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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Lady Cobbler Family Shoe Repairs opens new branch in Ikeja

Lady Cobbler CEO Tosin Dekalu at the company head office
The Lady Cobbler Lady Cobbler Men, Women and Children's Shoe Repairs has opened a new branch at 1B Opebi Road, right by Opebi/Toyin street roundabout in Ikeja. The new branch is in addition to their head office at Rocky Plaza 24, Adeola Odeku str., Victoria Island.

Lady Cobbler was re-opened after being closed for a period of six years by Ms Tosin Dekalu (daughter of the original founder) in June 2006. The ‘new and improved’ Lady Cobbler extended its services for men, women and children from shoe repairs which include recapping of heels, expansion of shoe size, heel length reduction, etc to dyeing, size reduction, replacement of full leather/rubber soles, orthopaedic repairs, repairs of luggage, handbags, key cutting and so much more. Lady Cobbler has also branched out into shoe manufacturing. They now offer custom made shoes and sandals for men, women and children. For more info, call - 017919051 / 08066460655 / 07025437966. Website -

The first 50 customers at the Ikeja branch get a 10% discount off repairs.


bloglord said...

i like the name..... nice concept!

Chikaka said...

They have been there (in the business) like forever...Kudos.
Akindek Dry Cleaners and Lady Cobbler.

Anonymous said...

SMH @ Bloglord. Lady Cobbler has been around since the earth cooled. Nice concept? Lol



Anonymous said...


What's the white-garment guy doing there? Thought they don't wear shoes? ##Na Question ohhh##

bloglord said...

my darling, December 14, 2011 6:05 PM,
is it a bad thing to voice my thots again????
yeaa, ive heard of em "since the earth cooled" n i only thot to myself..nice! now linda put it up n i made my thot aloud. got a prob with that???
take a chill pill stranger!

Anonymous said...

I back @Bloglord! it is a very nice concept. As for @anon 6:05pm get a life and stop using forums like this for ur sarcasmn look for other places to channel any pent up frustration u may have. Hate it when peeps use anonymousity of cyber space to be rude unjustly!

Mama somtee said...

Pssssss !!!!! Wey aboki ??????

JULES said...

Anon 6.05
if i catch u eh? Lol.
leave our Bloglord alone o.

Unknown said...

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Aurora said...


iPad repairs said...

You have to love this cobblers lol

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