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Sunday, 11 December 2011

Oja Ara: Market Of Wonder. Dec 18th @ Unity Centre Hall, GRA

Oja Ara, a pioneer mini-fair isscheduled to take place on Sunday, 18th of December at the Unity Center Hall, 28B Isaac John Street, GRA Lagos. It promises to be an exciting close to the year reminiscent of walks down the aisle of bazaars and souks in Turkey and Dubai.  

Oja Ara, which means market of wonders,is a one-stop shop for all yourChristmas shopping. The best bargains will be available on all items such as women, men and children’s apparel, accessories, beauty products, lingerie, home-ware, laptops and much more, there will also be loads of mouth watering delicacies and drinks. Oja Ara is the perfect gift-shopping destination, and it is absolutely hassle free.
In the spirit of the holidays, our corporate sponsors will be giving out loads of promotional items to visitors at the fair.  Our corporate sponsors include Consolidated Breweries, Maggi, Nestle, Nescafe, Mocality online business directory (part of the Multichoice Group), House of Tara, Etisalat and many more.You could be one of the lucky winners who will cart away prizes at our raffle draw at the end of the event: you could win marvelous prizes and loads of food items for the holidays. There will also be free makeovers from House of Tara, and much more. 

Oja Ara is an innovative creation of Bukky Imoyo and Amaka Kentebe, they are young entrepreneurs who own Bravado a lingerie retailing outfit andSCUUP, a lifestyle and fashion brand, respectively.
For information and enquires, email info@scuupng.com or call Bukky: 08023620695. Also follow us on our Facebook group:www.facebook.com/groups/297157110303431 and on twitter: @ojaara


countryvendor. said...

is this the nigerian version of black friday?come to think of it,naija actually needs something like this o.....just give pple some reason to spend,bliv it or not,spending stimulates the economy....good idea..

countryvendor. said...

jus hoping cheap means cheap true true,i fear naija pple o!

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda, it appears you hav joined the worrying trend of people substituting CHRIST in the MAS with an 'X'. Just in case you are not awae the X was never intended as a way to help us pronounce Christmas faster. NO. It was brought in to completely remove CHRIST and make the season more CIRCULAR and COMMERCIAL. They don't want to offend non-Christians they say. Are you aware the the mad labour govt that ruled the UK prior to 2010 wanted to substitute the word completely and rename the season: 'The festival of lights'?? The US, the Anglican church and the Catholics all protested at that move. So please lets all be less ignorant and appreciate the REASON for the season. IT IS NOT XMAS. it is CHRISTMAS. PS: im not a religious fanatic...im FARRRR from that if that serves as any consolation! lol

bloglord said...

make dem nor let me waste my fuel reach there come de say things still cost pass d amout wey i de buy them usually or say d difference no de much... i fit wooze person ther! lol

Momcomm said...

@bloglord @kulikuli, you will definitely find a bargain. Besides that buy and qualify for a raffle draw where you can win phones, a trip to a spa and resort. Loads of freebies from sponsors such as Etisalat, Mocality, House of Tara, Maggi, Milo, Nescafe, Consolidated Breweries etc

Anonymous said...

Fab idea and it is going to be a huge success

Momcomm said...

@Anonymous, Thanks

bloglord said...

@momcomm, i take u for ur word.
it just might be worth my time. i'll be there!

Anonymous said...

Do you know that if you make a purchase at Oja Ara, you automatically qualify for a raffle ticket which gives you an opportunity to win any of the fantastic gifts provided by corporate sponsors? Hmnn do you want to miss gifts from Milo, Maggi, Nescafe, Consolidated Breweries, Etisalat, Mocality (online business directory, part of Multichoice Group), House of Tara and lots more? Come to Oja Ara and be part of the "You buy, you win" trend.

Total Beauty said...

Looking forward to Oja-ara. I have a stand there, Total Beauty, and I am definitely going to sell close to cost price,at least on original Maykay items. Dont want to enter the new year with so much inventory!

Momcomm said...

follow us on twitter @ojaara and win fabulous prices, nokia phones, tee-shirts and wristbands.

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