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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Fear grips Christians in Kano and Kaduna following news of Osama's death

Many Christian residents in some areas in Kano and Kaduna left their homes in panic yesterday for fear of an attack on them by Muslims fanatics after news of Osama Bin Laden's death was made public. The late terrorist has some followers there.

Christians in these states were attacked and killed in 2004 by Muslim Osama supporters after the US invaded Afghanistan in search of Osama. The Christians are worried it could happen again...though quite a number of them returned home today.

There's heavy police presence in the streets to contain any protests that might rise. Hopefully nothing like that will happen.


Anonymous said...

chai!i really do pray nothing bad happens this time.

alleny said...

Abeg who knows anybody in Kano state should send words across to them to better contain themselves and not bring up that their foolishness up this time around because if they try kill only 1 more christian, Igbo or another tribe person and we get to hear, or see for television. Nigeria will become too hot for them to stay in, we can't continue tolorating their excesses all in the name of illetracy.

Anonymous said...

Only in Nigeria do we live in fear that Osama is dead. Even the christians in Saudi (where the man was born) are free to roam about. Our own brand of fanatics are just aimless. The Osama man did not give a hoot about Northern muslim fanatics o, we will always be swallowing panadol for someone else's headache. Annoying!!

All is well in KD sha, folks are going to work etc.

joicee said...

I was worried about it as well as soon as heard about the death of osama bin laden. Ignorance is a very,very bad thing, I tell you. Even those bloody northeners really knew about history and the racism and prejudice the arabs have against africans till today, regardless of religion , I doubt very much that they will be putting themselves and the lives of their own christian brothers and sisters in jeopardy.

They care so much about islam,arabic language and culture even to their own detriment. Damn Shame!!!!

deeflamez said...

See ehn,if dey dare try start dia drunken wahala again ehn,dey should be shot on sight...shikena

Anonymous said...

lmfao! Nigerians are just hilarious by nature!

Anonymous said...


VJ said...

This foolish people again? Wetin be their own self? Do they even know Osama? Somebody needs to teach these people a lesson.If it is war, me i don ready to fight o! habbah!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Cant even allow my dog to stray on the street of Kano or Kaduna at this time. One can never predict their next move

muero_ebony said...

@anonymous 6:09
Y should christian"s leave the North? the earth is the lord's and the fullness thereof. so u r saying preachers should leave their church and their folks? the governor should resign and leave the North cos some hooligans have lost their minds yet again??? your point is pointless if you ask me

obiora said...

this is too much from the Muslim brother's,don't they reasoning and understanding of life in full . we Christians can't take it if something of such occurs again let Jos crisis be a warning .Muslim fanatic take note.


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