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Monday, 15 August 2011

Rapper MI stranded in Jos as violence erupts in the city

Violence erupted in Jos yesterday leaving more about four people dead and several others injured. The violence began after an Okada rider was killed in a robbery. Angered by this, youths in Nasarawa Gwom took to the streets and attacked passers-by who were on their way to church, killing at least three.

Jos is said to be hot right now and rapper MI is stranded there. He tweeted:
So I'm in Jos and apparently there's a little trouble in town so I can't fly out.. God help Jos
Jos every time, why?


*ajalahtravel* said...

Until When badluck jonathan ready to do something if not people go continue to die


CLF said...

Uhhh poor MI. He should tell all of them to go and hug transformers. KMT.

Let him stay safe please.

Amaka's Notepad said...

what is causing all this volatility in jos beat the hell outta me!! what EXCATLY are these people asking for?why is co existence suddenly too hard a thing to do??? ALl questions, no answers. How do we get answers???

Alicia says... said...

i dont get it, a state of emergency should have been declared in Jos years ago, what is the president still waiting for? yet that fool said he wants to save Nigerians from the London riots (i seriously hope that was a joke). why cant they do something about that place?

Anonymous said...

this jos issue has lingered for too long oh! habba what is the gov of that state doing sef? mr president if the jos governor doesnt want to do nuthin abt the situation should u step in? i tire for the northern people and their wahala sef! if all nigerians were like me nobody would have been living in the north by now!

Anonymous said...

i dont get it...Someone was killed and in annoyance more deaths should follow??

What is this world turning into?

Guru EKO Akete said...

MI is short...They will not see him *wink**
And moreover is super incredible man.

Alicia says... said...

Since Jos is the capital, I'm wondering where the governor is and where he is living when all this chaos in Jos is going on. Is he living comfortably in Abuja or another state? And is he a muslim or a christian, because if he is a christian, I doubt he will still be doing nothing to restore the calm and the peace in that city.

Anonymous said...

M.I pls stay safe. :(

HotNigeriaNews said...

Hey MI you are Invisible, no loong thing.
But come oh? Why attack the guys going to Church? More Jos Wahala

Anonymous said...

what's wrong with Jos? let me educate you all. 10 years ago the hausa (muslims) planted a bomb in the main market (which was the largest in west africa) and was not just a trading place but a tourist attraction too coz everyone that came to jos must stop by the main market to take a picture of this monument. why was it bombed if you ask? well, here's the reason. Babangida (IBB) and his cohorts planted dynamite that exploded and burnt the market down. because destroying the market will result in a revenue cut for the state, forgetting that most of the traders there are the Hausa muslims (but because they are illiterates and can not see beyond their nose and realize the implication of their action.) after the explosion of the market, economic activities came to a halt because traders had no where to display their goods. the little space left by the side of the road became like a gold-mine and the Igbo traders sharply colonized the area leaving the hausa muslims stranded. they became very aggressive because they could barely find a place to sell their goods and life became very difficult. and as you know, a hungry man is an angry man. this anger kept accumulating and the last stroke that hit the camel's back which eventually lead to crises in Jos (that an igbo girl dressed in a tight jeans walked passed their mosque during friday prayers).
this crises affected so many people because it was the first of its kind and no one was prepared for it. revenge attacks were planned again and again for the past 10 years and that is the circle that Jos has found itself in. worst still is that now the hunger is so bad that those almajaris are given 20 naira to go and kill, and because they are so hungry, they sell their conscience or what ever is left of it and they commit crime in the name of religion. so one of the reason behind the crises in jos is Hunger.
Plateau is one of the few northern states that is predominantly christian. Usman Danfodio and his followers tried very hard to convert the locals of the middle belt region but they couldn't. the british missionary however succeeded because they did not use force, rather they came with education, building schools and hospitals. thats how they succeeded in converting the middle belt into christianity and the muslim were not happy with this development. they wanted and still want the middle belt to be part of the north just so that they can use the population statistics to control the country. remove the middle belts states from the northern region and you'll be left with nothing but dry lands that are not cultivatable. Jos is one of the few places in Nigeria that grows all the food and cash crops. its weather and the abundantly rich soil nourishes anything that is planted in it. the other northern states are either suffering from drought or have soils that are very acid that nothing grows on it. now some of these hausa muslims are cattle rearers. they move from one place to the other with their cattle looking for graze-lands. because the northern states have very few graze-lands and the competition is high, these fulanis migrate to other states. now imagine theses fulani's bringing their cattle to graze in the farms of the people of plateau state that have toiled to cultivate and nurture their crops? it isnt justifiable but the locals ofcourse will not sit down and watch that happen, hence they attack the cattles and this also leads to fight that never ends. The few resources in the area is also one of the causes of the crises. Religious dominance being the other.
let me have a glass of water before my adam's apple pops, i'll be back to summarize :)

Atanmo C said...

MI keep your head down. if you were in London you would have been caught up in london riots too. So much trouble in the world.

Anonymous said...

Until the people of minority themselves do something about this whole situation, it wont stop.'cos the govt isnt ready to help. I feel really sorry for everybody those oppressed! they had better rise and fight for themselves!!!

MI: it is well with you!

Anonymous said...

MI Abaga...bad guyz like you!..show them action film if them try anything + Super eagles no dey play with them falcons!

Anonymous said...

so the real story is about MI not about the people killed?

Anonymous said...

Wait anonymous 10.37 are u kidding??? ten years ago in 2001 IBB planted a bomb in jos market with the help of Muslim traders who owned the market, IN JOS, a town that was ruled by hausa muslims and largely populated by them????

I love Nigerian ignorance! Jos was FOUNDED by hausa traders more than a hundred and fifty years ago and it was Sardauna that tried to integrate Christains into the city so that the north could forge one northern identity. There had been a few 'indigines' who converted to xtianity in the area that is now Jos South, but they lived in small communities and were principally farmers just like the people of plateau still largely are.

That was why prior to the 1960s 5 of the 6 kings in Jos were hausa muslims but Sardauna reduced their number and put in Christain kings from the local tribes.

Jos is not the place it is because of the 'indigines' in it nor because of the missionaries. It was only after plateau became a state that Christain locals really moved into the city and increased the number of 'indigines' in Jos South, the less developed part of the two. Jos north has ALWAYS had a majority muslim population.

Sorry to break ur heart but is there ANY city in Northern nigeria that is largely indigineous/christain which is ruled by tribes other than hausa/fulani/kanuri that is anywhere near the size jos or nearly as developed???

NO. because the 'indigineous' tribes' TRIBALISM and refusal to accept anyone outside their tribes mean that their towns NEVER grow. they are subsistence farmers who dont engage in a lot of trade or commerce nor do they have 'big money' cattle like the fulanis. They just happen to be xtian and becoz religion is the best and fastest way to get people riled up, they have used it in a bid to drive the hausas out.

And guess what??? they have succeeded in destroying one of the best places to live in Northern Nigeria and turned it into a shell of what it used to be. Now that the dreaded hausas have started leaving the city, the local tribes have started as usual to complain that their OWN PEOPLE (i.e their tribe) are not getting enough political positions to suit them.

Zaria probably would have gone the same way but for the fact that it is not a state capital.

As for the fulanis, it is true that they sometimes go into other people's farmlands and feed their cattles what is grown but EVERYONE who has to deal with them in the north knows that what you do is report them to their ardo or head who then forces them to sell one of their cows and compensates the farmer. they then move along to avoid having to sell another of their precious cows. But when you decide to kill a fulani man and his kids over some cattle grazing u best believe their relatives will be back to clear out ur village, because they are a people who never forgive or forget.

May God bring peace in Jos.

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