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Friday, 16 December 2011

Bangladesh man cuts off wife's fingers because she pursued higher education

Human rights groups in Bangladesh have demanded a severe punishment for the husband of a young woman who allegedly cut off most of her right hand.

Police say Rafiqul Islam, 30, (pictured above) attacked her because she pursued higher education without his permission. They say Mr Islam, a migrant worker, admitted to the crime shortly after returning home from the Gulf.

However there has been no independent confirmation from the suspect that he carried out the attack.
The incident is one of a number of acts of domestic violence targeting educated women in recent months.

Police say that Mr Islam, who works in the United Arab Emirates, tied up his 21-year-old wife, Hawa Akther Jui, earlier this month. He then taped her mouth and cut off the five fingers.
'Severe consequences' Doctors say the fingers cannot be re-attached and it appears that Ms Akther will have to live with permanent disfigurement.

Rafiqul Islam is reported to have confessed to the crime
"After he came back to Bangladesh, he wanted to have a discussion with me. Suddenly, he blindfolded me and tied my hand," Ms Akther told the BBC from the town of Narsingdi.
"He also taped my mouth saying that he would give me some surprise gifts. But, instead he cut off my fingers."
She said her husband, who is not well educated, did not approve of her enrolling in a college for higher studies.

During their earlier telephone conversations, she said, he warned her of "severe consequences" if she went against his word.
"Doctors said my fingers could be re-attached within six hours but he refused to give them. After that time, another relative of my husband threw the fingers in a dustbin.

"We finally recovered them but it was too late," said Ms Akther, who is still recovering at her parents' house.
She said that she did not want to live with her husband - who is now in police custody - any more.
The police officer investigating the case, ARM Al-Mamun, said "preliminary investigations" had led police to believe that it was a "pre-planned attack".

"He [the husband] admitted to cutting off his wife's fingers. We will be pressing charges against him," Mr Al-Mamum said.
A family member of Mr Islam said that the couple had "differences" on some issues, including her decision to pursue higher studies.
Ms Akther - who is eager to continue her studies - said that she wanted her husband to be severely punished for the attack.

"I have now started practising writing with my left hand. I want to see how far I can go. I never imagined that my fingers would be chopped off like this because of my studies."
The attack follows an incident in June in which a university lecturer lost one eye while the other was badly wounded in an attack allegedly carried out by her husband.

Source: BBC


Anonymous said...

Waitin u no go hear for this world we are living now.. Tribulations here and there, up and down, front and back and so on. If they are not cutting penn.. today, dem go cut finger 2moro..... nawa oooohhh!!!

Surprise said...

The man's '3rd leg' should be cut off too to serve as determent for other men who may be nursing such ambition.

chibaby said...

dnt even try going back to dat man, cos d nxt time he'll chop of ur head. Nawa oh! Thank God i'm nt a muslim. They so hate women!

Anonymous said...

this si madness

Anonymous said...

So..foreign men also commit such heinous things crimes. I thought it was only Nigerian men!!

To think I was going to let my daughter marry only a 'foreigner' 'abused' naija man

Kenneth said...

*Picks Mic* Let his scrotum be run over by the tyre of a truck, then a needle passed into his penis. Before the penis is then SLOWLY chopped off. *Drops Mic*

PoLyMaT said...

Dey shld chop off all his fingers and all his toes...afterwards, send him 2 jail 4 like 4eva**...

jobsfornaija said...

Wow, violence against women. Its sad. Really sad

Luffy's thought said...

That dude is mean, gruesomely awful but it is clear that he was intimidated by the possibility of a wife more qualified than he was. Or maybe religion got thru to him

Anonymous said...

What else is new. Believers and followers of Islam. Terrible people, terrible mindset, backward wicked religion

Anonymous said...

those suggesting same punishment here are no different from this culprit. Anyway, what a wicked world we live in.

Anonymous said...

@ Chibaby

Muslims hate women . . really??

Must you comment?

Anonymous said...


December 16, 2011 8:04 PM and Chibaby.

Try to be objective if you are talking...all the men that have strangled,maimed,killed,tortured,dis-membered their spouses on this Linda Ikeji's blog are mostly not muslims if you notice????
Pls try for once to see the injustice in this world as regards man wife relationship...

If you ask Titi(Banker) that was murdered by her husband,she would prefer to have a chopped off hand than to loose her life if given an option..

Bear in mind that they also have thier problems like we do too in NIgeria. Indian,Pakistan,Bangladesh,Nepal,Srilanka have thier men like African men who mostly want to be incharge always..

Anonymous said...

this is really disheartening. all bcos dis guy has inferiority complex! why cant men simply understand dat any lady who agrees to be a wife has accepted to be under his control. and even if d wife becomes d president, she's still his wife.
and dis islam thingy sef. thank God for Jesus o.

palominose said...

@anon 8:27 Islam as a religion is totally against women,i wonder how women can be devouted to it,a religion that makes women stand behind a man when praying,men are allowed to marry as many wives as possible,women are made 2 cover from head to toe& educating women is not a priority,i could go on and on the list is endless. Hell!! It even encourages paedophilia!what could be worse than that. "God forbid"

Anonymous said...

An 'abused' naija man,
Your daughter marrying from bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, and other non christian countries is just as bad as she marrying a naija man with their violent and polygamous tendencies.

Anonymous said...

this is the height of insecurity, thank God say he no even kill am

Eme said...

I really feel sorry for this woman. This is a lesson sha. A man does not wake up one day and decide his wife must not pursue higher education. Right from when they were going out the signs would have been there that he had a self confidence issue. Ladies please look out for these tell-tale signs early on, and don't assume that the man will change his attitude towards your progress after he marries you. Biko, he usually doesn't!

Anonymous said...

With a name like Mr. Islam you would think he would be a much nicer person. So much for clearing the air and having a conversation with your wife. Just lop off her hand because she chose to better herself and so better her family.

I think there was a very popular story over the summer about a Bangladeshi Master's student who was studying in Canada and her husband was equally unhappy about her going away to study, so he gouged her eye out when she was home for holidays.

Loving a man is the most dangerous thing a woman will ever do in her entire life. If you have a good man, adore him and treat him right because not all of your sisters have it like that.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God! This is a lesson for all ladies especially. Be careful when u close your eyes to receive a surprise from your partner . This time and age pls don't close eyes for anything .May God help us all o .

Femi said...

This matter doesn't involve any religion. It can happen to anyone in faith,culture or country. So, type objective statement rather emotional subjective statement. Also, if you don't know anything or not sure about the islamic faith perspectives. Best is to keep mind out of it. Let's be righteous citizen.

free jobs online said...

only in there country that can happon not here niger

Amina said...

Chibaby or what do you call yourself...I am a muslim and I don't hate. I guess some people are just ignorant, which I think you are one of them. I am a woman, an Engineer, I have a Master degree in Engineering and I am working with a reputable firm, I have a good muslim husband, who supports me in everything I do. Whenever you hear a muslim does anything ,the ignorants generalise it. This is a case of inferiority complex,

Anonymous said...

do they not understand better educated women are better for their households? People need to truly grow up.

Anonymous said...

seriously, dis guy shud b handed ova to Jack Bauer jsu for about 30 mins for torture let see if his life will b d same again..nonsense!!!

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