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Thursday, 4 August 2011

The Spirited Actor: Search for the Next Hollywood Star

Ghana audition of the Spirited Actor
Quite a number of people seem to doubt the authenticity of this show, maybe because it sounds too good to be true, but trust me, it's 100% for real.

The Spirited Actor is searching for people with acting talent in Nigeria and in Ghana. 5 Nigerian and 5 Ghanaian finalists will be flown to New York, USA for boot camp, where they will work with real life Acting Coaches, Hollywood Agents, Directors, Producers, Casting Directors and act alongside some huge Hollywood names!
The audition for the spirited actor will hold this Staurday August 6, 2011 at Planet One Ikeja at 8am with your physical bank teller and any valid ID CARD.

To participate, you pay N4,000 at any GT Bank.
"TLDC /Africa's next Hollywood star account"
account no. 250226737111.

Register at com with your teller number.
After payment confirmation, you will receive 3 different monologues (via email) to choose from for the audition.

The ultimate winner will:
Earn a one year contract with a personal Hollywood agent.
Will be flown to L.A in California to star in an American movie.
Star alongside Morris Chestnut and other actors, actresses from Hollywood in the movie.

Pictures from the Ghana audition of the Spirited Actor...
Lagos get ready!!!


Anonymous said...

nice. Lagos get ready!

Anonymous said...

in fact naija get ready. no be oly lagos o. fly in from whichever state you are.not a bad opportunity

Anonymous said...

Lol nice but what happens to those Nigerians that live overseas that want to participate Linda?

Temitayo said...

Not all so real. They are not properly organised.

When they took payment, of course they were alert. And then, they shifted the first audition that the participants didnt get the emails till noon of said day; who does that?

How do they audition only in Lagos on a random Saturday without "much knowledge" of the participants? Remember they got the 4k each from all over the country....and some participants got the info on Friday night? Who does that in this world? They dont care about how these people get to Lagos in such a short notice, if it's an eviction strategy, then, it's a crude one!

And then you try to call them to confirm if any other time can be fixed, the phone number doesn't ring!!!

Or is it the fact that the Lagos audition had only about 160 participants from all over the country; I am so sure they likely got money from over x2 of that small size.

Abeg they should be better organised! Nobody is even screening them so they can behave badly to Nigerians and go scot free....without apologies. Mschew.

Linda, call them to order and ask them these questions! Sure, they won't do this rubbish twice, if everyone knows these gimmicks.

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