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Monday, 1 August 2011

Photos from RMD's 50th birthday party

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Photo credit: Tyna Ezenma


Anonymous said...

This's beautiful ... RMD is still sexy :D
Nice dress, Funke
Joke Silva looks so adorable.

Anonymous said...

Love me some RMD!. smh @ Jumobi's eyebrows, homegirl needs to wax that ish. lol.. Everyone looks good, good to see "old nollywood" in the mix.

Alicia says... said...

Funke's dress is so on point.
and yes, what does Chidi Mokeme do for a living? lol

Anonymous said...

what in the world is going on with Jumobi RMD's wife?? i know she has always had a huge frame since childhood..but please she looks so bloated...and frankly the make up is truly hideous, and downright scary!!!! my goodness!!!!

Anonymous said...

Seriously Jumobi's cloth does not fit her, she looks stout and her eyebrows are so off

Macy said...

I remeber when Jumobi used to be really hot on AIT, and belive it or not, those used to be her signature brows, not this huge though.

Sh used to be really slim and totally sexy.

Guess she is one of those that just totally relaxed and let her self go to marriage. She has expanded meeeeen.

Well, the battle of the bulge is for the 'super sister' who actually cares.

I dont know if i 'll let meself expand like that - as they say sometimes food becomes your only companion when you have nothing to look forward to or get excited about - to keep your appetitie in check. It is a wah!

Reminds me of Ego Boyo before she 'expanded' as well.

Anonymous said...

anonymous @10:34pm...SHUT UP abeg!!! as if the rest of us no get eyes...whats wrong with Jumobi? is RMD complaning? look at u feel u have any right to open your mouth and critisize someone..when we cannot even see how you yourself look......
I dare u to post ur picture!!!!!
I always wonder why people just have to be bitchy!!!
Whoever you are just move on!!!!!!

Sapele Babe in Lagos said...

This is all sooo Classy....RMD,always on point! I like.

Anonymous said...

See what these people are saying about RMD's wa!! Yes her eye brows may not be perfect and she may be big but guess who is married to RMD....Jumobi!!! If you show yourself now....your commas will be ten times least she is naturally beautiful. Get a life! Bad belle!

TeamLFA said...


Anonymous said...

Kome (rmd's son) in d building!! is c u frm peg city still

tAtaFo said...

I have the biggest crush on this man. And to those who have something to say about his, this is his choice and I bet she makes him hella happy so leave them be. Isn't the the make up artist Eni lise Balogun in blue? she does good make up for others but hers never looks good...anyways even the famous Banke, does good make up for others but hers never looks good...infact the woman needs a very good stylist

Anonymous said...

Why was Jumobi looking like she was forced to take pictures? I really don't know what is going on with her, first of all, her eyebrows look scary and i mean it, the make up too make her look masquerade like!

Step up woman! RMD looks as fyne as ever!

Anonymous said...

And yes does anyone know what Chidi Mokeme does for a living?

Anonymous said...

Jumoke looks like an abandoned wife.
Something just does not seem right.

babe said...

suliya kan lagos ur outfit Funke...

JMB shld trim down a bit ooo...

sure they all had fun ...congrats RMD

Anonymous said...

anon 10:34pm sharrap. Jumobi looks good even though her sense of style is not that conventional.
but she and RMD look so alike.

Anonymous said...

Is that Kenny St? she looks different.

Anonymous said... used to look so pweeety!
What happened sweetie??

damie said...

I love Funke's dress. Jumobi looks hideous.

Anonymous said...

Norbet young don age o

Pjobaby said...

This is so beautiful. Nice to see all the old Nollywood faces once again. Jumobi looks bloated up, but her husband sure loves her like that!Happy Birthday RMD, all the best.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday RMD.

Chidi Mokeme: I love

RMD's wife: Your eyebrows are so thick..

Anonymous said...

I know say i no dey disturb fat women but jumobi and gloria own don too much. Abeg gym no cost.


doll (retired blogger) said...

Jumobi is so fat!!!!

Funke looks really nice

Wow, good to see Gloria and Nobert Young. Nobert has aged very well, i likey

Happy birthday in arrears RMD

Anonymous said...

all of you calling jumobi fat smh for you o! as you slim reach why is RMD not holding your waist in the pictures stop the jealousy jor! but really who wears an eyebrow like jumobi's its totally weird she could pass for a scary movie actor on set! funke akindele looks good and joke silver looks amazing! good to see Nobert and Gloria young together and out again!

stephanie said...

too many old ppl abeg.... rmd no get young friends?

the lady with d facinator on her head looks like she attending a funeral and not a bday!!

funke akindele look lovely....

i repeat *wats wit all d old folks?* i know hes 50 but at least spice up the evnt small abeg

Unknown said...

Anty Jumobi is still sexy, big is hot! by the way Uncle Richard isnt

Anonymous said...

no matter how much they wanna tush up funke akindele...shes still got this razz look, posture not so right....she just wanna be sha....nice dress cant be tush no matter what lol.... Jumobi looks fat,horrible and she needs to loose the fats abeg.....

Anonymous said...

Jumobi's eyebrows need taming, her face will come out looking a lot better. Otherwise looks like a fab event.

CLF said...

I actually think Jumobi’s weight suits here. I favour thick eyebrows over thin ones. Kind of like Brooke Shields. It takes off years and makes women look younger.

Chidi Mokeme; fine boy.

Tatafo; good you said that about Lise. She has horrible skin and makes up her face with horrible foundation. I’m yet to see her work that i really like.

Eunice Efole; the number one socialite. LOL!!

Funke’s dress is hot.

Happy Birthday Sir.

Anonymous said...

jumobi rmd wife has being watching tooo much of nollywood ogbanje movie of recent..what is that mammywater gown and neck lace doing on ur body on a big day like this...and short?oooh no wth..that gown and necklace has to go back to the costume room of the producer of nneka the pretty serpent..and that eyebrow is crying for a bit of waxing..i bet that was a touch of some charcoal from mama kitchen..

Chiichii said...

Good to see this great guy RMD age gracefully.Still sexy @50.

Anonymous said...

I have bin observing comments on blogs,y is it dat naija's r so negative with their comment,must evry one look d same,some men like Africa women wit attributes,so u make ur choice nd let others make theirs,enuff of negativity,nd I'm sure people criticizing mite look like ojuju calabar.

Anonymous said...

why are all d women in d party bigggg...JUMOBI is now very big ooo remeber the AIT lunch show then

Sapele Babe in Lagos said...

Chai! Una get mouth shaaa,huh.Jumobi this,jumobi that. Sometimes life is so much more than these mundane stuff. Yeah,Jumobi used to be Slim but she had never been a Fashionista,in her days at AIT,she was always so simople. Shes always had the brows but this thick shes wearing wasnt done by her,If a professional make up artist does ur make up,u trust her judgement. As for the FAT,it happens to more women than you can imagine,not always because they just let go. In all,i dont agree that JMD lookes hideous or scarry or whatever.I think she looks Great here,for real!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday RMD! You are still as hot as ever, Jummobi is hot as well( she needs 2 watch her weight to remain sexy though)-I love you both.

Funke's dress is lovely.

Chidi Mokeme is sexy. @ those asking questions about him, Why not ask him directly. I perceive beefs here o, DONT HATE

Anonymous said...

Lanre Da silvas make up consistenly woe-full!!!

Concerned "hot mother of 3 and still counting lol " said...

All of ypu defending jumobi shut the hell up
She doesnt look good
Ya'll saying RMD likes her like that yada yadi
She obviously looked better slim despite the kids and stuff
Hers is not fat its shapeless
Ive seen big girls that will makebyou salivate this one is plain disgusting
She needs to lose weight for her health she has kids to take care of
Naija women need to take care of yourselves and lose some damn weigh kilodE
And pls dont say bring ur own picture or am hating coz am not
The truth is the truth

Just look how RMD looks at 50
Women should stop with the i had kids,im stressed crap stories
Take care of yourself
We have women like toyin saraki,onari duke,funke daniel,betty irabo I cam go on and on that havent lost it as well as plenty regular women that dont have all the money in the world looking hot after 2/3

Give me a break

Alicia says... said...

LEAVE HIS WIFE ALONE! no wonder she wasnt in the family photo shoot for that one magazine he was on last month. i think her eyebrows look better than some of you that either shave or overpluck them. lol. she isnt THAT bad, haba.

and i agree with whoever said Funke still always has "that look" lol she does always have a local or mgbeke look to me, no matter how dressed up she is. idk why.

babe said...

looking at aunty joke jacobs her smile and uche jumbo seems so alike

Hello Kitty said...

My goodnes!!!! Jumobi has really let herself go!!! ahn ahn... she used to be so pretty, now she looks like Dame Patience. Ah no, thats very bad. how does she expect to hold her man's attention???

love Funke Akindele's dress! she looks hawt!!!!

Yesco no ni said...

Jumobi RMD's wife I am struggling to write this in a loving manner so I will just say it as it is....
Go on atkins no carb diet and slim amount of fatness will make RMD leave you one can see the love oozing from his cells but this is for you ....I was once overweight but i did the atkins and ate carb and sugar only on Saturday. You are a wonderful woman with a shiny personality donot let the weight mar you. I wish you the strength...You are still very beautiful sha

Ronny said...

Wow, Funke look really hot!

Anonymously Speaking said...

Mrs. RMD could have done much much better for this occasion. She is blessed with full eyebrows but it needs to be threaded/waxed and shaped to flatter her face. She needs to step up, her man is making her looking frumpy dumpy.

For those talking about "hate" and "envy" NOBODY is hating on Jumobi or envious. Only God knows what she has had to deal with over the years with RMD, nobody is wants that mess. Yes, he is a good looking who knows that he is good looking, and he is talented but who wants a man with roving eyes? Who wants a man every other woman thinks she can get with? Please! Money, looks and fame is NOT everything in this life because guess what, you can lose all of that in a heart beat.

Small ting, "hater" mchewwwwww if some of you really know these people and their lives, you will find that there is nothing to envy.

babe said...

i think its easier to 'paint' people's faces than 'painting' yrself maybe that's why tara, banke meshida et al. dnt look nice as the people they makeup for...

@stephanie i agree with you that woman always looks kind of odd... SMH, i think she is a fashion designer cos av bn seeing her ard lately always looking mortified

Anonymous said...

Thing is funke does not give a rat's tooth about your tush vs razz comments. What u fail to realize is that your brains are stuck in her epic (yes epic) role as jenifa and that is a testament to her skills.
Abeg move on from labeling people as razz vs tush, leave it for schoolgirls.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:55am she is none of those women you mentioned. She has different genes and that plays a big role in the "keeping slim" fight.
When people see an overweight woman, they assume she's complacent about her weight - reason for all the insults. Some don't gain weight like your aforementioned toyin Saraki and others. Some gain the weight (sometimes not from overeating, some women have periods of very slow metabolism) - it is hard to get the weight off.
Lastly the benefits of being at an ideal weight is a new message for millions of women in Nigeria and THEIR MEN. The message should definitely not be delivered with insults.

Wicked Weight Survivor (Ochuko). said...

Every person who wrote about Jumobi does not HATE her. That is a strong word. Sometimes the truth seems so hard and bitter to accept.

Jumobi if you are reading this, we all love you and want you to get your sexy back.

I know what its like to avoid the press and being seen especially married to a sexy bloke like RMD.

Trust me its not over because of kids or age or marriage. Fight the flabs, it is easy, the hardest part is the first month. Once you get past the first month, it becomes a habit. Just make sure you take a very massive picture of how you look now and determine not to be that big again.( Not that there is anything wrong with you - only that you used to be one correct EYE CANDY - You are cute, but you can be sexy).Jordin Sparks and Jennifer Hudson just lost weight and we can all see the confidence oozing out of them.

I feel like giving you a hug, because I have been there. No woman likes to look out of place beside her husband in pics.

Take the first step, you may fail a couple of times, just muster up the detrmination yourself get back on track.

Think of the Energy, sexiness, lovely small sized clothes and them sexy jeans you'll be able to get into, not to talk of loving your body with or without clothes on beside your husband - there is a special confidence that comes with that. ( Pls am not insunuating anything - this is for the literal readers who may take my comments out of context)

Your life is not over because you gained weight. Its evident you have avoided your pics being taken and you had to do this because you had to.

I know lots of stories have surrounded RMD over the years, but you are still with him, meaning you still love him OR your self esteem took a nose dive and you 'settled'. Either way, you guys have survived the hardest part and its a testament to you , the woman of the house.

Now, it's August already and 2011 is fast coming to an end. It takes a minimum of 5 months to loose that sort of weight and if you start now by christmas you can feature in a magazine and talk about life before and after being a mum or something like that.Or get special offers to encourage people. Trust me, we are all virtual beings and eye candies tend to get away with lots of things - even bad dressense.


Jumobi, we need you back on our screens. Pls dont hide away, you are beautiful for a reason.

RMD should read this:)

All the best babes.

From one Excess weight survivor to Another potential one - mine was an emotional rollercoaster; having kids, watching my body change, feeling very unsexy before very hot in-laws in Uni and friends, feeing like a granny cos Aunty and Madam were suddenly prefixed to my was like a nightmare. One day was my wedding, next was three grown kids and sitting next to Christain mothers I used to watch on Telly!!! lol

I had to take stock of me and turn to God. My main meal for the day became the word of God. My love for food just vanished. I am not too fussy about food anymore. And of course , hubby likes to show me off at any given opportunity. Its as if a new bride has just entered the house. - Trust me Jumobi, this side is way better than the other side.


Ada said...

@ Concerned "hot mother of 3 and still counting lol ....

U must be one frustrated hot mother....whatttt, can u read wat u just wrote dere n rily believe u dont need a shrink.....ur problems may not be in d looks department but u are waayyyyyyyy more disgusting dan u thing Jumobi's fat makes her look..... seriously u need help, n maybe Jumobi can teach u some manners...Mother of 3 my ass!

Anonymous said...

Jumobi has never been a fashionista..and is really overweight and she cannot be more than 41 at the most..she really needs to take it easy with the iyan and gbegiri for Funke i love her..but she just has a very local look, even though i am sure she isnt...

Ada said...

BTW @ dat so called 'concrned' mama of 3, did u ever think of the variety of reasons, besides 'letting go', dat women gain dis weight.... ever heard of fertility, genes, age, metabolism n all d rest.... d ladies u mentioned do u know deir family n health histories..... why r we so quick to judge wit so much ignorance!

And please please please nobody shld gimme dat 'lose weight to be healthy' bullshit one more time.... dis days we're all trying to play up to hollywood standards n so everything dat doesn't conform is suddenly taboo... have u followed her to her doctor to know if she's healthy or not... i got a seemingly healthy 28yr old, size 8(uk) chic drop dead from heart attack, if her weight was d supposed savior why's she dead n Jumobi isn't..... bloody ignorant moron!

If she feels d need to tweek her looks i'm sure she knows where to go for help, n as for all d lepas dat r harrassing the woman, if na some of una get RMD as husband, d marriage for don pack up tey tey, it clearly takes more dan d weight to keep em going!

Anonymous said...

For those ignorant people here saying she is fat, have you considered whether RMD prefers a thick woman for a wife? not every man likes skiny women. RMD is ISOKO in case you didnt know and the average urhobo/ isoko man doesnt like a skinny wife. you dont know if she has health problems too. I know many women here in england who lost weight and felt good, but their husbands started seeing them as unattractive and ended the marriage. leave them alone , pls. we can't all be skinny.

j said...

na wa o
I didnt expect them to last this long
I am so happy for them
so one woman can trap RMD down
he must have mad love for her
and she mustve gone through hell
cz even if the man no chase women,
women no go let am rest
even as I be married woman I still dey salivate for this my aristo

It is well,am sure Jumobi will be out with a bang this coming months because for sure a lot of celebrities read this blog

lol @ the comments

its not easy to be a mom,wife,boss etc etc
sometimes weight is the last thing on your mind
some comments were harsh but the truth is the truth
I pray you get your groove back Jumobi I used to look up to you back then youre a classy decent woman

all the best

Anonymous said...

@ ada wetin be your own for there?
abi youre one of the overweight women shes talking about ni?
what did she say that hasnt already been said previously
beach pls!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

@ anon 1.29
jumoke ke?
abi jumobi?

Ochuko said...

As usual well meaning advice can always be taken out of context by the so called 'normal' human beings.

Fat is Fat - Genes, age, fertility, etc all of these are brought on by 'allowing' yourself to be overweight. When you get to borderline you fight...or you remain there.

Victoria Beckham was told she had PCOS and that she coudnlt have kids, but adviced to jealously guard her weight. She made it a lifetime career and her 'thinness' became a fashon trend and she successfully had three boys, took her time and had the baby girl.

Health Warnings are always there. If you ignore you face the consequences. When the body system starts screaming for help from too much toxins, you start looking for prayer houses and doctors in India to help.

Most of the sincere advice on his page are basic.

No one formula solves all. Discpline, Moderation, Self Control. Joke Silva belongs to the Old school where moderation was key and she still has a fantastic body.

The newer generation want to eat their cake, have it, and wear oversized and obese looking close and say damn i still look good.

Monique of the US Monigue talk show used to be like that and hated skinny girls, until she found herself in the hospital from health complications and made some changes.

Missy Elliot has even more complicated issues from being overweight.

There are genuine medical issues with carrying excess weight - regardless of looks.

But by their looks we can tell who is overweight.

Being delusional or saying our African men love some thickness is no excuse. When you drop dead the same African men ill look for a younger and healthier looking woman to marry.

Why are the Advise haters all acting like a bunch of 'possessesd' mad black women of the tropics.

Advise no dey kill.

Acknowledge, do research, and shut up if you have nothing to say or if you are being totally ignorant.

What is the life expectancy of the newer generation women?

Compare that to our great grand mothers. Una siddon there dey chop all the rubbish. Even pastos are relasing books ob biblical diets and stuff and use of wisdom when feeding yourself.

Its all in the mouth. It starts there. If you are faced with conditions where you find yourself fat, you psuh hard and stay alive otheerwise you can choose to Die, na you don die first.

For goodness sake. No matter the health reasons, you will always be questioned about what you eat and your lifestyle.

Ignoramus sure has plenty relatives on this page. Such dark clouds and minds, haba!

Ochuko. ( Loving Life)

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 7.38pm, well I saw a few comments (no time to go thru d whole bunch) n d so called concerned mother refered to Jumobi as 'Disgusting' amongst her other ignorant much emptiness towards someone who's life she probably knows nothin about. Try directing her comments @ someone u love n give urself d feedback. I don't need it!

Anonymous said...

anon 7:38pm go back to secondary school where in your mind, only a similarly overweight woman would support Jumobi

Kemi said...

Honestly you people are funny. Everyone will play the ostrich for something that is staring them in the face, defending things that are glaring based on some misplaced emotion.
The Fact is she is overweight and needs to lose weight - Period. It has nothing to do with being jealous or hating her. Why does everything have to be personal with the lot of you? smh.

Anonymous said...

Never say never,if dey tell me say Jumobi fit do tatoo for her cleavage i go argue wit d person and she don add as well.

Anonymous said... as much as am a uk size 12 mother of 3.I think that there are more important things to life at this stage than being overly hypocritical of this woman.Yes she may be a bit overweight but lets give kudos to her for being a successful wife and mother.I know she has displayed great wisdom at being the wife of such a hot man....remember also that he's away from home most times due to his appointment in his home state.She could get lonely as every doting wife does and maybe seek refuge (wrongly) in indulgencies likes food et al.All I KNOW IS THAT NO ONE KNOWS WHAT SHE MAY BE GOING THRU OR EVEN HER EFFORTS AT TRIMMING DOWN.
Dont worry Jumobi you can work at it if u believe or better still join ur husband in Delta sure you will feel much better and also more concious of your appearance.All d best and congrats to u RMD sir.

realtalk said...

Awww he has aged well...

concerned mom of 3 and still counting said...

going back through my comments I agree it was unecessary for me to cal her fatness disgusting and I take that back
every other thing remains tho
I stand by every word I wrote there

@ Ada go hug transformer lol

Anonymous said...

@ Concerned mother, I'd rather hug u instead...xoxo! Ada.

Natasha said...

Na wa for haters oh, those saying shes fat do you know how difficult it is to loose weight, yeye people, abeg jo the question i wan ask, where is May Ellen's daughter?? i hope RMD is still taking care of her sha #naquestionoh

Anonymous said...

@Concerned mom of 3..apart from the disgusting comment..everything else you have said i co-sign!!! seeing as i have found myself int he same situation and i'm tryna deal with it now, over the past 2 months i have felt more confident an savvy...i fall off the wagon at time and it's a constant struggle but i am trying and will persevere

Mathilda said...

@ Ochuko, some real facts to think about sha. You should consider blogging...:)
No fight me o, just giving my own Fity cent contributn.

Not that I didnt know, but sometimes in life u get so caught up that some nudge is very necessary.

RMD Happy Birthday. You don dey old eeeh. how time flies. 50yrs.woow.Fine bobo. Still look like Segun Kadiri from your checkmate days.....reminiscing***

Jumobi, u na mama now, u sure have changed. You are a real Madam Kofo. How far? Still looking good. Relax small on the extra helpings. e don dey show well well. Ko easy sha but try.


Anonymous said...

natasha she's in the us studying for her masters paid by RMD,she's he's daughter too hope you know,she could'nt make it cos of school

Awele said...

OMG!!!see Jumobi oo,what in d world dropped on her,she used 2b sexy buh now she's all...pressed and wide like a pancake...we chics have 2learn what 2do 2get bk in shape after d babies o...smh

Funky Jenifa,luvly dress buh ur face is still Jennifa'ied'

Joke & Mrs. Doyle are also on point.

Awele said...

Ahhh,see me talkin about JMB's weight that i forgot 2talk to my baby...RMD no vex abeg,HBD in arrears.

Gloria abeg match Treadmill nahhh!!

Awele said...

Linda see what u've caused mother of 3 and Ada don dey fight o,see serious shredding,lol...u Chics should calm down abeg o..dnt take it too serious nah.

Sapelebabe n Alicia...u girlz sholud keep consoling

I'm having real fun here,naija pple can shred themselves....lmao

Awele said...

Nice one Ochuko..Tell them.

Anonymous said...

What the hell is wrong with you people? Who told you that RMD is loving Jumobi all the way??? There is something called stage appearance. In front of everybody you look happy together. I don't need to tell you he sometimes engages in extra curicular activities ( if you know what I mean). Jumobi u really av to watch it so as to be appealing to your husband. And women this goes for you as well, try to keep the fire alive. In as much as you are fat you can still be attractive and aPpealing. So aunty JMB next time we see you in public pls look good. You cn consult the LfA that funke Akindele consulted (ur husband na commissioner, use the money well)

ChiChiLuv said...

I don't know why they have a cake representing a clapperboard, RMD is NOT a director, he is an actor. They would have done better to use a tragedy/comedy mask which represents theater and usually used for actors. The event planner/Jumobi/bakery should have done their research.

Yes, I know oversabi dey worry me LOL.

Kemiismyrealname said...

Thank God I am not Jumobi!

b!!!!!! said...

Yall abusin Jumobi shud STFU nd kill urslves.she's fyner nd beta dn ny ov u shall be.all u shapeless lukn monsters.go get urself a lyf or beta yet jump into d lagoon.awon oloshis.dis is hw poor pple fnk lyk u guys.go hme nd drink garri

HATER said...

Read ALL the comments and find it amusing because life is an irony, i knew Jumobi during the AIT lunch hour, she was slim and beautiful that men 'toasted' her via telephone calls on air! But today...............such applies to many of you ladies here talking about her being overweight, and yada! yada! tomorrow, i wonder how you ladies would look, then you would begin to talk about it's the genes, blah, blah, blah!

The TRUTH is that, IT'S NOT YOUR LIFE! LET HER BE! as for the mother of 3kids that don't get tired of saying she is this and that, please let people hear word! i believe you continue airing this so as to feed your ego, since you are not getting enough loving from your man!

What makes you ladies believe we men don't cheat on our wives even when they are like the AGBANI'S of this world huh? There is more into a relationship than the body, character is more important and from the way many of you ladies speak so nasty here about another woman, it shows your personality is nothing to write home about though you might have a fantastic body!

sleekreek said...

All this fuss about Jumobi's stature is out of place.....she has always had a huge frame even before she got married despite the fact that she wasnt this big then,,,,

@Ochuko and mother of three,,the fact that ur hubby like u with a slim stature doesnt mean every man wants his woman that way,,,need I remind u that RMD's first wife,,late Mee Mofe-Damijo was also on the big side during her life time,,so if dats wat her hubby likes why giving urself so much troubles about dat??wats the essence of a woman carrying a slim frame if dats not her husband's choice except she wants her man to go out and chase the big ones out there....I am not big(size 12) so dont bother urself asking why i have to support her,,,,all she needs to do is to ensure she doesnt get obesed and to make sure she looks smart always,,there are so many ladies who are big,yet they are smart and beautiful with it.

@annon Aug 2,9:34am.........whats wrong with Jumobi's outfit and costume,,madam Ogbanje??if u dont like heavy costumes and she likes it,how is dat supposed to be ur headache,,,bad belle...mscheeewwww,,,,and the fact that thin eyebrow is the order of the day doesnt mean its going to look nice on everyone or whats the essence of doing what is in vogue when it wont fit u??

RMD,,happy 50th birthday in arrears,,,may u celebrate many more successful years...

kekere said...

Did any body notice that this party was strictly old generation nollywood and socialites in naija, no ini edo and the likes except funke who luks smashin by d way? I love it. If them ini edo, tonto, oge okoye,MJ were here now na so so boobi and human hair we for dey see flying all over the place. Classy parie RMD


@ Sleereek, you are contradicting yourself. She is not big, yes she is big, but as long as she is healthy and not Obese. So what is your measure of the Obesity levels then??? Are you not repeating the same things already said. DID YOU JUST TAKE ONE STRING DOSE OF ANTIMALIARIA???

If you keep youself looking 'correct' and your man still strays, then the issue has left the looks department then into something else.

Big boned nonsense, where did you get that from. People gain weight in different ways, some just keep looking bigger and bigger and huge , their testosterone levels just shoot up.

Some women the fat goes to hips, waist, face, arms, midriff, practically anywhere they find easy to settle.

As soon as the Big' ones loose weight, they just look a lot smaller and they are the ones that their skins doesnt sag and their faces dont look older when they dramatically loose weight. Their face looks mucgh younger with weight loss.

The other fats deposits deposited in other places, when they loose weight, they look gaunt and a lot older.

If you no know wetin to talk. Sharap or at least do research. Dey run mouth like tap water!!!

The human bones always remain the same. Where you for study your own Anatomy. Where you hear say bone dey expand with weight increase???

Being Big boned has no scientific basis!!!!

sleekreek said...

@Annon Aug 8,6:11pm,,,,,u are very stupid and infact out of ur mind for that silly comment of urs....if ur brain is too shallow to comprehend simple english,then better get back to primary education....where did i contradict myself?...i said she had a huge frame b4 though she was not as big/fat as dis(or did she ever look like Agbani Darego?)......for Christ sake there are people that u could easily know from their stature that they have the tendencies to grow big with time.....and for ur immature brain it everyone that is big that is classified as obessed??if u dont know...then find out how to use ur weight and height measurements to get that,,,,,u dumb,empty brain,,,guess u need to see a doctor to re-connect ur brain nerves for u,,,,think properly and read well before replying to people's posts/comments.....idiot

if Jumobi is irritating u,,,,,go chop gravel....

sleekreek said...

@Annon Aug 8,6:11pm.......i read my first comments again and did not see where i mentioned big bones,,,,,,u definitely are very sick cos its either u have a sight problem or maybe ur brain does not have the ability to comprehend things.....does the word FRAME mean bones to u??u are really retarded.....guess u dont have things to say,,u are just exercising ur bad brain cells and ur finger nerves.......

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