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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Ondo Labour Party Chairman Resigns

 Mimiko and PDP Chairman

As the race for re-election of Gov. Mimiko of Ondo State hots up, another Labour Party stalwart has resign from his cabinent. This time its the party chairman, Chief Olaiya Oni. He resigned at the weekend as he tagged the Governor "Traitor". This follows the Governor's recent sack of all his cabinent.

You ask where the political calculation in Ondo is tiltering towards being the only Labour Party Government in the Country.


CLF said...

Ask the behemoth Bola Ahmed Tinubu! I wonder what his next strategy for Ondo state is....

1976ad said...

LP is a party in name only, ACN is the political family.


Tinubu is a bad sharp guy, his strategies are playing out, ...Mimi my man should beware of the broom, so that he won't be swept away like the rest! ...Long Live Mimi my man! I gbadu you badly!

Agbaje Adeyeye Oladipo said...

i pity the bandwagon in ondo state......ask your Ekiti brothers, they are coming like an angel now by the time they start their multiple taxation, it will be too late for any form of redemption.......ACN is worse than PDP in my own understanding cos they don't have any faction other than the grand master's, and there is nothing close to internal democracy to ensure the better candidate emerge from the primary.....the grass is not always greener on the other side......open your eyes before endorsing that the candidate/ambassador......God bless Ondo State!!!!!

CLF said...

1976ad; but he's fallen out with Tinubu and gravitates more to PDP. He's always in Otta.

Therein lies the problem and i heard BAT is keen on usurping his seat.

LP is born of ACN but now fathered by PDP!

Anonymous said...

@clf that is such nonsense why do people talk as if they live or follow or are even inside the subject's head.

CLF said...

Anon August 16, 2011 6:42 PM; how do you know i don't have links/or work in Ondo state or PDP or ACN or know the Otta family?

Let me not burst your bubble so i won't say more....Ciao.

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