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Friday, 6 May 2011

Dance 234...a reality show like never before

New set of dancers are set to emerge in the Nigerian entertainment industry, as KOGA ENTERTAINMENT presents ‘DANCE 234’, a dance reality show likened to no other for young people looking to pave their ways into history by dancing for a cause and of course for fame.
Dance 234 is bringing a refreshingly new dimension to the dance reality industry.  For the first time in the history of dance reality show in Nigeria, the focus will not mainly be on hip hop style of dance as most reality shows are known for; DANCE234 will accommodate all forms of dance style. 
Preere Yibowei
According to Jemila Musa, the producer of the show, ‘this is the first time a dance reality show will be accommodating all genres of dance and according importance to them. What we are looking for are pure dancers, we want you to come just the way you are. If the style of dance you are comfortable with is hip hop, galala, fuji, highlife, traditional dance or what have you, our doors are open. As a matter of fact, we are more than willing to accommodate a new style of dance. What we want are dancers in their purest form and people who can sufficiently express themselves through dance’.
The contestants will have to convince the fierce and experienced team of judges that consist of Brandiny of ‘The Mask’ dance team, Preere Yibowei a Nigerian dance instructor and a yet-to-be disclosed foreign dance expert at auditions that will be held in Lagos, Benin, Abuja and Enugu in June. Sales of forms at N3000 start in the month of May nation-wide in all branches of Zenith Banks.
Jemila Musa; Producer Dance 234
Twenty finalists from the auditions held in all four regions will be brought together in Lagos to battle it out on stage for the grand price of a car, N1 000 000 (one million naira), and a dance course abroad. First and second runner-up will get a N1 000 000 and N750 000 respectively. The lives of these twenty finalists will surely not remain the same as their skills will be brought to limelight in eviction shows that will be aired weekly on local and international TV stations.
KOGA is an entertainment powerhouse, consisting of four Audio-Visual ultra-modern Recording Studios with full HD and SDI cameras, Digital and Analogue audio, Editing and post-production suite, ultra-modern Event hall with capacity to seat 800 persons in banquet style, 1400 persons in theatre arrangement and 2000 persons in concert style and a Lounge designed for relaxation and entertainment.  KOGA is the brain behind ‘Dance 234’ and will be the sole production house for the show. 


yehni djidji said...

Your little sis will participate Linda?

r4biz said...

I was just gonna ask same question as Yehni. Linda, hope your younger sister gonna take part in the competition.

Anonymous said...

any thing they do in the U.S Nigerians will copy and bring it back home

The Young Radicals said...

a reality show like never before....umm, i highly doubt that.

Kikky said...

Dance is another aspect of the entertainment industry that we need to take to the next level, i love the concept of this particular dance reality show and i hope great dancers emerge from the show. All the best Guys

Deolu said...

@ anonymous, if you read the story well you will know that this dance reality show is not a duplicate, moreso, the concept is unique.

bigsammedia said...

i have heard alot about this KOGA studio, and i think they are kind of tight. i trust this show because they are the ones behind it. Go KOGA.

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