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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

RIP Tomisin Teide

Tomisin was only 24 years old and serving in Bauchi when he was dragged out of a police station and beaten to death during the post-election violence in the North. It will be easy to forget these young men if we stop talking about them, so, we won't! They can't die in vain. We must not let that happen.
RIP Tomisin.


Anonymous said...

If like as stated Tomisin Teide was dragged out of a police station and beaten to death, then, all the police officers that were on duty on the day of his death should all be arrested and prosecuted for the murder of Tomisin Teide. They must have either taken part in it or allowed it to happen.

It would be 100% wrong and 100% unforgivable if that GEJ allows these killers to get away with their crimes.

Do you guys wanna tell me that if a Hausa was the President and their own people were butchered to death by the Ibos or Southerners that the killers would not already be in jail by now. I hope to God that GEJ is not as weak and balless as I think he is. Rethorics are nothing. He needs to act and stamp his authority on these fcuking Hausas / Northerners. I'm fed up of those thieving Hausas. Someone needs to teach those bastards a BIG lesson. Smh.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you the police officers need to explain how these kids were dragged out of the police station and beaten to death. If you cannot depend on cops to protect you, who do you then turn to? I read somewhere some of them were killed in front of a police station and the cops are yet to be held accountable for that.

RIP Tomisin and may God grant your family comfort at this difficult time.

Anonymous said...

i was thinking the police station is a place for security, jeezzz,is fucking crazy.

Anonymous said...

The Story goes like this.. when it was obvious that the police men couldnt save this guys their (the policemen) decided to save themselves. Thir entered the vehicle and drove off. Two police officer including a lady stayed behind. The woman never live to see today. She was beheaded.

Chilling said...

So sad. May he rest in peace. The Police seemed helpless from what i read.

pretty said...

oooohhh....i grieve for these young men and women who were brutally murdered by bloodsucking cows and goats called hausa's.what the hell is Gdluck j doing?Linda, pls keep it up..we need to be reminded because it already seems Nigeria is moving on while forgetting these unfortunate youths in the bins of history..fine

Anonymous said...

All I and others want to know is whats that Goodluck Jonathan doing about all these killings. He can't and must not do nothing. If you do nothing now those Hausas will do it again 10 times. The FederalGovt of Nigeria MUST put a stop to all these killings. Nothing justifies the unlawful killing of ANYONE. Compensation is not enough. Someone was the puppert master. Someone somewhere amongst those malams gave those youths the go ahead to do what they did and whoever that person be, be he the Grand Emir of the Hausas, he must face the death penalty or else it is justifiable for the Ibos, Easterners and all Southerners to retaliate 100%.

franco said...

where is the so-called president? On retreat to Obudu....what do you expect from a man like Mr jonathan. It is obvious and glaring that when it comes to issues relating to the north he becomes a lame duck...he is weak and cowardly

Anonymous said...

those who did this must be made to face the music for their crimes.

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