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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Pair Who Incited Riots On Facebook Jailed For 4years

Perry Sutcliffe-Keenan, one of two men jailed for four years today
Two men have been jailed for four years after pleading guilty to inciting disorder via social networking sites

Jordan Blackshaw, 20, and Perry Sutcliffe-Keenan, 22, who were arrested last week, were sentenced at Chester Crown Court. Their jail terms are the most severe yet to be handed out by the courts following the riots in London and other English cities.

Police discovered a Facebook event entitled "Smash Down Northwich Town" created by Blackshaw, and gave a time and place to meet.

The invitation also mentioned it was intended for the receipt of the "MOB HILL MASSIVE NORTHWICH LOOTIN".

Blackshaw posted the first comment, saying: "WE'LL NEED TO GET ON THIS KICKIN OFF ALL OVER".

Sutcliffe-Keenan also set up a Facebook page encouraging disorder called "WARRINGTON RIOTS" with a date and time.
A witness identified the defendant from a photo which was posted on the site and he was listed as its sole creator.

The two defendants were "previously of good character", the CPS said. Their offences carried a maximum sentence of 10 years.

Assistant Chief Constable of Cheshire Police, Phil Thompson, said: "The sentences passed down today recognise how technology can be abused to incite criminal activity and sends a strong message to potential troublemakers about the extent to which ordinary people value safety and order in their lives and their communities.

Source: Sky News

"Anyone who seeks to undermine that will face the full force of the law."
During the sentencing, Recorder of Chester Judge Elgin Edwards, QC, said he hoped the sentences would act as a deterrent to others.


Good for them! said...

This is what i call law enforcement! and my dear country ( Nigeria) lacks it! atleast one person will think twice the next time they decide to act foolish! Very good for them.. thye hsould have given them 20years.. I hate ppl who look for trouble for no reason and end up hurting innocent ppl!

I tell everyone the problem with Nigeria is their lack of law enforcement and that is the difference btw Uk, Canada, US and naija PERIOD! We have the laws yet no one is enforce it cos money speaks! If it was some rich kid in niaja.. their parents would have bribed him out of the sentence!

Femiluv said...

Once again, be careful what you post on FB!! Good riddance...for the next 4 years at least.

Blog-lord said...

lesson of the careful of d page u create on fb nor d comment u post. e kpele ohh! ds wan d guy is looking like person wey neva chop for 2wks dem come give am 10yrs imprisonment join. ok na..

Anonymous said...

Smh...see their lives!

1976ad said...

Idiots. FB event inviting people to riot? Really?

Anonymous said...

Very sad that social sites can be used dis way...but dont hav 2 worry bout ish like dis in Naija...

Amaka's Notepad said...

No be even the shit heads wey set up the pages, invite ppl i dey blame. na the yeye people wey accept the invitation come waka go carry out the acts na dem be the correct 'ndi ara' for this case.
This just goes to show that they dont have any worries at all. dem no dey think anything na why person go ask u make una go spoil property, u sef carry ur 2 left legs follow the person dey go
Good for them (i even think 4 yrs is too small for the acts they committed and the properties they destroyed)

CLF said...

Amaka, for these particular two, no one went to where they said people should go to start a riot.

Still, incitement got them down. There’re lots of debates today in the UK saying the sentences are highhanded. However, we all know they will serve one-third of it. The media was also lashed for showing a lot of minority groups as faces of the riots when in actual fact it was a melange.

Anonymous said...

Tell 'em CLF. You're so right. We also know that those sentences won't hold up on appeal.

Anonymous said...

The will not spend all the four years and should appeal as soon as possible because the incitement they caused did not take place.

Rights activists are supporting them by saying they did not rape or cause severe bodily harm that could amount to a four year sentence. Well, it serves them right. Silly fools!

chillysauce said...

funny thing is, that the people that did d actual looting, smashing windows and carrying tv's and sports wears, only got jailed for 3-4 months... some even got off with suspended sentences!
they were wrong, the sentencing was a laugh.. maybe bc d magistrates, judges sat in court all night to sentence them?

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