson, 50, were sentenced to a total of 19 years but reports say two other suspects committed suicide when they found out they were going to be arrested.

Paula, who is now aged 22 and a young mum of two kids, now wants to know why police seemingly called a halt to their investigation after three convictions, despite her providing them with a lot of concrete evidence.
“I gave police the names of 137 men, many of their car registrations, I even knew where some of them worked. But the police told my mum that what had happened to me was so big and complex that they would only focus on the main ones.”
In November 2008 she says she was targeted by pensioner Nigel Greaves who pulled up in his car as she was walking to school.

Paula said:
“He called me by name, said where I lived and then asked me to get into his car. I assumed Nan had arranged for him to come and pick me up. 
“He drove me towards Nan’s house but then headed to his instead. I asked him why and he said he needed to pick something up and asked me to go inside. Once inside, he dragged me upstairs.”
Paula says she was repeatedly raped before later being dropped off by Greaves in Birmingham city centre.

Battered and dazed, she went to the Children’s Hospital, where she had been under the care of a psychiatrist. She recalled: “The psychiatrist called the police, my Nan and I had a medical and swabs were taken.
“But I was too scared to tell them who had attacked me as he knew my address and had threatened to do to my little sister what he had done to me.”
Days later she was targeted on Facebook by paedophile Ian McGlasson after she hinted at the trauma she had been through online.

Paula said:
“He messaged me over Facebook and then on the phone. He said he was a counsellor who could help me. I eventually agreed to meet him for a coffee at a hotel in Birmingham. He said we could not go to his office as he had taken on this case himself.”
Paula met Ian McGlasson in the hotel lobby, still in her school uniform, then he took her to his room where he raped her.

She said:
“We sat and talked for an hour and I became upset. He then sat next to me and began touching my leg. He then covered my mouth with his hand and pushed me down and raped me. Afterwards he said he was really sorry, he said he just wanted me to feel loved.”
Paula confused, shocked and emotionally unstable then returned home but did not report the attack to police - and McGlasson continued the grooming on Facebook.
She said:
“He kept contacting me, saying he was sorry and genuinely wanted to help me. Because I was so depressed and vulnerable, I believed him.”
McGlasson later offered Paula a ‘weekend therapy session’ at his home in Stratford-upon-Avon, paying for her train fare from Birmingham. When she arrived at his house, the abuse continued.
“He gave me alcohol, and put something in my drink to make me fall asleep,” she recalled. When I woke up at one point, I was gagged and tied to the bed and he was having sex with me. He was also filming it all. 
“The following morning, I woke up and it was as if nothing had happened. He even cooked breakfast.”
The abuse continued for close to two years and then McGlasson started buying her presents including jewelry, then introduced Paula to William Hanna and Dianne Whitehouse, other paedophiles who started abusing her and introducing her online to other paedophiles in the country.

Paula said:
 “Ian had suggested I see other people and I was too scared to say no. He would say,’my friend wants to meet you. The more you struggle the more you will get hurt.’”
Paula says over the 21 months she was abused by more than 137 paedophiles.
“They were from Scotland, Ireland, Devon, London, Oxford, everywhere. They were all ages, including a 19-year-old Birmingham university student,” she said. I mostly met then in hotels, but the ones from Birmingham I would meet at their houses. They were all members of the same website.”
Hanna and Whitehouse violently abused Paula, as well as pimping her out to others.
She said:
“They were violent, forceful and threatening. Yet at the same time Ian began saying how he loved me, he was making out like I was his girlfriend and I guess I fell for it.”
Paula said:
“I was strangled, had a knife held to my throat, had multiple men rape me. I was belted by various people. One man even tasered me.”
She claims that man was Andrew Bicknell, from Birmingham, who allegedly abused her for many months, including an attack involving up to eight other men at his home.“I blamed bullying at school for the bruises and the school never picked up on anything. My attendance from 2008 to mid 2010 went down to 12 per cent but the school said nothing. There were no letters to my family.”

Everything ended when McGlasson messaged Paula’s mum over Facebook when he could not get in touch with the schoolgirl, the suspicious mum now called police who now made arrests.

Hanna, from Acocks Green, was convicted of three counts of penetrative sexual activity with a child and of causing/inciting involvement in pornography. He was jailed for seven years.

Whitehouse, from Cannock, was found guilty of two counts of penetrative sexual activity with a child and causing/inciting involvement in pornography. She was sentenced to six years.

McGlasson, from Stratford-upon-Avon, pleaded guilty to six counts of penetrative sexual activity with a child and two counts of meeting a child following sexual grooming and was jailed for six years.

Paula says she feels she's still not received justice because of the many abusers still out there.
“I told police everything, but only about 12 people were arrested and only three were ever charged. Police did not tell me why, but they told my mum they wanted to concentrate on the main offenders.”
Paula, a proud mum of two is now helping other victims of CSE and abuse, having recently arranged a talk for fellow survivors.

She said:
 “When Ian was arrested I had an idea I still loved him. But I was still brainwashed. Since then I’ve done lots to understand child abuse, domestic abuse and recovery. I got all the help I need, now I want to help others. Everything is looking up.”
Source: Birmingham Mail/ Mirror UK


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Poor girl...#Evil

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The spirit in some human enh.. only God can deliver them.


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The poor girl has been psychologically f**ked up for life. Jesus fix this.

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I want to make it clear that parents need to watch and advice there male children the same way its aplicable to girls,these men are people's children they didn't just fall from the sky"if parents pay as much attention to the male kids and observe wen somthn aint right and correct it,the better for us all."a child cannot seduce a man"

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Hessaawards2019.com said...

Wtf?! All of them should be jailed asap

Na me talk am!

Long Live Lib!!!

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