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Friday, 6 May 2011

Jay Z addresses those Illuminati rumors in the current issue of Sky Magazine

Jay Z tells Sky

I may sound a little arrogant but I just think people can’t handle when somebody is successful. Something has gotta be wrong; you gotta be down with some higher power. And I guess when someone else is successful; it makes you feel like maybe you’re a failure. So it can’t be you, it has to be some other force.


Anonymous said...

Lindos!ur simply rite.na bad belle!we see it everyday.make dem hug transformer!life goes on.

j said...

dummy address the issues and dont bring that hating crap here *********** eyes rolling_************
why do you put demonic symbols in your music subliminally? for shock value ?
your right puhlease!!!!!!!!!!
dude yeye dey smell!!!!!

doll (retired blogger) said...

Jayz Stan = me

illuminati my ass

Anonymous said...

What’s wrong with illuminati! majority of you folks fear the unknown!!!!! You guys need to seek enlightenment before you start reproving your comments.

Esther said...

They will continue to brainwash all of you till you only listen to gospel music sha. Isn't this the same way that churches in Naija would inadvertently say that every rich person that wore black was a cultist that didn't donate, so people would start pouring their life savings as offerings?

It's amazing how someone would say that Jay-Z puts "demonic symbols SUBLIMINALLY" in his music, yet the person can see all these symbols. Do you know the meaning of subliminal? Anything you read online you'll just cram it and pour it out to sound smart.

Every black person in history that has ever made anything of themselves has been accused of being an illuminati member. Oprah, Sheila Johnson, even Dangote, and now it has shifted to musicians because they know any time church is involved una go bend.


naso said...

j...ur a fool...incase you dont know...jay z is not a video editor...he prolly isnt the one that puts those symbols in his videos...so free the guy...he has said it a thousand times that is not illuminati..u guys cant get in ur thick skulls

BushDakta said...

Whatever, Mr Jay Zed. Just take me to your medicine / voodoo man. Me too wan use wetin you dey use. Me too wan ride Bentley. I'm sick of riding okada and ugly girls. I wanna ride a Beyonce, too. Mr Jay Zed, call me, please. It's urgent. Get my telex number from Linda Ikeji. God / Satan / Lucifer bless you, mr illuminati / mr Jay Zed. Say hello to Lady Gaga, Akon, 50Cent, Goodluck Jonathan, BellaNaija (Uche, you are always looking too happy. What is your secret??? Illuminati. You be illuminati. Don't even deny it), Linda Ikeji (how da hell did she get all that high ranking on Alexa if she's not Illuminati? Linda Ikeji, ive always known this. You are illuminati), Kanye West, Oprah and all the other illuminati people :)


Serenity said...

I get what he is saying but he didnt exactly deny being part of the illuminati...the question still remains are you or are you not part of the illuminati?? yes or no

Unknown said...

Linda! you are right, people are now so brainwashed by psychos on the internet to think any successful person on earth especially celebrities must be an Illuminati.
May God help us.

j said...

ure a bigger fool
mumu like you
so I am not entitled to my opinion again
abeg abeg abeg

@esther i have a 3rd eye thats why I can see the messages olodo
get enlightened

**sideeye** said...

GET ENLIGHTENED PEOPLE!! Yes there is a whole bunch of conspiracy theory on the internet but some of us actually study these things on a research based, fact finding intellectual basis. I cannot say for a fact that J is a member of the illuminati but i doubt that a man who has gotten as far as he has in life would adopt a luciferian philosophy for shock value or because it just sounds nice. "Do as thou will" is an order against spiritual rightness which negates the adherence to any laws, including Gods laws(not church laws ooh, Gods laws, the ones imprinted in the heart of every man aka conscience). Think on that. The illuminati believe it to be a spiritual law of true illumination.
Duh @Esther, they are subliminal in effect. while your eyes see the aesthetics, certain compositions of colors,images, even rhythm etc can send a subconscious message to your brain. Do some research into the tavistock institute, these effects have been in research for decades. Just like the effect of the mainstream media on people, eg you.... Believing without questioning, then you have the effontry to try to sound smart about it......

Anonymous said...

excuse me, he stated the obvious, YES people think he used higher power but did he deny it? NO. Please i encourage you people to keel idolizing him and worshipping him oh. na hell una go meet yourself on the day of reckoning. this is not a swear ni, it is the fact of life in my opinion. as christians (if any of u are) u shouldn't listen to rubbish that does not glorify God or doesn't sit well with your spirit. AND THAT IS THE BOTTOM LINE OF THE ISSUE.
And all of u dat like to abuse commenters, you are all illiterates and imbeciles. BELIEVE ME. Oya Attack me now?!?!?!?. *hiss* Bunch of fools. Illiteracy is very bad. it is called freedom of speech incase you didn't know... IDIOTS

j said...

@ sideeye
thank you my bro
but pls dont call him j o am the real j ROTFLMAO
since hes decided to rename himself JAY-HOVA aka mocking the name of the God I serve Thunder go fire him yansh

a bunch of educated fools on this website
you think because some people put it on their website some of us swallow hook line and sinker?
anyway thats the idea to carry enough of you sheeple along with them to hell

isnt this the same goat that said "Jesus cant save you " in his Empire state of mind
mumu dey smell

Anonymous said...

I dont quite get why you will call someone a fool?
do you have any form of home training or etiquette at all

Jay Z hasnt addressed if hes an illuminati at all
hes just glossing over the question

Anonymous said...

Why is he naming their new baby Pyramid Carter

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